A Line Race -Crankworx 2011
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A Line Race -Crankworx 2011


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 I wish I could steal your composition and imagination!!! Yes that does sound weird but it's true.
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 Once again a pro photographer shits another crappy snap and it gets pod just because he knows the people who pick them.
10/10 best pod ever
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 And once again there's Always someone that doesn't like it. What a surprise.
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 But the rider isn't even in focus, so it's just blurry pic all round.
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 so true;/
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 POD is half about the rider(s)/riding and half about the picture itself. So its no wonder photographers pick imaginative or origional shots. Dont hate so much, its one day!
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flag Hermit185 (Oct 15, 2012 at 6:06) (Below Threshold)
 well you all complain when an amateur gets a POD, now you dont want professional pictures....make up your mind
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 No hating, pointing out the fact. It's not particularly creative if you can't actually pull off the shot, if he did, then it would have been a different story.
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 sup3rc0w - The rider is not "out of focus". He used a slightly slower shutter speed to give the image motion. It dulls a vast majority of pictures significantly when the shutter speed is high enough that the wheels and bike look like they're not moving.

It's one POD, it's not going to be your background for the next 5 years, so if you don't like, shut your flapper and wait for tomorrow. Am I the only one with common sense around here?
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 sniper, I'm more than versed with the concept of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and composition. This picture does not convey speed, it's just a bad shot.
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 guys stop whinning. your all acting heartbroken that this picture isn't perfect, get over it. the point of view is cool. quit being a bunch of children.
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 @sup3rc0w when you produce an equally imaginative and well composed photo let me know, in the mean time you have now room to judge. notice how the fence leads you to the subject? notice that because the rider is slightly out of focus it flows much better? just because you don't like the photo doesn't mean it is a "bad shot". since you are so "versed" i'm surprised you don't recognize this. This certainly won't be my back ground, but it definitely isn't a bad shot.
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 To those complaining; the point of photo of the day isn't about showing a technically sound photograph, its a art form. There is no right or wrong way to take a photo to inspire people to ride. If it doesn't motivate you move on instead of leaving a negative comment. Sure its not "hard" to take this photo, but I doubt anyone else here would have thought to shoot from this angle.
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 I wonder how many of the PODs are from Whistler....a lot!
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 and once again theres someone on Pinkbike that cant read, clearly he said best pod ever and was being sarcastic.
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 The idea of this composition through the fence makes the POD I think, I am stunned at how artistic and how well done this shot is. Props and hats of to you sir.
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 There are so many no name pod's. chill bra, this photo is sick!!!!
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 I like this pic, nothing wrong with something a little different for POD. @sup3rc0w, it's okay if you don't like it but spare us the rant, you're no photo editor that much is for sure. @sniper101, 1/1250 is a very fast shutter, plenty fast to freeze motion, the rider is in fact out-of-focus (not that it really matters, the shot works). Y'all can go back to arguing for for a few more hours until the pic changes and you find something else to complain about...
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 I 3 A-LINE!
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 It's not my favourite POD but it sure is a cool angle
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 Beautifully fenced Wink
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 Bloody hell there's so much moaning about pictures ,focus ,shutter speeds etc. It's a bike website!
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 yeah half the people that come on pod, just come to talk about photography stuff, no offense, but its about biking.
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 I'd much rather go out and ride my bike than complain and be a keyboard warrior complaining over the internet.
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 Aren't you complaining about my comment on the Internet too? Smooth
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 hhahahaha , keyboard warrior, ! lol, yeah i do see the irony in previos comment
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 Very creative! I love seeing creative photo's like this as POD. Found my new background for sure.
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 This photo isnt a really pod. It doesnt look like oh my god ! Its just a simple picture.
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 That's the funnest corner to just drop the bar ends and scrape the pedals. Great shot.
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  • 1 0
 Have a look over the back of it and then tell me that how fun it sounds.
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 well i can do bettter photo with my calculator. this pod is extremly shitty
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 You're a troll, blind or both.
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  • 9 4
 this is not just a normal fence you see...........

I mean anyone could shot anything remotely similar from behind the orange fence... but this- THIS IS something else... new level... blue fence is the new orange fence! and who else could outfocus it better, huh?

I am speechless! sick! wow! amazing! gnarly! smashing!

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 @tworldsmine - I think that Gas has gone to your head mate. Carcasm is the lowest form of wit.
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 well i can do bettter photo with my calculator. this pod is extremly shitty i think your calculator must be overworked because you obviously use it for spell checking as well. thanks to reuben for sharing an excellent photograph. the image presents a unique composition and an image that brings me memories of riding in various resorts throughout the summer.
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 No the best photo I've seen but good idea
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 Dude...where's my imagination?
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 re edit remark, fence leads the eye away to the right of the shot and draws to much attention away from rider.
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 not so good... RK can do much more...
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 Soap opera...
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 pretty lame for a pod.
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 Yah dude?
  • 7 1
 No dude.
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 Sorry dude.
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 stop saying dude.
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 chill dudes!
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 the first dude has got a point thou, its not great
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 its getting rowdy dudes!
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 Dude this reminds me of that guy www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be7Og9Gc_KY and this movie www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnLweMNQoiE
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 Too sick for words !
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