The whole trail follows the edge of a deep gorge and it had been a bit scary sometimes, when you were directly looking into the abyss, hoping to get the turn. ;-)
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The whole trail follows the edge of a deep gorge and it had been a bit scary sometimes, when you were directly looking into the abyss, hoping to get the turn. ;-)


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 * insert mordor comment here *
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flag bifuu (Jan 14, 2012 at 12:12) (Below Threshold)
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 Even Ian has noticed all the Mordor comments Razz
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 Too bad we can't +prop Ian's comment.....
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 I got home at said "oh damn a POD with ten comments"... then I realized it was already 12am
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 unbelievable landscape, and all around Gnarly photo, sooo sick!
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 I don't even see the line that he's gonna ride...
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 He's gonna float it...
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 LOR = Lord of The Rings, he just didn't put the T
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 One does not simply walk into mordor. One RIDES into mordor.
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 "Check out this line, Bilbo Baggins"
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 Omg i'm on Bmx but this Dh pictures are too awesome more fun more adrenaline everything seems better then on the bmx and i am just wondering where the f*ck did he went thereBlank Stare seems like his 10 feets away from death
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 escaping from mordors army
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 Not a good time to hit a tree... Sweet POD
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flag poozank (Jan 15, 2012 at 8:14) (Below Threshold)
 LOTR is good and all but why beat a dead horse, next fad please
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 The trees will save you in Fangorn Forest
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 poozank, LOTR is far from a fad, the first books were released in 1954 and they are still around and still being avidly read by many. But anyway, this is an awesome picture! So gnarly!
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 That's one way to escape from the orks!
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flag TheGravityProject-Magnus (Jan 15, 2012 at 11:22) (Below Threshold)
 its getting kinda boring now...
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 One does not simply ride into Mordor...
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 One POD to rule them all. One POD to find them. One POD to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...
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 One does not simply PIN IT into Mordor...
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 One does not simply shred into mordor.
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flag gavlaa (Jan 15, 2012 at 13:56) (Below Threshold)
 This photo is approx 1000 times better than LOTR. I hate that film- I could come up with a bullsh*t story about walking trees, orcs and precious rings if I didn't have better things to do with my life!!
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 Gavlaa you sound like a bundle of fun. Do you spend your time knitting blankets?
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 Apparently one will not simply shut up about Mordor either. Was funny to start with but the same jokes have been made like 5 times on one pod, LOTR is great and all as is this pic but maybe give it a rest, have a good evening all Smile
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 thank you.
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 when did this have a comeback? like for years nothing and now, mordor.
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 Negative props for hating LOTR- hilarious- I forget most PBers are a bunch of geeks! I'd rather be knitting blankets all day long than watch that tripe- at least blankets exist!!
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 You don't have to be a geek to like LOTR. You just have to have good taste and a bit of time to read. If your basing your opinion on seeing/hearing about the movie then just shut up, you sound like a tool.
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flag gavlaa (Jan 16, 2012 at 14:25) (Below Threshold)
 oooooooh! I can hear what you're saying but it sounds like 'Whaaaa whaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaa!!'

When I read a book I use the words to create pictures, characters and voices in my mind- remarkably similar to a f*ck*n movie!!!

Yes I am a tool, I won't argue with that.
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 steep as fuk..
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 Not a single mistake was done that day.
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 He's not gonna get out of mordor alive, they'll spot that orange a mile off.
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 He will blend in with the fires of Mount Doom...hopefully
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 "On the right we see a 500 foot drop..."
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 It would actually be on the left...
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 and who knows what is really on the right...
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 gandalf is there. with samwise gamgee ofcourse!
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 It's probably much more than 500 ft. Try about 1,970 ft. for starters.
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 or 1,972ft. you never know
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 ''Elm''is there definetely!!!
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 I Google earthed it! (just created a new verb) In addition, I live in the Alps so, I'm sure that I'm much closer with my guesstament than Arnoodles. Anyway, 1,973' 3/4" is probably it! Props to the rider and photographer!
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 "Mustn't look down on the stairs, very dangerous, very dangerous indeed."
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 Love photo, the fog adds a nice effect, while the grey and bland environment really bring your attention to the rider and their vibrant colours, adding a nice atmosphere to the photo.
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flag zap606 (Jan 15, 2012 at 7:40) (Below Threshold)
 good for you
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 someones moody
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 time of the month Wink
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 Glad you like it, guys. This day has been on the exploring side of mountain biking. We hiked crusted snow for some two hours or so, getting the legs all scratched. We managed not finding the trail head for another hour. Then, quite happily, found ourselves surfing a speedy trail along the gorge's edge, just to be stopped by the gnarly, all rocky and steep forehead of the ridge bordering the gorge. Dave and I agreed that riding down that trail isn't worth climbing up there. Told about that,a friend of us living in that region confirmed he would not have recommended going there. Well, we do confirm that. This year I'll go there with my Chameleon which handles way better in such terrain.
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 Oh, and I want you to know that Dave, who took this awesome pic in early spring, is yet the better rider of us both. But he'll agree with me that I learned a thing or two this year Smile (meaning last year).
There's a bunch of cool guys at letting you take part in their adventures the visual way.

Bike's a now pretty worn and soon-to-be-replaced-by-something-even-better SC Heckler.
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 Such a dope photo in every way! It really make me want to know what's outside the frame, but I think the composition works because if it was farther away I think you'd loose the pucker effect of the trail. I just wish there was a higher resolution version so it could be my desktop . . .
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 I love how he is just clinging to the side of this cliff, the background look so surreal. I would have opted for a little more travel on this one personally!!! Props on the skills it took to descend this cliff!
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 This POD is awesome. It doesn't have to be a 90 foot drop, to be a hair-raising ride. Nicely done, more like this please!
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 Love it, looks to me like his line is just above the word "jan", vaguely looks like tyre tracks on that line and it's the direction he is looking.
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 Duke nukem doesn't have anything on this. This dude really has balls of steel going down that. Also is that by chance a old Iron Horse he's riding?
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 this is a great shot! Epic. But the shopped drop in sun flare really takes away from the mood and composition.
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 "In 'XC Riding'" I don't want to know what trails he considers DH....
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 For Frodo!
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 Yeah the colour of his bike and jersey explodes out of the photo. Love it, great shot.
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 I have to get my ass and bike over to Europe some time soon.... This looks to good to be true! Ow yeah I'm a fan of LOTR!
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 Levels Of fear Descending into hell, Dropping Into Mordor, Walking in on your parents doing the dirty.. For Everything Else there is master card to buy prozac..
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 that seems pretty steep
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 Very cool! wish the photo was uploaded in a bigger size though
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 One does not simply cycle out of Mordor...
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 you beat me to it. Frown
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 Man I just wanted to say that. Frown lol
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 My god, That is incredible!
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 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, god shot!
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 I also want to go there !!!
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 one shall not stumble upon a rider of rohan
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 I wonder if Gandalf does that on a white bike?
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 could you tell me where is this trail?
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 could you tell me where is this????
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 hope thats a parachute he's got on his back.
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 this is really in martigny?!??
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 Nice! Where is it exactly in Martigny? I've never seen this place.
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 Pretty sick picture!
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 ^^^ what he said
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 Thats sooo siick!
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 so rad! props!
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 "Fly, you fools!!"
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 frumoasa poza !
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 I don't think that one simply can escape mordor...
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 I don't understand why this is considered an XC photo
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 In Switzerland, this is XC...
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 xc isnt just going uphill, you can have some pretty tech stuff
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 who cares, its just mountain biking. it doesn't need to be classified at all
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 I'm not saying that to be critical, but he isn't even riding an xc bike and wearing a full face. And its just the category the picture is placed in on PB. I'm not saying if you ride a big with more then 6 inch of travel you shouldn't ride up hill ever, or that hardtails can't go downhill. just that I'd probably consider this at least trail
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 he's wearing an urge xc lid with goggles... I guess if there's an all mountain category it would go in that, but as it stands, i wouldn't class riding on my bike all day taking in some awesome climbs and descents as "Downhill"
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 I'll say it's considered XC because we still don't have an all mountain category to choose from.
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 makes sense, and thats a really good point Ian.
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 Right! I would have put it into all mountain if I had the choice. Wink

But XC as overall category, comprising all mountain and enduro is fine for me, too.

Manny thanks for choosing my photo! Smile
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 It doesn't matter that there's a 500 ft fall, his giant balls will cushion his fall.
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 soooo last month
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