What a big girl...
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What a big girl...


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 haha sooo true, lil soccer playing pussies.
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 I agree that there are an insane number of people who get pulled off the field because they got a little scratch on their shins, but there are some of us who aren't little wusses. I gashed my shins with spike pedals an hour before a game and played the full 90 with a blood drenched gauze wrap under my shin guard. I played a game without shin guards once and went shin to shin with a guy. I bruised the muscle so badly that it collapsed and I dented my shin. That was in the first 15 minutes. I still finished the game. I'm not little, and I am for sure not a pussy.
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 Fuck Soccer, ride bikes!
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 All are sports - everybody agree - but in only a few of them that we can see the true warriors. Each come home with a bruise, while others come with broken bones. This is the example of MX, DH or even rugby.....
Why people in Europe are so fond of football (soccer) ?
Please tell me
(if it has many errors, sorry)
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 I can tell you why. They like it because... oh, wait - I hate football! It sucks bal*s! No, sorry, I also don't know...
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 because in football you need one ball Wink
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 AveFreeride ahaha true
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 I don't know dude that's a stupid sport - you kick a boll and then chase it.
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 why ppl in holland love boring football 90% of sport on TV is football and thy never show real sport on dutch TV so thy think there is onlye one sport and its football and onlye real football players are ppl who work 40+hours a week and stil every weekend are on field with there m8 to play football and rest are possy with to much money
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 I've got a same problem in my country. F*cking football - everywhere! It's sucks when this sport for possies is on every channel in tv. And almost every one in Poland like this sport for "possies". It's like a living in one big vagina...
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 its because everybody can play it, you need only a ball (can made of leafs and a string) and two sticks for a goal and have fun with your mates. DH is just a bit diffrent Wink

why i hate this sport is because, there's too much money in games. and its a legal humantrade!!
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 Football is so popular because it is sport for the commoners.
If you want ride bike you mast have balls, determination to get money for it and determination for riding.
If you want to play football you can be pussy boy with gel on hair like these homosexuals in TV.
So if we ride bike and we see that football is everywhere we shouldn’t worry about it because we should know that we are just better then these pussies and we are in this 10% people who prefer something better.
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 Maybe he clicked delete by accident or you wrote that football is awesome Confused
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 lol awesome thread, loving that picture though (actually think i might use it for my screen saver. football players---a bit gay......ice hockey players---a bit hard as fukk

what about basketball players? do they act up or do they man up?. i dont watch basketball so this is a geniune question
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 imagine the profit the scottish rangers would be in, if the old firm matches were like this everytime......


i love the commentators phrase " Carter is away for repairs" like he is a race car ready to rumble once it gets its spoiler fixed or something..... fooking ace!!

c'mon football get your act together and man the f*ck up
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 true ... but most people that see this haven't had a muscle injury. When you break a bone your body usually goes into shock, not the case when you rip, tear or pull muscles and tendons.
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 Sorry buddy don't defend them. At the supercross last week Chad Reed went down again and broke his tib + fib (i think thats both bones in your lower leg), ripped his ACL(theres your muscle injury) and also broke his T6 Vertibrae - yup thats part of your spine - and still stood up on his feet by himself for a bit before being swiftly scooped up and carried off by a mechanic... no stretcher or nothing.

Football is gay they think they are atletes. Just a bunch of guys playing with balls...
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 Sorry guys add another 2 broken ribs to the list - what a hero
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 Alright sir, I agree with you.
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 Good man!
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 haha that was an awsome sum up
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 ACL is aligament... not muscle Wink (i think)
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 footballers are athletes, I'm not that fit, and I can't kick a ball for shit, however that doesn't take away from the fact that a lot of them are complete girls....
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 footballers are shit the army should get all of our support
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 I'll say this: Footballers are athletes, but they're big pussies.
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 footballers are over payed and most of them are raging pussies.
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 in soccer, the players get kicked and then bitch about it in an attempt to get the other player a penalty. not defending them - they're a bunch of pussies - yeah it requires skill like any other sport but we can all agree that soccer players are some of the most bitch athletes out there.
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 All of the above may be true but the reason footballers roll about on the floor is to gain free kicks + penalties. (which makes the game even shittier). Its got nothing to do with the fact that they are wee girls - which they still are.
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 soccer is for pussy's
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 You don't go into shock from breaking a bone. Shock is a pathological condition affecting your circulatory system. You DO likely get a rush of adrenaline, but it's not "shock."
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 you go into the menstrual cycle when you play football though...
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 Soccor is a really good sport... For girls.
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 I played travel soccer for 6 years on the 4 time state champion team. Trust me, when you get knocked in the shin that hard it hurts like hell.
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 shin pads?
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 Only thing shin pads really do is help against being cleated. There are nerve endings all across your shins, so when the force hits them it hurts.
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 fair play
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 true but is spreads the force across surface. Less direct, therefore less painful. Same reason we wear body armour in DH except i think our body armour is a bit thicker.....
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 Football sucks! Bikes RULE!!! Big Grin

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