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 it looks like hes just doin a dialed table top.... but then u see that he is backwards
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 I'm pretty sure no one saw that until you mentioned it.
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 amazing pic. on a side note everyone should watch this video and repost it everywhere and get the word out. this man must be stopped.

thank you.
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 maybe you guys gone think me stupid but when i first saw the picture it reminded me of jurasic park "anytime a t-rex can appear!"
  • 48 25
 Please keep this koney stuff off pinkbike. Its bad enough i have to see people pretending to care about a problem that has been happening for 20 years and no one decided to stop it until now. You are a media sheep. He may or may not be involved anymore. We should focus on the people dying of starvation and disease instead of spending money trying to take down one of the many twisted warlords there.
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 Stopping people dying of starvation in Africa is a much bigger task that requires a lot more money and much less likely to taken seriously. If Kony is stopped it can give people hope and understanding of what governments can be capable of and then other more serious problems can be addressed.
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 better then nothing dont you think???!!!!!
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flag James-Carey (Mar 7, 2012 at 7:23) (Below Threshold)
 Let people deal with their own shit, never works out well, you only have to look at every single war America has been involved in in the last 40 or so years
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 ....... Anyways, bikes.
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 Kony is bad. Bikes are good (including Konas...), discussion over.
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 It has been going on for 20 years because people didn't know about it, now we do, people care and it's going to stop
  • 49 9
 People know about it because for some reason the 'Invisible Children' organization has spent millions of dollars on a marketing campaign. They've spent significantly less on actually dealing with the issue or supporting what they claim to support. That's completely unacceptable anywhere, and definitely does not have a place on Pinkbike, especially on the POD page. Please keep any socio-political discussions where they belong and not here. thanks!
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 Ian just completely nailed it. Look into the organisation a bit more, and you may not be so quick to offer your support.
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 Blake Samson is a beast on a bike. Such a skilled rider! Smile Big Grin Cool
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 Knee down pushed away trails tables+ a 360= epic win
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 Yea I was a little suspicious of "Invisible Children" when I saw that their building is brand new and they have a whole fleet of new vans.
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 Okay, people, all the old Kony comments got deleted. No point making new ones. Chill.
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 wait... why are konas bad, and why do we have to stop them....
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 that is better table then that in my living room.
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 BROWNN POW!! epic photo Wink
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 woahh, sick shot man! loving the colours! Smile (#stopkony)
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 I did something like that last summer ...but it didn't work out good for me at all lol not at all..
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 i see a dirt jump pod coming up very soon. insane photo man.
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  • 4 3
 such a sick shot! whos the rider?
  • 4 0
 Blake Samson
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 This picture gives me a fuzzy feeling in my tummy.... DIALLED!
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 Where is that and wat city thanks
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 Hey is that blake samson @miracles? Sick photo
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 nich shot Smile
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 i liked the nothing pic better, but this is still good
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 nooice Smile
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 That 3 is as flat as the bottle of coke thats been in my bag for 3weeks straight
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 thats Coca Cola to all you americans out there that where thinking about cocaine while reading this Wink
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 listening to no light, no light by Florence and the machine as i clicked on this the chorus came on....PERFECT!
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 Where is that what city
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