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3 table from the RV
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3 table from the RV
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 Womens view from the kitchen
  • 27 5
 Very original, nice job!
  • 82 6
 Ha, ha! Casual sexism, always hilarious!
  • 69 12
 you're doing a great job of making tooo many girls think mountain biking is not for them
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 Are people taking a tour in this RV of the best dirtjumpers and their spots?
  • 8 3
 We were in California touring the best Dirt Jump spots in SoCal.
  • 27 2
 It might be a hairy fat dude on the toilet also....ya never know.
  • 10 1
 im not that hairy! Wink
  • 20 3
 My girlfriend said i needed to see things from a woman's point of view...so i looked out the kitchen window.
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 If you guys keep making comments like that, you're going to have to make your own sandwiches.
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 Lol at all this ^

also, i don't know if it's only me, but if you go far from the picture and don't try to lookat details, to me the dirt jumps look like a gorilla face.

Nice pic tup
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 how f*cking high are you to see that? ahaha
  • 6 1
 i kind of see it, but maybe the stuff he's on is of higher potency.

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 In the name of science I decided to drive a bong into my head and look at the picture..... I see no gorilla face....
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 those jumps are like 5 minutes from my house
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 That information, is of no use to me, giantrider-1
  • 15 2
 reminds me of africa, when they drive round with the cameras taking pictures of wild animals
  • 15 2
 it's a DJ safari! I think you may be on to something there...
  • 19 1
 in my best attenborough voice (poor spelling i know): " Here, in the depths of california, we see a sight becoming ever more popular in these regions. A pilgrim, swerving and spinning in the sky's, scientists do not know why they do this, perhaps its a sign of self pleasuring? Or possibly a mating call. A beautiful sight"
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 I really enjoyed reading your last comment, jdotr.
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 Too funny mate! Thanks for that one!
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 happy to please...
  • 6 2
 "I just woke up, grabbed my camera, took the shot, then back to bed." Camp life is so awesome!
  • 2 1
 I was actually sitting on my bed taking the shot haha.
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 im finding alot of the pods are farely focused on the scenery less of the riding, id personally like to see more jumps more riding styling it up, generally what happens when riding. For example with motocross pictures its mainly focused on the rider going big, styling it up. open for debate just click that reply!
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 to be fair, press 1129x1600 and just LOOK at how high he's boosted that. there we have an artistic shot with a world beating rider boosting high, 3ing and tabling... phwar
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 Has anyone ever noticed how all the girls into DH/Freeride are always taken? I guess if I found a cool chick shredder I'd be on that on the quick too. Guess I'll have to ease my future wife into even though the last girl I tried to get into freeride liked it until she had a somewhat gnarly crash and then she won't get back on the bike. FML.

THe end
  • 4 2
 If it's as hot as it looks, I bet this wasn't done for artistic effect - the photographer just wanted to stay in the RV with the air con on Razz
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 Sweet photo. As other said interesting perspective! Hey I saw you guys at miracle the otherday, are you guys gonna head up north to the post office on your trip? Hope you guys are having a great time here
  • 2 4
 AH yeah I remember. Na We're staying in SoCal, we're at Woodward atm until Friday.
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 i smell pod
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 Real nice idea dude. Looks awesome. The type of view I would like when I wake up in the camper in the morning.
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 Didn't like it at first but the more I look at it the better it is. Good pic
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 Awesome! Would be even better with someone sitting watching from the window.
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 Very cool photo truly deserved POD
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 great shot! super unique!
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 great photoSmile
  • 2 4
 i saw this yesterday on fb
  • 2 5
 As he is in the air, he yells make me a sandwich...... then tables so flat you can eat off it...... Razz
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 POD! amazing framingSmile
  • 2 4
 so sick
  • 2 4
 wath lens did you use?
  • 2 4
 spanking photo
  • 2 5
 she better be making him a sandwhich
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