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 As sad as this is...this demonstrates the beauty of capitalism, not the problem with it. Capitalism promotes abundance, all other systems promote the people that run that system. That's what causes this. Nothing else.
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 I agree that capitalism promotes abundance, but for a very select few. The top 1% of the US population have 42% of the wealth, and 50 million US citizens live below the poverty line. Most people who believe the will achieve the "American Dream" will die not having made significantly more than their parents did. Being people that participate in a hobby as expensive as mountain biking and browse PinkBike in our free time, we're not the best reflection of the average American. I'm not saying Capitalism doesn't work, I'm just saying its not as ideal as you make it out to be and it doesn't favor the common man.
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 i dont aggree .. obama got president.. so anything is possible,,. it all starts with school.. i finished and got my life on track.. my kid brother didnt and filled his educational years with drugs.. he aint rock bottom now.. but he will never get any further.. and lets be fair comparing these pics aint really right.. i mean c'mon .. you cant compare the US with india.. bangladesh is over populated anywayz..
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 Anything is possible when its planned so meticulously
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 One of the things that frustrates me most is that a system like capitalism promotes a sense of entitlement in people. I hate that. Willing to bet that the people in the upper example feel that way. No one should be "entitled" to anything. You work if you want something. Greed, greed, and abuse of power. America, yippie ki yay! Not to say there aren't good things about it, but hey, no system is perfect.
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 corruption is the devils tool...
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 So maybe do something about your life... Start to give people work instead of looking for one. Having trouble opening your bussines? Paperwork? High cost? Whoops... maybe its your govenrment not the capitalism itself?
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 The problem with this picture is that they don't realize that homeless people in the west live like kings compared to the destitute in other countries. An india has plenty of playboy millionaires that flaunt and waste their money. The cultural emphasis on this is misleading.
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 I think greed plays a part
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 This is a very powerful picture, and it summarizes the widening gap between the haves and the have nots. Shallow materialism seems to be promoted above all else in some cultures around the world.
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 Same old same old, the rich get richer at the expense of the poor. Thats how i see it in the UK at present...
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 So were you one of those geniuses that went out and started burning things because of it?
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 Hell no, i was absolutely disgusted when that kicked off. I like a lot of people wished for water cannons and riot police to nip it in the bud. We have a spineless government and justice system in the UK, we need to dish out appropriate punishment.
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