Been raining lots lately but with nuclear greens like this, no one's complaining.
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Been raining lots lately but with nuclear greens like this, no one's complaining.


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 great shot! the dog just completes this photo, you got my vote for POD
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 The contrast between the lush foliage and moist hero dirt (and they guys ripping it) really makes me want to go shred...
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 Nuclear Greens! i cant even complain, looks like a blast!
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 Gorgeous. I would love to ride that too.
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 sooo lush green! makes me wanna ride trails...and dog pods get me stoked haha
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flag ice7 (Jun 23, 2012 at 4:31) (Below Threshold)
 looks like too much photoshop, nothing more.
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flag kmo95 (Jun 23, 2012 at 6:55) (Below Threshold)
 ^^ neg prop
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 It's as if those dudes are riding through on a huge piece of broccoli..
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 What is with these dumb comments? I know Poland has trees. Can most Poles not imagine lush green forests? Does everything have to look like a big ass industrial park?
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 If Zach's happy, i'm happy
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flag ice7 (Jun 23, 2012 at 13:58) (Below Threshold)
 leelau just ask that pic's author for a original of this one and you will see the difference and will understand what im talking about, naive kid :*
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 you know, there are actually places where plants are that green. this appears to be one of them
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 ice - I did better. I rode today from my house to trails that I work on and shot the same kind of colours. I'm sorry you do not get to see this kind of colours but if you ever get to visit Vancouver or Revelstoke I would be happy to show you the natural light of our local forests and how green they are
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 looking at that trail out the front window right now, albeit through pouring rain!
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 come on fido try to keep up! :-)
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flag ice7 (Jun 24, 2012 at 14:34) (Below Threshold)
 show me the raw file just from camera, and than we can talk Wink
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 I don't know why you're acting like you're anywhere on the same level as this photographer, ice7. I just checked your pictures and wasn't too impressed.
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flag ice7 (Jun 25, 2012 at 11:15) (Below Threshold)
 we're not talking about my pics but about this one, you know? are you another one of these people who says that i can only comment something, if im better in it, than commented one? if you think like that - we cant comment movies, becouse we are not directors, cant comment music, becouse we are not musicans? pathetic...
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 That's not at all what I'm saying bro. Stop putting words in my mouth for the sake of your own petty argument. For starters this is Photo of the DAY on an online bike forum. Not front cover of DECLINE magazine. I only said that, because the way you're talking down on the photo is very condescending. You're not making respectable points from a photographer standpoint, you're just talking shit and the way you make it sound is that you take better raw pictures in your sleep. You might not think that's what you're saying, but not only to me, but obviously to a lot of other people as well that's what we're getting out of it.
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 imo you're talking shit and dont have any exp. or knowledge about this topic. Get some relax kid, and come back here when you will understand we've got freedom of speech here and im writing what im thinking. grow up and just understand it. my opinion is my opinion, if you dont understand it, its your own problem. grettings Smile
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 Haha, I love how you're not really responding to anything I'm saying? Anyway, we all have opinions and we all like to share them, but no one likes an arrogant a*shole. I'm not much of a photographer at all, more of a hobby really - just to straighten that out. However, I do have enough knowledge to realize when someone's making critical points(which you haven't mentioned any "just talking shit") in a photograph. So my freedom of speech is simply wishing for you to stop being a c*nt. And I'm actually getting a kick out of this, so keep the high and mighty posts coming, if you have them, big boy!
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flag ice7 (Jun 30, 2012 at 3:41) (Below Threshold)
 that pic has artificial colours, thats all i wanna say. have a nice day.
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 Ordinary people like me only ever dream of calling such trails "the home trails". A masterpiece of a riding spot. Great photo!
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 Same i live in dusty kamloops i would kill for some trails like this. sick photo
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 I would kill to ride some trails in Kamloops ya know.....
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 I am going to kill if I don`t go to Maribor this weekend. Nice photo!!!
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 tannerama, you got rio, harper, the bike park and sun peaks and sooo many other sick trails, you shouldn't complain.
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 Sick !
But this sad moment when you realize that 90% of PODs are taken in Canada ....
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 Then take some pics....
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 Work in progress ^^ ( i don't want to post crappy pictures ) ... hope some day one of them 'll be POD Wink
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 I want to live n BC! This pic makes me want to ride. Congreats on POD. Thanks for my daily stoke.
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 who else here loves fresh trails?

i know i do! Big Grin
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 Shut up one beer
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 wow. crazy looking place..
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 Trail dog!
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 Bloody marvellous, this seriously deserves to be "POD".
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 Been there , rode that Big Grin ... back home in Maramu county Big Grin loving it as well
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 Has he got some sort of CC on the photo or are those plants actually that shade of green?! That's awesome :p
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 Its rained a lot in the last bit - the greens are like this
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 yeah Bruno! way to showcase the trail. VIVRANT
was this the same day as the puddle reflection shot? thats another pod
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 There is gonna be DH race on that trail tomorrow morning. Seeing this as POD is great timing.
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 I though it was a lemur, or something like that
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 I thought someone was riding a sheep till I looked closely.
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 That's some good green, right there!
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 Colors are amazing! would love to ride this someday..
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 My eye isn't drawn to the riders. They're drawn to all the green.
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 wonder shot, in wonderland during a wonder ride!!!! A+
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 that dog is definitely the best one out there
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 Couldn't ask for a better Birthday POD! Thanks Longwheelie and Ian!
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 This picture made my day.
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 Well deserved.
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 looks like a sick trail

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