Richie Rude washed out on the same jump, and proceeded to go down in flames. He was fine, but did manage to somehow blow off his glove in the ensuing yardsale.
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Richie Rude washed out on the same jump, and proceeded to go down in flames. He was fine, but did manage to somehow blow off his glove in the ensuing yardsale.


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 and soccer players complain about tripping on grass..
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flag ustemuf (Jun 21, 2012 at 23:52) (Below Threshold)
 if you play with pussies, sure. obviously you've never played with a competitive soccer player, or hung out with anyone who was.
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 Are you joking? competitive 'Soccer' is even gayer. They just cry at any given opportunity
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flag ustemuf (Jun 22, 2012 at 8:33) (Below Threshold)
 You kids are young, your generation is full of wimps. It used to be different, but you weren't even born yet so I wouldn't expect you to understand. Go ahead and negative prop me so you feel better about yourself on something you have no clue about.
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 If you've ever watched premiere league or international soccer they play up every little trip to try and get penalties. You aren't so old yourself, Mr. Anyways, I'm glad Richie was ok after this.
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 Soccer require only one ball
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 so does rugby, but when rugby players get dumped face first into the floor they get up and shake it off. Unlike soccer they land on there ass are cry they got hit in the face
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 Ustemuf- you are right this generation is a bunch of whimps. Like look at all those young Americans, Canadians and Brits fighting over seas in Iraq and Afghanistan we are a bunch of pussies compared to you. Enjoy playing your soccer or watching it!
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 What does war have to do with this?? Lol.. You guys are taking examples of people who flop and ruin the image of soccer.

Judging by everyones pb photo album who commented here, my statement still stands. Being ignorant and funny gets you all the props!! Keep it up.
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flag markwalter (Jun 22, 2012 at 14:59) (Below Threshold)
 just to tell all of you, soccer is the number one watched and played sport in the world
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 I love the sport of soccer, just not professionally. They act like the biggest baby's iv ever seen.. OMG MEDIC HELP!! HE NICKED MY SHIN!! OHHH THE PAIN!!! -_-
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 ^ lol this argument
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 Wow.. 28, you must just have a 50 year old ego... I'm sorry but the reason I don't watch football or "soccer" is because of just how pathetic the majority of players are in the modern game, it infuriates me how quickly and readily they fall down and I can't watch or enjoy it. But like k8piranha said, just glad Richie came out of this ok
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 why do we need to hate on other sports?? soccer is pretty gnarly and requires pretty intensive training to stay in shape. what to mountain bikers do? get hungover as hell and huck stuff? haha
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 Haha I'm not hating on it man, I respect soccer even if I don't like watching it.. Although I can't say my world of mountainbiking involves hucking with a hangover.. hah
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 Hhaha I know but for the most part freestyle mountain biking consists of fun more than work
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 lets be honest here haha
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 Oh yeah freeride is like that for sure! haha
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 @ustemuf Richie just turned 18 and he placed 23rd overall in his first World Cup season. He still has another season as a junior and there isn't a doubt in my mind he'll be world champ this year. As for the picture, it speaks for itself, and it contradicts your belief that our generation is a bunch of wimps. Soccer is painful to watch, I hear they don't even allow you to play professionally unless you've gone to acting school.
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 Im thinking that left hip is gonna hurt in the morning...
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 I rather think it's gonna hurt instantly.
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 I've lost a shoe before, but I've never lost a glove in a crash. Impressive...
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 I have, bad times
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 Awesome picture, no injuries we hope??.
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 Did he hold it?
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 im saying he stuck the landing!
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 Pretty ambitious nothing hand-plant he's going for there!
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 Great capture!
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 Chryste panie !

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