regular frame
4" travel front and rear.
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regular frame 4" travel front and rear.


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 I hate you!
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 Really - now why?
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 cause you have had every efffing bike everyone on here wants to ride.
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 I can't help if the good deals keep finding us.
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 just because you find a good deal doesnt mean you take it every time..
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 Well, you can keep on doing what you do and we'll keep on doing what we do.
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 MikewillBike (Jul 2, 2012 at 9:11)
cause you have had every efffing bike everyone on here wants to ride.

Mike - you've discovered what it's all about for us - we build bikes that people want so we don't hang onto them for too long. Is it wrong to make available to people, something they want? I think it's a great concept; build a popular, trendy bike and ride it until it sells, then build the next bike. I like to build, my kid likes to ride and many others like to buy our builds. And I get to do this together with my kid. I couldn't imagine a better scenario other an owning a successful bike shop together. Think about it.
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 I just don't understand how you afford so many bikes and aren't affiliated with a shop
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 First off we've been buying components, then building and flipping bikes for several years. Sometimes you make a few bucks on a bike, sometimes you just break even but you always have the chance to ride or let friends ride the bikes until they sell. Any money made off a sale goes right back into buying higher end components and now my kid gets to ride all his bikes essentially for free. They are all bought and built from the bits of money he's made from selling bikes and surplus components. Now he's working towards a plan to either buy into a bike shop or condo at a bike park after he graduates from school. The plan might be a bit ambitious but at the very worst he'll have enough for a solid down-payment on a condo. Right now it's just a fun hobby which supports his love for biking. To me, the fact that we can do this together is the fun part but the life skills he is learning through this process is really what's going to help my kid in the future.
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 Such a rad father-son deal.
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 true that i stand corrected!
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 I have bought some parts from rieber in the past, and he provides excellent deals. I totally support him doing his thing here on Pinkbike, as well as him and his son's love for sweet bikes =)

Bike flipping is my hobby as well, and although I don't do it to this degree because my time is limited and I have so much more to learn, I know for the most part what he is doing. True that you may break even sometimes, or make very little on one bike, but you built it yourself AND rode it for as long as you wanted..... that sounds like a killer deal to me, every time, and I'm all for it. Awesome to do it in a father-son scenario though, it would be cool to do it with someone other than myself! Keep killing those bike builds, haters are there to hate.... it just makes you guys stronger in the end!
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 Thanks for the kind words - and I can see where people might get put off by us flipping bikes but we can't worry too much about that. We enjoy what we do and will keep doing it as long as my kid is into it.
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 Those people obviously have it wrong. You are building high end bikes and selling them at very reasonable prices... If anything youre doing everyone a favor. cheers
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 I swear i saw this bike at jumpship.
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 How did the bike do?
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 It wasn't this bike that you saw.
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 What you and your son are doing is awesome, very inspiring!
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 Thanks - it works for us. But it's amazing how many people don't seem to understand what we're doing and have send me such negative messages. I'm not concerned about those people but I am concerned for them - just too much hate and jelousy out there sometimes.
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 Man that's sick
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 Woah, Thats unreal
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 So sick! tup
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