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 Ultimate plank
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 It should be a requirement for all PODs to be of decent photo size. 434x600? That's appalling!
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 It's such a good shot, it deserves POD even without having large dimensions.
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 POD's are just getting better and better. This is insane. The tricks these guys are doing and the photos that are being taken...look at the PODs from 2 years ago, they don't even come close to comparing. I guess this is what you call progression. Unreal.
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 Wow dude........just wow.
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 Its been taken on a iphone ffs!!!
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 get off Pinkbike , you moron
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 Don't stop there, get off the internet.
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 He cant get off the internet, that's where he orders all his dildos.
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 ^that cracked me up
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 i bet he rides a full suspension dildo
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 Just look in his "dh bike" album actually
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 I have a feeling a comment got deleted somewhere up there ^^^ ??? If not I'm so confused.
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 hahaha yeah Had some weird guy talking about dirty things He's gone now
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 ^^ Haha, that was a very diplomatic reply, not used to that on PB.
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 amazing shot
extra stuff on da bike???
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 james visser...fucking legend
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 I think "reallybigmantis" was asking, what's with all that extra stuff attached to his bike (near the cranks, rear triangle). I have no clue what it is!
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 It's a full suspension bike, and there's a watermark stamped across the bike above the cranks and seat. I really considered not making it POD because of this, but in the end I really liked the look of the shot.
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 why is there a water mark? looks just like a dartmoor shine
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 Ohhhhh ok Ian, thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was a hardtail with some funky attachments (for video or something). I never would have guessed its a watermark.
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 yeah, and there's at least one more across the ramp as well...
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 and the bike is an Ellsworth Momentum just incase you were wondering
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 I actually was sort of wondering! SO thanks!
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 James killing it once again! Not sure if this is appropriate here, but you can pick up James signature tee of him doing this exact trick for $12 Free U.S. Shipping when you use coupon code HOOKUP at our website.
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 What, how, where? Freaking amazing IMO.
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 well its a super flip in san diego but the how, im going to say magic
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 Yea james with another one! sweet photo patrick!
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 love this... looks real moody.... great use of colour..!!
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 The shadows come from the merge of frames used in this HDR image. As a HDR is multi exposure shot, you cant catch moving action as a single image so a single shot of the rider is merged into the HDR image. That's what it looks like it is to me.
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 I hate to disappoint you but I really don't think there is any HDR in this image. He exposed to get the background how he wanted it, then simply used flash to light up the rider, jump and foreground. The only effect really is what looks like too much sharpening, which gives the shadows in the dirt that super contrasty look.
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 no HDR, I witnessed the shot being taken and there were multiple shots using the flash in different areas to get the lighting right. Then shopped(blended) the photos together...
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 great caption, great light, grat trick... great!
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 POD all day
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 I called it, good job Pat and James. More POD's to come this duo make for unbelievable photos. So glad I made these jumps and was able to help in the photo shoot.
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 Whats with the grey outline that looks like a second set of cranks?
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 It's a text watermark that the photographer stamped across the image
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(*)/ (*)
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 Well done. Why does everyone from Ramona kick so much ass?
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 Bailing now would be a bad idea
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 How to win Olympic gold for diving. 1. backflip bike over pool. 2. execute perfect dive with bike.
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 8 strobes?
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 Post apocalyptic
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 E P I C !!!!!
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