Riding a cool little trail in the woods down by Tegernsee, Fall 2012.
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Riding a cool little trail in the woods down by Tegernsee, Fall 2012.
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 crouching rider, hidden flash
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flag therealtylerdurden (Oct 23, 2012 at 11:05) (Below Threshold)
 Im tempted to create 100 fake accounts so I can give you more props. FUcking awesome dude!
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 Anyone else want to make fun of Protour?
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 recalls me the night section of Life Cycles
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 It's a neat picture, but just doesn't quite do it for me. No disrespect meant for the photographer as it is a great picture, I just like color.
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 I get what you're saying, but I'd actually say this shot is better off without colour, the black and white really helps pick out the details like the little bits of dirt flying up from behind, and the lighting on the guy almost gives a ghostly feel, reminds me of the Thomas Vanderham section from Life Cycles!
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 if this photo wasn't black and white i can almost guarantee it wouldn't be POD. it gives the photo a really unique vibe and makes it stand out in a very good way. some photos are better off black and white and this is one of them. great job to the photographer.
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 Oh, don't get me wrong, this picture for sure looks better in black and white. I am just stating in general I like color pictures more. I'm in no way being a critic, and again, no disrespect to the photographer, he definitely made the photo look it's best. It is just not my preferred style of photogaphy is all..
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 Agree with your last post, there was a recent article on here with about 50 pictures all in black & white... by the end I was just thinking what's the point?

I think for individual shots like this one it can be really powerful but for the most part I like my pics bright clean & colourful.
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 Oh yeah Nitty don't get me wrong dude I'm not implying that you're hating on the photo or anything, its evident you appreciate it!
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 reminds me of sin city.
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 Nah, the Sin City look would be with a red filter!
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 I'd love to see someone re-create this photo with chalk on a blackboard.
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 Intense! All it needs is a flaming jack-o'-lantern flyn towards viewer. Badass!
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 good capturing of the action. Nice!
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 Congrats on another great POD man. Keep churning out the amazing photos!
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 nice rimlights!
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 & sick action as well!! amazing shot!!!!
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 I'm Lovin it! tm
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