First day hitting the new jump!
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First day hitting the new jump!
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 "POD on December 16th, 2012."
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 Haha, thanks man!
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 pretty massive
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flag kitebike420 (Dec 16, 2012 at 0:19) (Below Threshold)
 im gay for this photo.
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 Don't be so sexist.. This photo could be a woman
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 One of the quickest pod`s in a while. That speaks for itself..
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 sickk pic dudee
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 Gdenahy, considering all the curves it has you are probably right Smile
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 what if he didnt land it
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flag kitebike420 (Dec 16, 2012 at 17:42) (Below Threshold)
 wtf someones hacking me or some shit..
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 this picture is so much better than some recent PODs i really hope it gets there
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 They measured it out and I believe they said it was 38ft lip to landing.. and has a hip to it.. Its pretty damn big once you stand there and actually look at it.. Props Brant..
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 It's pretty damn big sitting here and looking at it from behind my computer screen too...
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 ^annnnd that's what she said
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 the rider's kit is so badass
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 @lavendergooms u made my night lololololololol
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 I hate the word "Kit" soooo much, it makes we want to watch Knight rider or hit some drums. Photo rocks tho!
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 i agree. i was not wearing a kit. simply a pair of jeans and a hoody.
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 This looks like kamloops.
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 Landscape is that similar because Boise, ID has almost the same geographical longitude as Kamloops.
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 I feel I should say that the French Alps also share the same longitude as vast parts of the Sahara desert... as well as some fjords off the Norwegian coast!
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 Yes. Feel free to speak. I was just sayin that Boise has the same "central america" look as Kamloops because they are both away from any large source of water resulting in that sort of landscape that you see in old western movies with Clint Eastwood..
Just take a look at Milwaukee or Boston that share the same longitude but very different climate and vegatation due to different latitude
Nothing more nothing less.
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 central america is mexico dude
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 Kamloops is in a rain shadow*** .. not to do with how close it is to water..
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 Central America is the jungle bro, I lived there. Btw, Mexico is part of North America.
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 being from kamloops when i first seen this i was like whaat where was this taken aha,and then i seen the description, awesome pod big a burly just the way it should be
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 Shiii! Yes.. Instead of central americal I ment I don`t know how is it called.. Not-coastal america!! I find it hard sometimes to put down what I want to say.. Thank you guys for correcting me.
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 flowyridestilltherestofmylife to be honest with you, my first comment was just a random funny comment, I obviously got what you were trying to say and didn't mean to start this ridiculous mocking on you... but you know how pinkbike is these days Wink cheers!
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 First congratulations! I am from Boise and have never met you, but that is an awesome jump and you look perfect hitting it. I don't suppose you could let me know where that thing is? Would love to at least check it out. Again, congrats........awesome jump and nice to see this kind of stuff coming from Boise!
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 Kardashian's looking a little bit smaller...
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 I'm not gonna lie, whenever I hear anything about Boise, I do NOT think of this.
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 Yo Curtis Keene the 2nd, I especially don't think of anything like this when I reminisce on the most endabro of times in Colorado though, too many rocks...
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 Damn man.. How was it? I assume you guys figured out the run out better since the last day I was there.

Sick shot and Brant looks pretty comfortable hitting it..
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 that gap looks like it requires some hefty testicles to jump!!
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 "hello tower, I'm approaching the runway. At full speed, lol."
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 It is that way too.. You are hauling balls down a pretty steep hilside going into it..
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 Hell yeah for B-town. I hope I get to check this thing out. So cool to have a big line around town.
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 Fucckkkkk yeah!! bringing Ussery back to life! Ill be in boise for the next month if anybody wants to build an ride.
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 Is this the hip at the top of first hill on the left?? Looks so different. I will be over there a bunch the next few weekends. Maybe recover the road gap?
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 No but right next to it. Please respect it and don't change it. We are filming a whole line in the spring and want to keep it in the best possible shape Thanks, Brant
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 Definately. Glad to see some cool stuff going in.
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 i strive to do jumps like these ..
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 login, open XLarge, add to favourites!
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 by far the sickest recent POD!!
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 Holy baby Jesus. That jump is huckin huge.
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 I'm from Kamloops and thought this was the Loops. Who knew!
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 Near my home town people!
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 yeah, YEAH!!! reppin Idaho well!
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 Way to roll Brant! Good looking sender!
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 when are gunna film ussery/boise?
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 POD potential!
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  • 2 1
 So sick!
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  • 2 1
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 Looks so much like that scene in Life Cycles.
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 Steezy as feck!!!
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 Hell yeah
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 Up up and away!
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 Loving that jump.
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 its simple AWESOME...!
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 Is this Usery street?
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 This is sick. In boise??
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 Yea it is..

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