Eric porter shredding the crest trail during fall.
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Eric porter shredding the crest trail during fall.


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 It's just a guy riding some single track in normal xc gear, don't see why people are thinking enduro
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 you cant call it xc anymore cus thats not cool enough for the downhill types who've decided to get themselves a bike they can pedal.
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 i pedal my v10 carbon just fine, thank you very much.
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 You're so right... I'm just riding bikes, no matter how people call it !!
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 Pretty sure it's just called mountain biking, regardless of how much suspension travel you have.
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 So the difference between enduro and cross country is lycra pants?
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 Enduro" is just a new age transition word.. Created by the manufacturers when they needed a name for theese new mid travel bikes. Also known as trail bikes.
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 Enduro is a race format for a kind of riding the vast majority of MTBers have been always doing for most of the time they've spent on their bikes. It's about pumping tge love out of the trail with spiced up with Italian temperament and French ego. Dolce cyclismo al montagna! A MANETTA!!!
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 It annoys me when people think xc and gravity enduro are the same thing.
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 Enduro is downhill focused with some hard climbs. XC is uphill focused with some descents...not the same
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 No I'm pretty sure the difference is just in the pant type.... Could be wrong I am pretty often... but pretty sure this time.
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flag sandrida (Jun 2, 2013 at 12:07) (Below Threshold)
 i taught enduro is takin yur bike on and of rougher terrain, anywait dont really know whait it meant enduro
so i ll shut up
i gues i go xc fo the rest of the evening... since my p.2 is out because my forks locked

anyway time to go rippin my xc. rip it to flat « ,]

its just how yu ride it hard dont got ;much choice here.. really
but you ll never get an xc bike of a garet buehlerhill
even garet woudnt do it

anyway hope yu guys and girlz have a great rights , so have a great ride and dont forget to turn right xd
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 LOL that fellas comment made me laugh
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 Google translation gone bad ?
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 Sounds like some sawggot trying to type
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 Ya agreed.
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 I must admit I quite like the way PB shifts towards enduro... It is all over the place. Nice tshirt too.
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 If only there was an enduro race surrounding the crest trail... if only....
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 btw this picture is in the "xc Riding" category fyi
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 I must admit I quite like the way PB shifts towards enduro/xc/trail/singletrail/dh/am/dj/4x/snooker/bmx/fr/football/cricket/tennis*... It is all over the place. Nice tshirt too.

*circle appropriate
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 I see what you did there.
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 I feel like that bike looks so small and the rider looks huge in comparison - had to do a double take and it still doesn't look completely right..
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 It cos we're so used to big DH bikes or the new 29er's and 27.5/650b bikes....normal bikes just look small now....
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 Ohh! Crest is such an awesome trail. Can wait for the snow to melt to go pedal it!
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 I could tell where this pic was taken just by looking at the thumbnail on the home page. This trail is beautiful! There's nothing like riding through all those birch trees up top of big cottonwood canyon, awesome picture!
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 All this enduro attention is changing my outlook on that type of riding and in really starting to like it. Anyone want to trade my dh for an enduro?
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 I thought enduro was for pussies that couldn't do dh?!?
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 Does this picture makes me wanna get my bike and go ride? Yes, it certainly does. So -> POD. And it is a great picture for sure.
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 Enduro is more ride up on big hill and then bomb it down as fast as you can xc is various small ups and downs
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 to staged for me
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 I like bikes, that is all.
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 I like apples. Does it make us cool?
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 We are totally individual, I think this makes us cool?
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 xc pride
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 Boom a glimpse of the future
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flag Lilshredman (Jun 2, 2013 at 7:26) (Below Threshold)
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 Dont feed the trolls
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 Nom Nom Nom!
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 Can your porter answer the door?
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 Looks like someone shrunk his head.
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