That feeling when you're ripping through trail, just brushing the foliage with your bars
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That feeling when you're ripping through trail, just brushing the foliage with your bars


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 No offense to the photographer here, but I think this picture is awful and not even close to POD worthy.
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 well not exactly awful just nothing special-sure its a cool perspective but it does not capture the true essence of mountain biking nor is it nice nor does it deserve POD. No offense to Dan Baram.
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 It's a primo photo that's been executed very well, this take a lot more effort than just another photo of someone riding, you've got to get well outside of the box to get a pod these days, such is done here..
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 You people are half-cut, this is art.
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 It is nearly 5:00pm in AUS
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 I think this is a great photo from a photographers point of view... To get this timing is hard when a rider is pinning down the trail... not only is is difficult form a photographers pov, but for a rider to get this close to the photographer is dangerous. Props to Dan for having that much balls to get that close to the riders handle bar ends.
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flag wayne-dc (Jun 14, 2013 at 0:41) (Below Threshold)
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 Why bother starting your sentence with 'no offence' if all you're going to do is be offensive?

Cool perspective. Something different. Get over it
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 I'll confirm what suspended said about it being difficult to time and courageous to be there. I like to take dirtbike photos and I love wide angle pictures, but that of course means being way up close. When you're a foot or two away from a dirtbike roosting a berm over and over and over again until you get the perfect shot, you definitely go home with bruises. There have also been many times that I've almost been run over, and that certainly would be worse.
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flag elliotgraham (Jun 14, 2013 at 4:15) (Below Threshold)
 I've seen better closer up pictures then this. By all means it's better then what I could do but not really what I'd consider PODworthy. Saying that, it's a picture on one website for one day, no need to get so worked up over it.
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 I've seen better close up pictures than this. THAN THIS. Its than, not then, how do people get this wrong its so straight forward?!
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flag weareunionco (Jun 14, 2013 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 This is terrible POD,
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 Sorry everyone! Please help me to take better photographs.
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 I dont know what you guys dont like about it. Im digging it.
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 Yeah Dan, anyone here able to help him take better pictures? No? Didn't think so.... Because Dan Slays it.
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 Not everyone can appreciate good composition Dan, especially the kids on PB Wink
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 aaaahahaha, weareunionco....brilliant
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 i'd put my bar in your foliage, if you know what i mean.
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 you take great photos! this just is not one of your best shots!
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 Everyone's getting so worked up, it's here for one day, if you dont like it then don't comment, just wait for tomorrow rather than criticizing Dan!
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 tbh none of you are anywhere near Dans standard at photography, soo
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 I think he was trying to take a nature shot but some dick mountain bikers intervened and almost hit him
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 Everyone's a critic Razz and to be hypocritical here's my take: The shot is really good. The only think I'm scratching my head over is why the rider isn't in sharper focus. With a 5.6 aperture I would expect the DOF to be a bit deeper. Maybe it's motion blur but the plant came out tack sharp. The only thing I can think of is that sometimes when an unsharp mask is overused it drastically increases the influence of the DOF, but again.. not sure if that's the case. Anywho, not like any of that's important, the shot is both technically and visually great. I wouldn't mind hearing a little more on how Dan put this shot together.
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 Why is everyone getting so mad at the photographer? If you look at the rest of his photos they are much better. It's pinkbike's fault for choosing his worst photo.
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 it's an impressive shot but idk it just doesn't really do it for me, it's not a matter of taking a better picture, its a matter of... not sure really but I just don't like this pic much, summary: impressive: yes, gets me stoked to ride: not really
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 What's the point of having a comments section if everyone shuts you down for presenting an alternate opinion? Personally, I'm not a fan of the photo. That doesn't mean I'm saying I could take better photos or that the photographer isn't talented. There's just a ton of photos on the site that I prefer to this one.
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 Its not that it is a terrible or excellent photo. Just that some people can appreciate it and some just want to see some wicked wippage. As the photographer, one would expect to see a 50/50 opinion coming back from a shot like this. All good if you don't like it, wait for tomorrow. If you do, enjoy gazing into your screen.
Have a good one PBrs.
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 Although I like the idea of this picture, with a new perspective thinking outside the box etc. My personal opinion is the photograph itself ( speaking of focus and colour) is not very good.
A cool concept but no very well executed.
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 Not the first time one of his photos have started a controversial debate here on PB.....coincidence? who knows, still a cool shot tho.
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 @jumpthatgap, it's 'it's' not 'its'. How do people get this wrong? It's so straightforward.
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 Hope the camera guys doesn't get hay fever Wink
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flag Spearman (Jun 14, 2013 at 5:10) (Below Threshold)
 yeh same....
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 Great perspective!
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 Everyone who is complaining about this photo has not viewed it at 1600 pixels.
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 Hot damn. Awesome.
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 Yep. Defo wallpaper material at 1600.
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 I did, still dont like it
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 This is not your typical POD photo, but the composition and closeness to the rider are the things that make it. The majority of people who shoot will appreciate this.
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 I would like to point out that that handlebar end is roughly 3" from about $5K worth of camera and lens. This is a very difficult picture to capture! props to the photographer for having the cahones to hang in there, and props to the rider for not decapitating the photographer!
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 Hey Dan, your work is spectacular, and I hope you don't take the negative comments to heart. Keep up the great work!
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 would be a great photo in an article about a rad trip or something, but not pod... if you want to see it as "art" it should really have a better description along with it. Just my half cent.
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 It's a POD not AOD (article of the day). Art doesn't need a description. Do you still need to be spoon fed by mommy?
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 Okay, I think most of you have made your point that it is an artsy photo, and great point of view from the photographer. With that being said, the picture is BORING for the average pink bike viewer.
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 Ya if his shutter speed was one notch higher and he had blue sock on and the sky was black, with pigs in it. Go take your own photos. Lol
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 Love it!
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 Such a great photo - cool trail, great composition, brilliant timing. Oh and Hannah Barnes...
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 I like it..... It's different and cool and u haters suck the ass of a big fat sweaty hairy guy!
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 I enjoy your works Dan, but I'm not sure about this one... I can't get the idea..heeheheu
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 Let them flowers live man!
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 pfffffff of the day...
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 hey Dan, there's some pro holding a photog course in the yukon, you should sign up for that and get some pointers
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 nice flowers
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 This a biking forum or nature? im confused on this one :/
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 Haha - Get it? - Dan BARham! Really funny POD, best of the year.
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 what the f*ck is this?
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 POD?! Realy?!
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