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 They look like colorful ants!
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 Which year is this? Surely can't be 2013 as there was way too much snow! Cool pic though great perspective and colours
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flag donalddouche (Nov 20, 2013 at 1:29) (Below Threshold)
 Wonderful colours? LOL. He just turned up the contrast and adjusted the hue but didn't correct the saturation..

You really expect me to believe that those rocks in the background are blue? 4/10 please do better photoshop.
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 what is this!?!? a picture of ants!?
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 Certainly isnt 2013, the majority of that area was covered in snow and the track was plowed out through the snow
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Badass pic though would be crazy to be in the middle of all of that
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 This is the Qualifying track, not the main Mega Track, hence the lack of snow and less riders.
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 @DarrenDouche - your name suites you.
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 mileskelly you stole the words out of my mouth. DarrenDouche you really are a douche.
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 I thought that the logo on the bottom right was the national geographic logo for a split second...
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 I see some serious possibility for some Sam Hill style cut lines.
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 Straight line it!
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 Thats what i was thinking haha
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 Hahahahaha Rolleyes
Now actually go there, have a look at the track and say that again.
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 Ok ill get the next flight to look at a potential line, brb
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 Thats exactly what i was thinking, why are not looking at someone gunning point to point... so im thinking gotta be elavation..! excuse my ignorance..... but i would love to have a go at this, but am probably never going to make it..!
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 You thought exactly right... not ignoranty
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 Damn I want to race one of these events, they look like challenging fun indeed.
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 Just a thought here, but I don't think the people that built this road did a very good possibly they were drunk lol
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 Can't wait to be theeeere !
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 Just like the way of life, ups and downs. But the bike makes it all good!
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 That must be Jerome ClemANTz leading
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 this is a really cool shot man! liking the different perspective!
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 Look at all the ants

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