Testsession with the new SRSUNTOUR AURON & RUX suspension forks in Squamish BC, Canada. Riders: Garett Buehler, James Doerfling , Brett Tippie & Mike Jones. Camera: Hoshi Yoshida. Photo stills are available here: issuu.com/why_gbr/docs/srsuntour-werx-squamish
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Testsession with the new SRSUNTOUR AURON & RUX suspension forks in Squamish BC, Canada. Riders: Garett Buehler, James Doerfling , Brett Tippie & Mike Jones. Camera: Hoshi Yoshida. Photo stills are available here: issuu.com/why_gbr/docs/srsuntour-werx-squamish


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 It's like where is Waldo but on a bike and its not Waldo
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flag arronhilton (Jul 18, 2013 at 9:05) (Below Threshold)
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 How about wheres STUND!!!! Bring back another season please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 PODs in general are disappointing me.. Only sponsored photos.. or known photographers..
Is it truth that only 20 or 30 people around the WHOLE world take good pics? I don't think so.. I can see PODs going to the same way of the post... It's not about review or news anymore.. sometime I be ashamed reading a new review or something here... It's clearly a sponsored review, where, of course, nobody will tell you some truths about the product reviewed. The same shame feeling looking at this POD today... Really? you put even a link?.. of this POD that in my opinion is quite questionable?
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 Couldn't agree more and that makes you loose interest in Pinkbike. I'm new here and I realized soon that there is no point in publish photos on Pinkbike and another problem is that some just empty there camera without even taking a look what's on it.
"Kill your darlings" doesn't exist here.
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 pinkbike has bills/employees to pay. they do a lot of traveling for reviewing, presence at races and events for covering racing news as well as expanding their base audience and getting more folks to get on bikes. that doesnt happen without sponsors. or should we all boycott say....redbull ,to get them out of the mtb scene so that it remains pure and impartial?

they work hard. thank you pinkbike
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 I think that most of us can live without Red Bull. There are healthier and better ways to get your energy from than that crap. We all have to survive, but that doesn't mean that you have to lose your credibility on the way.
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 Krazieghost.. for sure they have bills to pay.. and I know money doesn't grow in trees, they need to have sponsors. What I'm saying is they are doing to much "advertisement" on their post than they should. When I see a new post of new frame, I don't even need to open the link to know what will be there "good frame, very stable, fast corners, very sensitive, worth the money and blablablabla".. the same for gloves, handlebars, brakes, clothes. and what else..
If you do really enjoy what you are reading, good for you.. but be a little more critic and you will see that all the review posts are the same..
The trip posts are very good, and i'm pretty sure everybody like it, because there they usually don't need to "sell" anything..
but PODs were supposed to be something impartial, it's all about photography, not money.. We don't want to see pictures of the same guys all the time.. and we don't need advertisement as well...
but again, if you are ok with it.. good.. I'm tired..
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 I fully agree that seeing the same pro-photog get 3 POD's in the matter of 8 days is more than a bit disheartening. I get 10X as stoked from a POD when it's just some random user with average equipment that captures that "one" shot. Maybe that doesn't happen too often for us average blokes so that may be the problem, but it would be nice to see some more variety than the same pros or company shots over and over again. We get it, they're good......but in my mind I don't think a POD needs to be 'perfect'. But then I guess us users do tend to throw a hissy-fit when they are not, hahaa, it's a vicious circle I guess. I just need to ride my bike more I think.
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 It took me a couple of days before I got my first "daily shot" on Vital MTB. And I'm just an anonymous rookie. I wouldn't even call myself a photographer. But that "daily shot" meant everything for my inspiration and lust.
Anyway, I think that the only one who is going to lose in the long run is Pink Bike.
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 @HillsideCycling I just want to reply to the RedBull part... If you substract that shitty drink from the whole RedBull concept, there still remains an awesome idea behind it, which might lead people to eventually reach their goals in life... Yes maybe it's marketing but still. I hope you got my point anyways. Big Grin
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 We are going off topic. I understand, but I don't buy your reasoning. ;o)
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 I think you guys are putting too much stock in what a POD is. It's simply a photo that is displayed for a day. Nothing more, nothing less. No one gets paid, no one gets rich and girls don't throw their underwear at you. If you don't like it, wait 24 hours or less and look at tomorrow's.
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 hahahahahha dave-m.. you really think that nobody gets paid to be on the POD, whit a beautiful description, and a very nice link on it!.. that's ok.. you are right.
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 No, no one gets paid. Some photos get a day of free advertising, if the photographer happened to put a link in the description of the photo when he uploaded it, but that's about it. I think your tinfoil helmet is on a bit tight.
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 I know for sure that I haven't got paid for any POD's haha
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 Come on guys, don't pretend you are dumb. It's not the photographer that get some bucks here.. But ok.. i'm done here.. see ya!
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 For the record, I like this POD, it's awesome, but I understand where Stefanelli is coming from. Especially where product reviews are concerned, Pinkbike never calls a product bad, unless the company admits it after the fact (i.e. 1st gen Fox CTD dampening). I'd sooner pay $15 a month for yes-man free product reviews, than trust the honesty of the current PB product reviews. No product is flawless. I've always loved Pinkbike, it's my go-to for mtb everything, but all I'm asking for is a little integrity.
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 you dont have to drink redbull to see the positive effect it has on many many sports...
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 I'm pining for that place
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 its a bit grubby - could do with sprucing up a little
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 are you fir real right now?
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 Looks like i'll be mountain an SR Suntour fork to my bike soon..
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 I was pretty shocked when i finally found him
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 I wheeley don't understand all these puns
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 Going out on a limb here... but these puns ruin it forest of us.
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 Wood you quit it with the puns? Just leaf it alone. Smile
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 I'm not going to go on a birch rant about how bad all these puns are.
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 Hate to needle you about this, but I don't understand what all this barking is about.
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 leave pinkbike a loam with all the puns..
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a discovery channel photo!!!!! Razz Smile
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 Oh theres the bike!
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 Wheres all the wood ramps and tree top rides Razz those trees are massive. oh look theres some riders.... cool Smile
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 Nice but not perfect, first I see forest then bikes... They shouldn't be so much in the corner Wink
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 The cyclists to the photographer: "Nobody puts baby in a corner." :o) Wonder if the photographer ever heard about "the golden section"? Probably not.
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 You tree riders are being very punny! Thanks for the laughs. May the forest be with you!!
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 I proposed to my wife on the lip of that jump. True story.
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 I like the bike's color.
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 I like this picture
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 Deja vu here...
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 Nice scenery shot, oh wait a bike!
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 awesome shot! wish it was less grainy though.
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 Dream Ride...
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 you lucky bastards
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 my thoughts exactly lol what a beautiful place!
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