Doerfling perfecting the art of the slash.
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Doerfling perfecting the art of the slash.


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 And once again it's dust, dust, dust, dust and then Doerfling Smile
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 Annnnnd WhErE ThE FuQ iS ThiS iN VaNcOuVeR???????
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 Once in my life I would like to go down a mountain face like that.............and have a pro photographer getting sick shots
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 id also love to discover the meaning of life, how to time travel, and if aliens exist. but some things just arent going to happen Razz
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 @ rockyflow yes you can do it man, pps like bullitproof can't do nothing in their lives cuz they are scared, and they never achieve a thing in their lives.
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 you live in Canada and a fresh downhillrig in the garage. what are you waiting for, go get it !
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 If I went down the face of a mountain like that the only shots anyone would get would be me pooping my pants.
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 42... Thats all you need for the meaning of life!
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 ^^Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy reference?? Such a good series of books.
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flag konabike4321 (Jul 30, 2013 at 7:12) (Below Threshold)
 I think it's a reference to the Jackie Robinson movie.... Duh. Smh.
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 42 is not the meaning of life... it's the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything. there's a difference Big Grin
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 True point my fine sir, they dont even know what the question is.... I think you'd belong in Ark A.
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 an alien worm is hunting him....but our hero is a lightning fast gravity defying motherfucker!!!
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 Or almost like he is riding into a sarlacc pit, props to geeks who get this reference.
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 As long as you can take someone with you that can shoot blindly!
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 gravity defying? ehhhh not quite seeing as he's ripping the downhill
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 In the past three PODs you have to search for the rider in these big scenic landscape pictures.
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 that looks so friggin fun!
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 am i the only one who noticed the big skull in the rocks looking at Doerfling, grinning? or was it just too obvious to mention?
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 er.. Anyone care to tell the location? It's obviously not Vancouver or anywhere near it.

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 I knew it was Doerfling just from the thumbnail, guy owns big mountain chutes!
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 Where the heck are mountains like this in/around Vancouver??
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 Reminds me of Kranked 1 from wayyy back in the day....
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 Typical comment of him,hes addicted to knolly and cane Creek
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 that's nutty
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