RDawg shredding for Notbad at the Gorge Road Dirt Jumps near Queenstown, New Zealand.
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RDawg shredding for Notbad at the Gorge Road Dirt Jumps near Queenstown, New Zealand.


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 am i allowed to take my kona stinky there?
  • + 34
 ahh no, the builder will rage. sorry to say
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 dude dont bring the tank to places like this..
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 Haha nah i think you'll probs squash the jumps with ur stinky
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 not gunna lie i have seen some dudes shred trails on a full sus. i was astounded. Throw on some slicks and i cant see the builders saying anything if your getting over the trails
  • + 7
 why do you keep asking about your kona stinky? this is the second pod in a row
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 He's most likely a troll Hermit. That's becoming the "cool" thing to do again it seems, at least judging by the number that keep popping up lately.
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 well he may talk about his stinky for the second pod in a row, but i can assure you people that a second "argument" like the one took place on yesterdays pod wont happen again...hopefully, haha
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 DId you know the name "Stinky" for the Kona wasn't the intended name? Well, It so happened one day, that while riding the demo( for what is now the stinky) the racer (who goes unnamed) was very ill, since the race was in France, and he ate a lot of S-Car-Go...well, while going off a huge sender, he bobble a little bit on the landing, and........................................................
He pooped his pants, but since he was wearing skinny jeans, the gas that built up in his internals ripped through his tighty-wightys and his skinny jeans and the diaharea got all over his Kona Demo. So once at the finish line, one of the old pinkbike announcers (who only lived long enough to say this statement because of the overwhelming smell) "Dude, Your Kona is stinky!..gasp...gasp...need air....my will....is in my vault...the code...is..6969..." Well, then the Kona-man was like, "That's it! The Kona Stinky!
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 And they say sculptures in art museums are good...
  • - 1
 NOt bad!
  • + 3
 great shot. amazing use of black and white
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 My momma always said "don't ride on the Toblerone"
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 Ryannn where you going ??
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 The gorge is every bikers heaven! Awesome shot!
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 except for those that know about Pa woods Razz
  • + 2
 No one knows about Pa woods bro, that's why they went to queenstown
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 these jumps are undoubtedly the best in the world in terms of a sum of quality, volume and diversity for everybody anyways. Correct me if I'm wrong, but PA woods is unridable for most mortals.
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 Queenstown in the only set of rad public trails in the world (correct me if im wrong i may have missed one), for that its really pushing it, but there are so many other places out there too that no one seems to know about unless your in the loop.... Shame really.
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 VT i can think of a fair few sets out there that rival George town. Its by no means a no brainer like you make it sound. The main think about gorge town is that its a public set of trails, the fact they keep that standard of trails with that turnover of people is amazing. (i really worry that im coming across all salty and putting down George town, when im not, i just think people dont know what else is out there)
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 PM me about which if you don't feel like sharing here, but I feel like there is nothing quite on this scale.
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 Pa woods, villij, catty woods, countless sets in Texas...
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 PA woods is Catty woods I though? Either way they are single lines through the woods. The only real argument I can think of off the top of my head is Chertsey, but again, I don't know if they actually offer lines for people who aren't absolutely nuts.
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 Chertsey Facepalm that place... agh man. Nah catty woods and pawoods are right by each other. catty are single lines, whereas pa is down the road and more like gorge, but more windy. True though George s the raddest setup in the world for transferring in and out of lines. Hadnt looked at it like that, but so many other sets do that whilst having more versatile lines.
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 Just a matter of time before it was pod.there is a image he did for Dankine rider is Thomas Vanderham .friggin awesome cant seem to find it on his profile page. POY for sure

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