Victor Smith at the official whip off championships, Crankworx 2013.
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Victor Smith at the official whip off championships, Crankworx 2013.


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 This one is pretty damn nasty man. On par with a tie for the win I'd say.
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 challenger for the win. Deffo would have been in the final if you had a redbull helmet on or had tits.
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flag POWsLAYER (Aug 18, 2013 at 22:52) (Below Threshold)
 explain how having tits gets you into the finals.
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 Agreed. just look at his user name. Only a true DB would name himself so well.
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 Dumbass. explain why two women who couln't whip past 30 degrees were kept in the competition whilst people doing 90+ whips were put out.
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flag POWsLAYER (Aug 19, 2013 at 11:33) (Below Threshold)
 to smash the patriarchy.
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 There's no place in society for people as ideologically archaic as you.
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 sexism is archaic.
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 Then why are you promoting it? Stop using words you don't understand.

Letting women who can't whip into the final because they are women is the definition of discrimination by sex, otherwise known as "sexism"

Learn a book sometime, dumbass.
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 You don't know me, and yet you go straight to name calling? I'm sorry but you complaining that there is sexisim against men is the most absurd shit I've heard since white people said there is such a thing as reverse racism. I think it's you who should read up on what archaic is and the only reason you are getting any props on your misoginist remarks is because I am one of the 4% of women on this site. The fact is this, I can out ride you, on any terrain and spew you hate talk all you want but no one really cares even if you could keep up with a girl. Enjoy the single life, and if by some mirical you actually have a girl in your life, she must be a real winner.
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 That's a nice wall of text you made to confirm you know nothing about discrimination, racism, or sexism. You're 30 and you still need to go back to school. Come back and reply when you figure out what equality means, lol.
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 (shakes head, and walks away)
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 Hold the phone, because you don't seem too bright so I'm going to help you with some capital letters

SEXISM - Prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex.
EQUALITY - The state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities.

I'd happily fight tooth and nail for people of any gender, race, or sexuality to be able to compete on equal terms, but If you want to advance through the competition and win it must be done by MERIT. ( This is EQUALITY)

This means if you can't whip you are OUT OF THE COMPETITION. You don't get a free buy, putting people who can whip out of the running just because of your gender, sexual orientation, or race. This is, by definition DISCRIMINATION.

In conclusion, you're another ignorant chauvinist female who preaches feminism and equality with little to no understanding of what the words actually mean. Way to live up to the stereotype.
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 Mr. Douche, I am sorry to inform you but none of the men were discriminated against in this comp. The girls were kept in because they were the best two women, no that they were competing against the guys. So what if its winner take all? at least the organizers let them keep hitting it and and the guys were being judged against the guys. if you feel like people werent in the finals that should have been, fine, but they werent bumped because the girls took their place, they got bumped because the judges felt like other men were better. so, props to them for allowing a couple of women riders get some exposure.

Lets face it, you made a profile on here with the soul purpose of stirring shit up, and thats fine. It takes all kinds. I think its funny that you want to lecture me on Sexism,Equality, and discrimination because you, as a CIS gendered, CIS sexual, white male in his 30's, you have been subjected to not ONE of any of the three of these topics. so you should probably keep your lectures in pinkbike troll form because outside of internet a*shole land, someone is going to shut you right up.

i am sure you will have some semi articulate retort containing numerous derogatory term aimed at me but i am done engaging you. Im not im pressed and judging by the rest of what i have seen you post on here, no one else is either.
One last thing while you are up there on your soapbox, what exactly have You done that one might consider merit because i dont see shit but you living up to your name.
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 Sadly for you, being angry doesn't change dictionary definitions. Points for trying though, you were getting close to a decent counterargument until you tried to use logic.

I personally liked how you assume the account is both a fake account and yet the details (name, sex, age, race) of this 'fake account' are completely legit, before assuming the lifestyle of a persona you created in your head, and for some reason, (most likely previous trauma) made the inaccurate generalization that no white male has ever experienced sexism or discrimination? You fell into that trap again.

I'd like to hear more swear words about how you could beat me on any bike and any terrain, pretty good entertainment.
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 Chill your selves.
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 I've seen a few whips in my days....and for overall impression from this event, I would have easily had Victor in my top 3.
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 Slammed out there at the sickest angle! True style and power!
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 Victor FTW!
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 agreed. he shoulda bribed em
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 anyone got a pic of the winning one?
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 Hell Yeah Victor!!
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