Brandon Semenuk's winning flip whip at Redbull Joyride 2013, Crankworx, Whistler
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Brandon Semenuk's winning flip whip at Redbull Joyride 2013, Crankworx, Whistler


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 this is the moment where every ones heart stopped
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flag BikeNERD007 (Aug 18, 2013 at 1:32) (Below Threshold)
 I mean, I don't wish a crash on anyone, but lets say in a way I'm glad soderstrom went down.... F*ck I'm such a douche.
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 Yes you are a douche
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 Did he crack a smile at any point during or after the event?
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 Yeah he actually did! Suss the "photo epic" last photo!
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 you're glad another rider broke bones? you can f*ck right off mate
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 @BikeNERD007, that was probably the doucheist comment ever made on Pinkbike. It's cool you wanted Semenuk to win, cus I did too, but don't ever wish a crash upon any rider. That shits messed up!
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flag BikeNERD007 (Aug 18, 2013 at 10:07) (Below Threshold)
 I clearly said I don't wish a crash on anyone.............. I was just happy, cuz if Soddy landed that last trick, it would have sent semenuk home. I was here. And the whole crowd was goin for semenuk too they were laughing that he ate it...:/
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flag dirtworks911 (Aug 18, 2013 at 10:13) (Below Threshold)
 @BikeNERD007, overlooked that. Sorry. Does Anyone know what ended up happening to Martin?
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 BikeNERD007 I was there too..The crankworx slopestyle has never had such a sad crowd as after watching Martin get hurt. Nobody laughed. Shame on you..
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 @dirtworks911 he's got a broken shin as far as i know, but not sure how bad it is.
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flag huck2flat (Aug 18, 2013 at 12:01) (Below Threshold)
 semenuk still would have won.
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 Söderström got a broken fib and tib! So sucky.. And since im a swede, i obviously wanted Martin to land that. It would have been a legendary run!
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 I wanted Martin to win so bad, he's got the best style over there nad I could watch him forever, it's just perfection in every aspect! So bummed that he crashed, he would have won for sure, I've never seen such crazy run, with unbeliveable tricks and so stylish! Get well soon Soderstrom and crash all those guys with your riding!
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 BikeNERD007 you should be ashamed to of yourself!....oh and for future reference you may just want to give up on leaving comments on a page where one of your comments get neg proped 140+times. Oh and beware the moment when you wish a crash on someone else Karma gets you back!
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 BikeNERD007 it'd be one thing if söderström got back up and wasn't hurt but the fact that he got legitimately hurt makes what you said horrible..
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flag ridenz (Aug 18, 2013 at 20:10) (Below Threshold)
 Wow, you guys are a load of bitches! haha chill out!
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 Ridenz you've clearly never broken a bone that would keep you from riding.. As a guy who completely snapped his wrist at the beginning of the 2013 season I can personally tell you it fucking blows, and I dont even make a living off riding!
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 So does an epic moto crash resulting in torn ligiments and tissue that have given me problems for over 2 years not count? He said he's glad Brandon won, not that Soderstrom hurt himself. So much hate..
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 well talking about hate.. 56% voted for no war on syria.. so the hating is getting less in the youassaye Wink
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 Oh my god seeing his ankle snap makes me so sick to my stomach!!! Soderstrom your a god.
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 There was a different pod here like an hour ago..
  • + 11
 Why the neg props?
He's right there was a different pod for a while, but you couldn't post a comment on it, so i guess that's why they changed it.
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 Bummer deal for martin , prob my favorite rider!! So much steeze in everything he does. I wish him the best an recover soon man we need you back on the pslope doing wat u do best! Congrates to Brandon for putting down a solid run.. but I really do think Martin's run was the banger one for sure, just tricking it all an throwing down all week at all the events an having a good time! Awesome dude
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 Sick rider, Sick run, Terrible personality. Probably why he is so good...Complete Focus.
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 Wow INSANE Joyride competition this year. Legit love all these riders and it sucks Martin had to go down cause I personally think he would have taken that top podium. BUT, things happen and he over rotated his last hit.. too bad cause he really put on one hell of a run. Legendary in my books!! Grats to Semenuk, he kept it real and unreal! Wish I was in an event like this..
  • + 3 crazy! Congrats Semenuk!
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 Hasn't been a sequence POD in awhile... Good to see.
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 Me likee...Rampage coming up soon!
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 Oh an cool pod but I really don't think people should be that close to the jumps ! I mean they are just bout in the way! I know when your jumping stuff this huge your zoned out an prob don't even know there.
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 Semenuk rules stop shitting on him for not smiling
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 Way too big, what was he thinking!!?? Argh!
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 Norbs got robbed!!
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 shut the front door !

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