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Jul 28, 2017

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Have we gone too far down the Long, Low and Slack rabbit hole?

Is there a point at which the whole “long, low and slack” geometry thing goes too far? A Malcolm Gladwell-ian tipping point of sorts at which front ends get too floppy and wheelbases grow too long to be any fun on trails outside of the bike park? Have we already hit that tipping point? Are we years away from reaching it? Or, perhaps it’s more like the weird, bald kid in The Matrix who pointed out that the ultimate truth is “There are no spoons”…. To wit, there is no tipping point at all—no such thing as too long, low and slack?


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 chainstays vs front centers should be independintly considered when talking about long.
the bikes of today are getting longer front centers and shorter rear centers.
imagine someone trying to balance on a 30mm chainstay with a 800 mm reach; shits getting out of whack.
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 I think the industry has to keep doing stuff like this and downhill is a perfect example of why. Look online and you'll think downhill is dead. Go to a bike park and you'll see a whole different story though. The reason is, the downhill industry got stale. Nothing new was happening so people stopped buying new ones because their old ones were essentially the same. So companies largely stopped making them and when that happened the big racers had to go to Enduro to have a job. There are only so many headset standards, wheelsize standards and bottom bracket standards so making the changes they are making no to the frames keeps the bikes fresh.
Plus now the money is in Enduro, so Enduro is getting the R&D and those developments trickle down to others (Cross Country, "trail" aka mini enduro and if the company still makes a DH bike then that one too). So if companies are making changes to bikes that seem like they belong on an enduro bike, it's probably because they do.
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 Its a cunning way to make people own multible bikes.

Ive always had a hardtail and a full suss.

Now I need a hardtail, a short travel short wheelbase poppy trail bike for fun and a 49.5" wheelbase 29er enduro slayer for fast....

Clever industry!
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 Gullible consumers.
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 What you need is a good Dependable bike. One that you can count on to take you out in the woods have fun and make it back to your shuttle rig.
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 I am 6 foot 5 and currently unless I buy a nicolai geometron or Pole evolink then none of the bikes I have had even in XL feel quite big enough. They feel close but I prefer a more stable bike. It does depend on the track and rider though.
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 we will reach a point when going longer and more slack will work against the rider instead of make the bike faster so im not worried
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 That Geometry ruins moder bikes.
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 as long as they dont make world cup dh tracks fire roads well be fine haha
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 Voted the same as me mate, we must be getting old...
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 What's wrong with gearbox bikes. My brother has a zerode g2, thing is a beast
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 @FlowMasterO: it's just a funny photo. Try to look at it with a sense of humor bikes are like ice cream Everyone likes a different flavor
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 @FlowMasterO: Zerode is (was?) an Internally Geared Alfine Hub (located in the MainFrame above the Crank)... Not quite a Pinion style "Gearbox", yet in that direction for a more reasonable cost and easier repair/replacement...
One of the few bikes *I Want*, yet do not already have... Yet...

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