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Aug 1, 2013

What percentage of your riding performance would you attribute to your bike?


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 my bike rides me
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 Was your bike made in Russia by chance?
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 mail order bikes
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 every one needs to see the video of the 4x,were the guy crashed and the bike went on course with no rider,then vote,i voted 50/50,it takes 2 to make 1.
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 For me bike is a considerable part of it. The problem is that i am short and finding a bike i am comfortable on is quite the challenge. The past few years I have been on different bikes and this year my riding has greatly improved. I firmly believe that geo can be a big part for some people.
Comfort = handling = confidence & speed
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 ^^^^ perfect example u can't ride more then your bike an u can't bike more then the rider can. a good rider can ride a good bike,GREAT and a great rider and a great bike can be AMAZING look at the innovation in bikes, same great riders but now an amazing world of mountian biking..... INNOVATION+DETERMINATION comes PROGRESSION 50/50!!!!!
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 As a bmxer, I can assure you that having right tool for the job is crucial, also, the bike will contribute to the riders skill, because using the weaker bikes will simply damage them, so yea 50/50 bike has to stand up to rider and vice versa
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 a good "mountain biker" should be able to shred on all bikes look at CG!!! its the rider that willing to push the bike further and faster each time he/she rides it! The bike is merely a tool its down to the rider to use the bikes full potential!!
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 Take my apollo for a shred and then tell me the bike is merely a tool.
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 I ride flat pedals, vbrakes, and a hardtail with no dropper post and I can hold my own with Cat 1 XC racers.
Bike is 15% or less.
Better your fitness and skills before complaining about your bike.
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 bring your hardtail to a dh race and pull the skills argument then
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 @finnrambo he taking about racing XC on an XC bike. Taking an XC bike to a DH race would not make much sence, I am sure it would be a test of his skills but that was not his point. Use the right tool for the right job. You are the right tool for internet trolling.
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 I agree, improve your skills and fitness first because you can't buy skill in a bike shop. You can buy compensation for poor skills and choices but that is a huge difference.

finnrambo, bring your DH bike xc race and pull the skills argument there... The bike has to be applicable to the discipline but for the record the old racers like Tomac and Herbold used to do 65 mph down the Kamikazi on hard tails with rim brakes and 2.0 tires... so it does all come down to skills... and big balls! Big Grin
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 Where most people use bike handling skills, I use carbon and travel Razz

Two things though:
1) I probably don't give myself enough credit
2) The bike is so good, sometimes I think it's making my riding worse!
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 Without a bike where are you? If the guys riding Rampage were stuck with hard-tails, where would they be?(In the Hospital most likely...)Now, my bike is not the best, and when I rent a downhill bike, I do a lot better then on my Schwinn.
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 60+% with FS. 25% with HT.

I am pretty active on my HT, but I can get pretty lazy on a FS and sometimes just simply focus on pedaling, steering, and maintaining a relatively centered position on the bike. I can just sit and spin on my FS bike, though I know many of the ways to make it do poorly, such as being on the brakes with my ass off the back of the saddle so I can't control it. I've been on some FS bikes that allow me to ride a relatively unfamiliar trail in the darkness without a light... they actually are so capable and make things so easy that it's kind of boring to ride them, due to the challenge not being there.
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 50/50. Biking is mutualistic, if either the rider or the bicycle isn't prepared for the terrain performance will suffer. The better you get the more you notice differences between bikes. Predictability and quality will have a direct effect on your ability to manuever a bike!

Don't take my word for it, listen to what Semenuk has to say
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 I want to say 100%, wouldn't do very well at races with no bike.
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 In my opinion it's the rider mainly. If you look at it, the worlds best could probably rip down a double black on a crappy ridged bike from the 1980s. Fancy bikes make us think that we are better because these are what pros ride on in events but really if you wanted to you could probably do the stuff you're doing on something a lot simpler..

I would attribute about 10-20% of my riding performance to my bike though...
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 Gwin kinda proves that its not all about the rider, the bike definatly has something to do with the performance of the rider and as soon as you switch bikes with different geometry things change all together. Ive rode alot of different DH bikes and the only bike i felt at home on on the first ride was an Aurum.
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 I honestly hate it when people say Gwin's switch to specialized was a bad idea. Gwin could be getting used to the bike or just having a bad year. And there has been conspiracy that Gwin had a crash last off season and is just nursing an injury, and didn't want to let the media know about it. Qwin could also just be tired of winning/racing at top level, and just wants to start having fun on the bike like CG. I bet you just watch, Qwin will probably be back on his winning streak some day.
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flag TheDanish (Aug 1, 2013 at 22:21) (Below Threshold)
 I honestly don't think it's the bike. Brosnan has been killing it on the Demo and I have yet to see a Session on the podium this season.
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 you have yet to see a session on the podium? are you sure?
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 For me its all about confidence in my bike. Ill shred on any bike, but when i know the bike and components are reliable and arent going to fail. Ill push that extra bit all the time. Maintenance maintenance maintenance.
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 As long as the bike is the correct type fit and comparable spec for the discipline and capable of performing at the required level for the rider's skill and fitness it does not matter what bike it is. The rider will adapt to the nuances of whatever bike is chose. All bikes in every category and price point are as capable as their competitors for their discipline under a good rider. Every model will have pros and cons that balance out among their peers.
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 At low skill levels improving technique will have a larger impact then gear. At high skill levels, world cups, the bike probably plays a much larger roll but the bikes role will still be dependent on individual riding style. I'm going with undecided.
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 I don't get the question??? Does this mean, if someone took my bike and gave me somthing comparable to ride. Or does this mean, someone took my bike and I had to walk over the stuff I ride? If I had to walk, then I would give my bike 75% or more of the credit. If you gave me another downhill bike to ride, I think I would be close to the same skill. Some bikes just feel a bit better for different people. But I don't think their is some magic bike out there that makes me ride the way I do. This option is a no-brainer... 10% or less.
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 it's all up to the rider however the bike has a huge impact on the confidence. Sure you could be really good at riding a shitty bike but who knows how good you will be if you are riding a better one.
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 im pretty sure if you gave a pro rider a bike from walmart he wouldn't do very good what so ever compared to their flatline or demo 8.
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 Surely the bike aids the confidence so I'd say 50/50. I've learnt more on a well built dialed bike.
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 A good bike definitely boosts my confidence.
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