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Canfield Brothers Balance

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 The Balance does exvctly what Cantield designed it to do. It climbs like a trail bike and decends like a DH sled. I have mine setup with a Cane Creek double barrel CS and running 30 %sag. I've never needed to turn on the climb switch on the trails.
I'm 6'3" and I ride a large with a 65mm stem
Build weight is 31.2 lbs
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 I have a 2016 balance with Push 11-6 mounted and 170mm Lyric. I built mine obviously toward the downhill side of the spectrum. It pedals surprisingly well for what it wants to do. Don't expect to set speed records, my build is around the 35 pound mark but it gets the job done. I dont like climbing techy stuff on it since it is a verrrrry long bike to wrestle up rocks, but I am sure under better hands it would do great. It chugs along on smoother climbs great.

But of course you don't buy a 165mm coil sprung aluminum bike for climbing right? It descends like no body's business. I frequently find myself going way too fast because the suspension tracks so well. It corners like a dirt jumper. It begs to go faster whenever possible. Handles rock gardens like a DH bike. And i don't worry about rock strikes or huge landings to flat because the bros built the shit out of this bike. No pivot maintenance a year into ownership and still feels great.

I like to describe it as a pedalable freeride bike.
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 I wanted to post a review after 2 years of use. I am leaving in south west of France and could not try it before... So I hope this kind of review could help other people, even if nothing outstanding is revealed... It was the kind of bike I was looking for, but you are never sure until you test it...
I am 1.80m, 65kg (5ft 11in, 144 lbs, no comment please ), ride lots of bike parks during summer (20 to 25 days from Pyrenees, Lourdes, Saint Lary, Aran, Mourtis… And in the Alps) and trails the rest of the time.
Use L frame, with Lyrik in 170mm, CaneCreek DB air CS with XV can, Sram GX 11 speed, Saint brakes, Renthal cockpit (10 mm rise, should have mounted 20 mm rise as I am only 1045mm high with 1,5 cm spacers under the stem), turbine crankset in 170mm (I have chosen aluminum as crank touches often the ground/rocks), Mallet enduro pedals, carbon rims with ligature spoke from small French company or Hope enduro wheels, started with snakeskin tire from Shwalbe, Hans Dampf and Magic Mary.
Set up:
Lyrik, 170 mm, 2 tokens, 65 psi, not very supportive in the middle, did a special preparation by Novyparts (new custom shims and increased positive and negative air chamber, no more token -> result is impressive, stay high in the travel, less harsh on big impact as it more linear, should have done that earlier! I have no tried the new kit from RS for Lyrik, but at least with this one the hydraulic is tuned for me, air chamber have really increased in volume… And it costs me 179 euros)
DB air CS, no volume spacer, 30/35 % SAG: I started with the configuration on the site for Balance bike. I needed to play a little bit around. I have ordered the XV can for long descent. It allows me also to use more high speed compression damping to increase progressivity at the end of the stroke and still use the whole stroke on hard impact. I like the way you can tune high speed rebound on DB that makes you bike lively on trails by opening 2 clicks, or on the contrary, less playful but more stable for hard downhill’s by closing it. I think after 2 years, I will go also for specific preparation as you can’t service yourself the Cane Creek (that’s a pity, need special tool…) and the difference in cost between servicing and special preparation is not huge with X1 racing (could put Ti coil in negative air chamber, to better track the ground, avoid the sticky point at the beginning, when positive and negative air chamber equalize, plus specific shims… to be seen)

At 14.2 kg (31,3 lbs), with carbon rims and snakeskin tires (do not recommend snakeskin, too fragile), it is not light but the weight is located at the bottom bracket and is not so painful. Even with Hope tech enduro wheels ( and with burlier front tire like dirty dan, this time the weight rise up to 15.1 kg, 33,5 lbs), it was quite easy to climb (tech enduro rims are quite fragile, lots of hits...) Carbon rims were my first choice by far. It complements well with aluminum frame, and gives dynamicity… But more demanding, especially in rocky terrain
For technical climb you have to get uses to slack angles, but by moving my body at the front of the saddle (which is already placed in most advanced position), it does the job. Compared to Giant Reign or Cube stereo bike, it is possible to climb standing up without bobbing. And when using Climb Switch from DB air for long ascent, it performs well... For sure do not expect any performance you could get with lightest trail bike, but compares to other endure bikes, especially the Cube Stereo at 12,5 kg (carbon wheels also, and Olhins suspension), no doubt, I keep my Balance. I have tried also the Meta V4, seems more comparable to Balance, but with rear suspension in climb mode for the V4. Honestly I was quite surprise of the bobbing on other bikes, making impossible to climb not on the saddle. Especially the Giant Reign and Cube Stereo.
No surprise with relative long reach in L (45Cool , slack angle... It goes fast. For the short Chain Stay, it depends on your preference. On the reign, you are more on a rail at high speed, but I do not see high difference in timing performance, and on the trails, short CS makes your bike much more playful. For me it is so good and I prefer that. It corners well, you have to get used to this short CS and place well your body when cornering, but I really like the lively rear and the very stable front. Perhaps would be good to try with 425 mm CS instead of 420 to see if both world can be even better. Here would be good to have a way to modify your CS length. I hardly feel the bottom out at the rear, the frame is stiff but not too stiff as carbon ones (I am not sure to put carbon wheels on carbon frames… Of course depends on the stiffness on carbon frame chosen); since the overweight of the Balance frame is located near the bottom bracket, it is quite stable in the air, and corners well. The over weight is an advantage when going down: it is still easy to handle but does not bounce everywhere. By the way, I am more than happy with my purchase, and do not want to swap my bike for another brand! Moreover, it is always good to have something not common on the trails, especially in France, quite beautiful (at least for me!), and lots of people interested by the brand but no distributor.

Frame review:
Only small grief: short CS means no much space to play for example with front ring for better chain alignment, and need to add some glue to rear shock screws, since they were unlocking often (not really a grief)
Could have had a tube and bottom bracket protection sold with the frame directly, to avoid to do that our self: for such frame that are taking good abuse, I think it is better to have a well fitted protection designed directly by the manufacturer (I have found a carbon one from French company Amygos especially designed for Balance, need to order it). I have the anodized version with no protection, except a little one under the bottom bracket. No scratch except one when I lift several bikes in my car and a small shot on the top welding. Anodized painting is really good to keep your bike looks new compared to varnish
And missing a water bottle mount… Could be fixed through scratches but I wonder why they removed the 2 bolts under the Tube that were present on 2015 Balance. That served also to fix protection…
No play in the suspension axle bearings after 2 years (happens on other bike like Reign, sometimes it is good to add some weight to avoid to have a bike that falls apart after 30 days of DH park and need to change all the bearings...)

The components:
Race face bearings are... sh** (race face cinch bottom bracket). Need to replace the BB quickly (1 year)
And Cane Creek headset low part is cracking... Need to replace, I will try 110 series as 40 cracks rapidly after 6 months.
GX is ok, still working, but I broke a tooth of the pulley and it is hard to find and quite expansive… SRAM 
KMC chain, broken twice, but blocked when putting full power on the pedals… Not really the fault of the chain.
Chain guide from : be careful, it is really close to the frame, I bent one, scratch a little bit the frame, and broke the chain guide (and the chain itself). Now it is ok, I cut the screw to be sure nothing is too long and could interfere with the frame.
Saint brakes, it works, easier to bleed than SRAM, Regarding modulation… You have to get used to ;-)
Reverb stealth remote: could not service myself, one bolt is glued… Lots of friction compared to my previous specialized drop post. Not very happy. I have put the new remote from RS, works well. But definitely not a fan of this dropper post even if no big issue encountered.
Carbon rims, loved them compare to Hope enduro, until I crack the front one on a really big shock on a sharp stone… I think the aluminum rim with same shock would have bent badly or even break but no evidence… By the way carbon rims was still "usable" to finish a day but not long term. It is impressive to see that Hope enduro rims are bent everywhere, whereas I used them less than 10% of the time, on not demanding terrain (in general un muddy conditions).
So I decided to replace my carbon front rim (cost me additional 240 euros, no more guarantee on it), but the dynamicity is so cool, and the handmade wheels did never required any tension of the spoke. Whereas the Hope wheel’s spokes were completely loose.
The tires: what a topic: need DD to be ok… But I am still pedaling so I try to do compromise, snakeskin is definitely fragile (and hard to mount tubeless after some time). Exo from Maxxis are a little bit stronger (and easier to mount tubeless even after some time) but I still had some big puncture… And do not use maxterra at the rear, it wears too quickly! I was thinking about putting cush core, but a little bit heavy and hard to swap tires, which I do quite often. So no final answer yet. I will continue with exo from Maxxis, and buy some SG from Shwalbe as I am a fan of Magic Mary.
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 Best do it all bike I have ever had so far, and I have had a lot
Intense SS
Trek slash 9
Canfield the One
Santa cruz Nomad
Giant Reign

It beats them all
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flag ibishreddin (Jun 5, 2015 at 15:56)
 Surprised to see better than the ONE. Could you elaborate? Pm me?
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 Best bike ever...does everything. Pedals incredibly well for a bike this capable (CBF is the real deal!), and descends almost as well as my Jedi! Snappy handling too with that short rear end...
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 Just saying what other owner said, It's a great pedalable freeride bike. It's Great!
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Canfield Brothers Balance (MSRP $2099) — Canfield Brothers 2016 Balance

Slacker, Lower, Stiffer, Faster

Ÿ27.5” Aggressive All Mountain
Ÿ7005 aluminum with an all new, stiff CNC'd upper link
ŸPatented Canfield Balance Formula Suspension Ÿ165mm travel
Ÿ216mm x 63mm Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS or DVO Topaz included
Ÿ142 x 12mm rear dropouts, axle included
ŸTapered headtube
Ÿ15mm pivot bearings
ŸReplaceable rear derailleur hanger, spare hanger included
ŸAnodized and factory raw frame options
ŸAvailable in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

For more info and geo charts, please see our website.

Available January 2016

Specifications Compare to other All Mountain/Enduro/XC

Release Date January 2016
Price $2,099
Rear Shock Cane Creek DB Air CS / DVO / Push

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