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 Ive ridden this bike for some time on a variety of trails from DH to XC single track. I've come to realize that this bike truly is amazing. Ive been able to compare it to many of the top DH, FR, XC, and All mountain bikes on the market.
The areas that I find this bike excels in are:
All types of bump elimination. The jedi takes off the edge of any hit significantly better than any other bike I've tried. We've done coasting tests through rocky sections and the jedi pulls away no matter the rider or weight difference. Big hits are perfectly controlled.
Another area is the control. I can ride it much faster and have complete control. The bike is not longer the factor to slow you down. It tracks and smooths the trail amazingly. Words can do only so much; the only way to really appreciate it is to blast down a rocky section on one bike then try the same line on the jedi-so impressive.
The Jedi has a low center of gravity but doesn't have the floppy feeling lots of the DH bikes have. Its short chain stay length is partially why. It feels more like you're pedaling a very slack all-mountain rig. I especially like this trait for flat trail rides and sharp fast turns. It is very maneuverable, corners great.
When braking hard, the bike doesn't dive in the front, giving more control. Also while braking you get no feed back through rocks. Due to the pulley, it also pedals smoothly regardless of the terrain.
For climbing a DH rig this bike does quiet well if you have the right cassette, but only on short steep technical climbs and not long drawn out gradual uphill rides(these tire you out after a while due to the bike weight-38lbs). The suspension keeps constant contact with the ground for excellent grip. If you can keep pedaling it will keep moving forward. 37 LBS wears you down on really steep, long climbs and is only slightly more difficult of climb than All-mountain rigs. I've actually out climbed many all-mountain and XC bikes on it. The Canfield "The One" climbs better than the Jedi or any other bike I've been on.
The small titanium pulley makes a quiet clicking sound from the chain rolling through it, which I wish was quieter.
Love this bike.
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flag daynegrant (May 3, 2015 at 9:19)
 I've waited to post a review on this bike, I now feel like I have had sufficient time on the 2014 Jedi and have a feel for its riding characteristics. Here are my thoughts:

I've decided that defining a Bike in a review can be difficult if not impossible. How does one do it when the ride is an experience, an emotion, a feeling one has when on the bike. I could explain its crazy stability or its ability to eat any rough you can toss at it. I could rave about the genius of the frame's design and how it makes the bike feel like it wants to go faster than you ever have, being playful and flickable while staying planted to the ground; I can tell you about the zero stiction of its engagement and how it it so smooth it is difficult to tell when the landing took place; or the improved fit you feel when in the cockpit. I could say what so many have about the company and the unmatched service that I've never seen matched anywhere. But that is not what I'm going to do Smile
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flag daynegrant (May 3, 2015 at 9:19)
 They are all just words that come short when attempting to explain what you feel and experience when on this thing. I think to state these things are important, but they miss the spirit of mountain biking. Years of refinement and work doesn't just create a functioning machine, it creates life, a source in which to connect with the world around you.

I would describe the Jedi as The Perfect Storm, happiness on two wheels, a breaking freedom that you can't get from other rides. The experience you have during a ride on the Jedi is one of being one with your bike and the land. A source to experience the trail under you and the sweat that went into making the trail. While riding the Jedi a moment of awareness often enters your mind and you are left in awe at what this bike has created and the access to freedom it offers.

When I set out to find and ride the best bikes made I discovered something else. Its not about how shinny, expensive, the design, or how well made the bike is. Its what that bike opens up you and how well it allows you to connect with life around you. The Jedi does this for me. It gives me what I've always wanted and not even known I've wanted. So when I say it is awesome it is because I feel awesomeness when riding it. You sense the love and devotion that Canfield went to when working on it. Its not just another nice bike out there, its not just a bike, it is The Bike.
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 This is THE BEST DH bike I have ever ridden. Amazing in the rough stuff , jumps and rails berms with ease. The rear ward suspension travel lets you plow through thru bumps and gain speed. Great attention to detail. Get one and you will become a better rider.
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 At the moment this bike its tricky to set up the rear end feels lacking travel and its set up correct to my weight at 200psi for 240lbs rider with 550 spring but I feel like its way to rough and there is not alot of travel. Will continue to tweek and update my reviews
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 I'm on the 2015 27.5 Jedi.
Fastest DH sled you will ever ride. Surprisingly nimble and loves the air time.
Once you get it set up right there is no obstacle it won't just eat up on the trail.
On all my other DH rigs I've always looked for lines through technical rock sections while on my Jedi my line is just "straight up the middle!"
The rearward travel path creates a ride that is very predictable especially when paired with a shock as tunable as the Cane Creek double barrel.
If you haven't ridden a Jedi you don't know what fast is!
6'3" and I ride a large.
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 The best downhill bike! Extreme control on rough terrain, super fun and playful to ride, really great for racing, no chain growth. The definition of perfection
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Canfield Brothers Jedi (MSRP $2399) — The cult machine you have heard about! From the stomping grounds of Red Bull rampage, to your local hometown race tracks, this is the Formula 1 JEDI. For over 16 years, the Brothers have been developing and perfecting our parallel link suspension with the F1 suspension platform!

This bike was given the unnatural ability to maintain its speed and actually accelerate in rough terrain. Not only does it gain momentum, but the rider’s pedaling forces are completely isolated from the bikes suspension movements. This is all possible by combining vertical with rearward travel. The right combination of 9” vertical mixed with 3” of rearward travel gives the JEDI the ability to “shrug” off any square edge impact that would slow down other designs. The bike simply glances off of impacts and keeps accelerating.

To further keep the rider in control and keep suspension forces isolated, the JEDI also runs a idler pulley which completely negates any pedal feedback associated with a wheelbase lengthening design. In short, the Jedi is one of the ONLY suspension designs with ZERO chain extension!

Combining this suspension technology with current race DH geo and you have a design which is guaranteed to raise your confidence level.

● 7005 aluminum
● Formula 1 Suspension
● 9” vertical plus 2.5” rearward travel
● New linear suspension rate
● Cane Creek Double Barrel Coil included
● Titanium pulley cog
● Titanium idler pulley cog
● 20mm max bearings
● Replaceable rear derailleur hanger

Specifications Compare to other DH Bikes

Release Date January 2015
Price $2,399
Travel 9"
Rear Shock Cane Creek Double Barrel Coil included
Chainguide Custom MRP G3 included

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