Introducing the Aircraft Full Face Helmet From 100%

Oct 30, 2015 at 16:33
by 100 Percent  
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The premier downhill MTB helmet from 100% has landed. The AIRCRAFT is precision engineered with a carbon/Kevlar composite shell providing an ultra-lightweight design. Airflow is managed through 25 channels to create the most ventilated helmet available. Removable and washable comfort liner, emergency release cheek pads and aluminum hardware complete the package. Each helmet comes with a durable helmet bag with integrated goggle pocket.

The Aircraft comes in 4 colorways: Bi Turbo Blue, BI Turbo Red, R8 White, Raw Black and is available in 5 different sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

Aircraft helmet
Aircraft helmet


• Ultra-light design featuring aerospace Carbon/Kevlar composite shell.
• Active cooling system maximizes airflow offering more ventilation than any other helmet.
• Washable, antibacterial comfort liner, cheek pads and chin strap covers.
• Emergency release cheek pads for quick, safe removal.
• Integrated compartment accepts inflatable emergency release systems.
• Compatible with most popular neck brace systems.
• Titanium D-Ring buckle provides a secure fit while saving weight.
• Engineered with 2 shell sizes and 3 EPS sizes to achieve the perfect fit.
• Adjustable visor with machined light-weight aluminum screws.
• Durable helmet bag with integrated goggle pocket included.
• Accessories: replaceable visor, mouth piece, comfort-liner, cheek pads, and visor screws
• MSRP: $400 USD.

Aircraft helmet
Aircraft helmet

Aircraft helmet

Aircraft helmet

Aircraft helmet / @ride100percent

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 You know prices in the bike industry are f*cked up when you see a $400 pricetag for a helmet and go: "huh that's actually less than I thought it would be"
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 I was thinking the same thing lol
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 And pomotes lightweight at every turn but doesn't tell you the weight. Maybe it's so light it has no weight?
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 $400 is nothing compared to the cost of your life, why spare expenses on your longevity.
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 that's $16 an air vent....
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 @MaxDeutsch Because you can get a helmet for a quarter of that price and is just as safe? It is an awesome looking lid though.
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 Truth is, IF you feel the need for carbon, spend as much as possible. I have $68,000 in titanium in my face from a budget carbon helmet years ago. Just watched from the inside as it collapsed. I hope Vigor is out of business. I feel like I could trust this one.
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 Anybody who complains about mtb bike helmet prices, obviously doesn't ride motorcycles.
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 @fatsquatch Vigor is is still in business and seems to be associated with T.H.E.
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flag pigit77 (Oct 30, 2015 at 21:24) (Below Threshold)
 I would rather get 100 bucks of bubble wrap and wrap the shit out of my head with it. I'm sure it would be safer and lighter than this helmet as well. Smile
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 @fatsquatch what happened dude?
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 Whoa my comment went away. I posted that his face blew up and that sucks.... or if he's American his jaw broke and that's all. Hard to tell based on numbers alone.
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 Still no WATERCOOLIING for the $400 pricetag !?!?!?
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 This helmet looks awesome.
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 Didn't 100% gain alot of customers from their top of the line goggles that were priced lower than the competition? Maybe I'm wrong but there seams to have been a change in strategy.. bait n' switch
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 Wasn't that a THE helmet that collapsed and f'*"ed up the face of Matti Lehikoinen? Seems like a nice couple then..
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 Someone knows their Econ???? But this is less then the Troy lee carbon helmets.
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 I prefer my Moto helmet for Mt Biking. 1lb heaver and twice as $ but faith in your helmet is priceless! I love my Shoei
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 @MaxDeutsch - there are no tests out there that can prove one helmet is truly safer than another. The saying "how much is your head worth" is completely pointless and mis-directed. Most helmets are nearly at the same level; where the price tags go up, is where the interiors get nicer / plusher and the fit-and-finish is more detailed and refined. Otherwise, the internals really are very similar. Exceptions are 6D products and helmets using MIPS.

That said, this helmet *looks* great - kills it in the appearance department.
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 In France is 499€
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 "400 is nothing compared to the cost of your life, why spare expenses on your longevity."

I'm so sick of this argument. Its a complete logical fallacy. Nobody is saying to not wear a helmet or risk your well being. What we are saying is the markup doesn't need to be insane.
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 To be honest, I think the price is OK.

Yes it is expensive, no doubt. But you should keep in mind that the price is based on much more than just the product itself:
- development costs (labour, prototypes, laboratory tests, ...)
- tooling costs (moulds, which are super expensive, especially considering the low sales numbers in comparison to other mass-produced goods)
- costs for assembly (labour, maybe also investment for automatic-assembly line)
- and last but not least... material (which should only be about 10% of total costs)

There's much more ridiculous stuff than a high quality, great looking $400 carbon helmet. For example a pair of $400 of Gucci jeans.

Just my 2ct.
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 Unless it is really important to save that much weight on your head, I'd never allow anything carbon that close to my head. Aramid (like Kevlar by DuPont) is what keeps the stuff together in a crash. Carbon can provide stiffness at a lower weight, but shatters into sharp splinters in a crash. Yeah it probably ticks all the right boxes in a lab impact test, but a rotating impact on a proper trail could be very different. The weight saving that it gives may be important for those competing at the very top, but if you're going to buy a helmet, you're probably not one of those Wink .

When buying based on the marketing, I'd rather go for a something like POC who talk about safety rather than generic talk about vents and weight savings. Same kind of money, just a different focus.
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 Airoh Fighters.
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 this is my next bucket!!!!!!!
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 Only 50 less than a troy lee who has more prestige in my (and most people's) opinion. If they would have dropped the price to 300-350 I feel like they would capture more market share, but at this point people will probably swing up to the troylee for only 50 more.
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 Just watched a video review. Claimed 1250 grams
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 That's .5lbs heavier than dissident carbon and d3 carbon about .35 lbs heavier than my rampage carbon
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 I would buy this over the Troy Lee because I think it looks better.

About the weight, how much is 50g in real terms? I mean, can you think of an object that weights 50g? Isn't it, like, a coin, or something? A packet of crisps? Half a Mars bar? I don't know what 50g even feels like but I'm sure I couldn't tell between 1200 and 1250g on my head. How much do goggles, glasses or a Gopro weigh?
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 On a mountainbike riding proper trails (especially the ones you'd wear a full face helmet for) you shouldn't think about mass as something that only adds static weight, but it is a bit more dynamic. What peak deceleration is your head subject to when you land a huck? I don't know either, but it could very well be about 10g (almost 100m/s^2). So that 50 gram will feel like almost 500g for a short while. More importantly you have these almost constant smaller bumps which make your head still pull some g's. That adds up to quite some fatigue on your neck and shoulders. Because of the same reason a lighter helmet can get away being slightly less snug and still stay in place. I thought it made a massive difference when I destroyed a bicycle full face in a crash and replaced it with a motocross helmet of about 500g heavier. It had a harder time staying in place and it was also a lot heavier on my neck. Obviously the 50g is going to make less of a difference, but I believe it could still be noticeable.

So yeah, road cyclists can get away with some extra weight here and there. But us mountainbikers ought to be the real weight weenies, the more on rougher trails Smile .
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 Wow thanks for that explanation. I didn't know that. So I guess, lighter is better.
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 Errr... well... I was pointing of what the advantages are of a lighter weight helmet. I think you are clever enough to interpret and use this wisely. But before someone pulls this out of context I'd like to rephrase: Lighter is better for a helmet as long as it remains fully capable of providing the required protection.

And that's probably where it gets difficult to compare. Yes two helmets may have passed the same tests and got the same certification, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they both stuck to the bare minimum level of protection to get there. This may go for helmets for road cyclists (especially the really competitive ones) but for instance open face trail helmets (like the Giro Xen and what came after that) are a nice example where manufacturers try to provide a higher level of protection at the expense of weight and ventilation. They still get the same certification though we all know that that road helmet is never going to save you as well as the trail helmet. As for full face, I'm not sure but I thought that the Troy Lee Designs D3 helmet is actually heavier than the older D2 because they made it safer. A bit heavier on the neck when riding but a bit nicer to the head when it takes a knock. Like many things it is a trade off, there is no simple "better". Think of a motorcycle helmet. Get an open face helmet and your face risk getting messed up in a crash, get a closed face helmet and you're more likely to sustain a neck injury in a similar crash. Ah, rather not think about it, right? Still, buying helmets mostly guided by how cool it is going to make you look seems a bit shallow.
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 How great and awesome it looks and probably is awesome to wear it,but it's still is a 1 hit helmet & one blow to the head and you can throw it away.I crash way to much on my head to justify a super expensive helmet.

Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful helmet & 100% is a great brand,love their products.But I don't need a $400 helmet if I can be happy with a $200 helmet.
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 All helmets are one hit helmets.
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 review bazooka or I ain't buyin it!
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 $400 for a helmet... I understand that it's my head, but does it REALLY protect me that much more than a $150 Fox Rampage? Hey Pinkbike, have a helmet shootout to determine the maximum protection to cost ratio.
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 That's sort of what I was thinking. As far as I know the D3 is the only helmet with dual density eps at the moment so I'll stick with that. This helmet does look badass though. I'd like to see a helmet shootout as well, they should throw one or two moto helmets in there for comparison too. I know Eliot Jackson wears a Shoei and I may be wrong but from what I've seen it looks like Lacondeguy has been wearing one of the Bell Moto helmets too.
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 To be fair lacondeguy rides 80 foot jumps at Mach 1 on the regular
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 Haha yea, I guess Andreu does pretty much need a moto helmet since he's hitting moto jumps. And I've tried on a Shoei and I can see why Eliot wears it, most comfortable helmet I've ever put on and it feels incredibly safe. That Moto 9 Flex from Bell looks like its really good too, I would seriously consider getting that if I needed a new helmet since its supposed to cover such a wide range of impacts. I'd love to see that one tested against the high end mtb full faces.
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The mostbang for the buck is typically the $200 market at the moment, grio cypher, bell transfer 9, etc. More does get you some sweet shit though ,magnetic cheek pads are pretty cool.
  • 1 2
 Andreu might be wearing the Full 9, Bell's top of the line mtb full face. I believe it shares the same shell as the moto helmet with different internal stuff. Still has mips and all that. Afaik elliot is the only one I can think of using a moto specific helmet
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 The Full 9 does not share a shell with their moto Helmets, I have one. It's slimmed down.
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 I stand corrected. Did the first generation share the same shell? Cause I could have sworn I read that at some point. Or maybe I need to leave the bong shed more often
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 These helmets pass the same safety tests. The factors you pay for are weight and fit. A Fox Rampage weights around 1500g. Most carbon helmets are under 1000g. That's a lot of weight saved. And what good is a cheaper lighter helmet if it fits poorly?
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 @swright I have been using Shoei helmets for over 15 years and would never buy any other brand ever again. They are worth every penny.
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if they did that the diety TMAC would win.
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 Andreu also doesn't buckle his helmet
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 Nico Vink also used a motorcycle helmet.
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 I used KBC Super Moto-X helmets when doing hardcore freeride (quarry hucks and big stunts) and racing DH through dense woodland

ACU Gold standard, so a much higher safety level for large impacts (admittedly not so absorbent for lower speeds)

only GBP£200 from my local Moto-X shop, mix of 4 composites including carbon fibre and kevlar, and just over 1kg.

super comfortable too
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 I think the fit is something which seems to be overlooked in the mtb world. Are you round, oval or long oval? I know as a bean head, agv helmets will not fit me as they don't make the long oval shape. Only Arai offers a proper fit, and only on certain models. I'm surprised the expensive and "safe" mtb helmets are only available in one shape.
  • 2 0

there are typically two fit shapes in MTB helmets - "asian" and "caucasian" (also known as regular), which does not actually refer to race / genetics but 3-dimensional head "shape".

As an example, I'm a white guy of Scottish / Canadian origins, but I'm an "asian" fit in helmets, which means I fit Giro helmets best. You may know that sunglasses brands like Oakley also offer an "asian" fit to their sport glasses, but this is different to the helmet shape.

I cannot fit into a Specialized helmets in the UK because they only import the caucasian fit range, a business decision to minimize warehouse space

Outside of the UK you can get their helmets in asian fit too, I have tried these in other countries and they worked fine.
  • 1 0

do specialized specifically offer "asian" helmets? i have never seen helmets offered in asian or regular. I know ive seen some sunglasses and goggles offered in asian or regular fit for the same make and model, but never helmets, in mtb or moto.
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 Asians have flat noses and round heads. I did not know that about the two shapes in mtb helmets. I've only ever encountered it for motorbike helmets. Pretty annoying for me because living in Taiwan, all helmets are round and L, XL or XXL. It is very difficult to walk into a shop and find something that actually fits my small bean head. Even worse for my son, who uses an adult size helmet that's padded out an inch on both sides. I'm pretty surprised no one does a custom fit inner like for ski boots, where you actually put your head in a mould and they make it exactly the right shape. That would be worth more than carbon or a million vents.
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 Active cooling? So it has fans?
  • 38 2
 Gravity is technically never not active.
  • 10 0
 pure marketeering BS. why can't they avoid this kind of obvious stupidity in their marketing. The product is 100% without it! Razz
  • 31 4
 I'm so looking forward to Fallout 4
  • 30 5
 400$ really isnt that expensive when you look at top of the line helmets that are cf
  • 16 2
 Well,there goes a few paychecks!
  • 54 7
 You need a new job.
  • 8 3
 Maybe he's in college/high school....
  • 15 6
 Maybe he works at McDonalds....
  • 30 2
 Maybe I have a family, this isn't the first priority!
  • 3 4
 but you just said you were buying it?
  • 12 4
 Can I have fries with that?
  • 1 0
 @bikebike69 when you say it that way maybe it should be a priority..... unless your kids want a brain dead dad.
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 If it's good enough for Bruni...
  • 7 0
 Any safety ratings?

It's funny... Most of the time, in this industry especially, it seems like were paying more for the design or appeal vs the protection or the benefit of going with the 'better' product in general and we don't question it's functionality because it's obviously sexy. Not saying it's a bad thing, i expect a $400 helmet to appeal much more to me than a $150 helmet, bet there's not a lot of backing to the reasoning behind it.
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 agree. safety ratings would be great.

i am excited by the removable cheek pads and such.
nothing worse than trying to yank a helmet off someone with a neck injury...
however its not an industry standard feature, so how do the EMTs know they can do that?
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 "The Aircraft meets ASTM Downhill and BMX standards while complying with ASTM, CPSC, CE, and AS / NZ bicycle standards."

  • 5 1
 Pinkbike already had an article about this helmet but if they are going to do it twice then I will say it again. That helmet is sweet and I don't care how much it is I want one.
  • 2 0
 For me when it comes to buying a helmet the decision isn't based around brand, weight, colours etc. It's totally based on how it fits. I can't wear TLD full faces, because they just don't fit my head. Giro is okay, but doesn't fill me with confidence. I have a Fox helmet now, and it's pretty close to being the fit I'm looking for, but I'll try this helmet on to see if it is an improvement on my current fit.
  • 1 0
 The most important feature, never even mentioned!
  • 2 0
 I have both a Troy Lee MX helmet and DH helmet. There are huge differences in protection levels. My minimum price point on a moto helmet is $300. There are plenty of DOT certified helmets that are much less, under $100 even (full retail price). I'm not putting cheap lids on my head. There is a difference in the fit, finish, materials, and safety rating. If you were to push in on the chin bar of a $150 helmet, versus a $300 helmet, you are going to feel a difference. A higher end helmet will usually have more safety certifications- Euro, AUS, DOT, etc.

I am excited for this helmet. The TLD stuff looks great, but I don't like how the D2s have the same shell size for multiple sizes. Put fit pads inside the liner to make it a large? Seriously? I won't get another one of those. I think the foam impact liner is too thin for what it needs to do. There are others-Giro, Bell, Fox, that have a thicker foam. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that thicker foam would do a better job of protecting in a crash.

The Kali is ugly as sin, but it does have good safety ratings being DOT certified.

This helmet looks great, so as long as it fits well, and if it has the safety ratings, I'd buy one. I'm glad to see another company in the high-end market.
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 I was just wondering if anyone has links to helmets tested for downhill, it seems most are light weight versions of MX. I Know POC have but they are very hard to get. I know there are great riders out there but to be honest most of us have never seen 40mph on a bike.
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 Someone said it before me, but just get a good brand and model that fits YOU well - both head- and budget-wise. It is all about the actual fit. On another note, why is nearly everyone surprised that this "decked out" helmet runs $400? I have not tested it personally but it looks solid, comfortable and well thought out. 100% made a great looking FF -- R&D, testing and certifications on all new designs are crazy expensive. FWIW and in my opinion, $400.00 is completely fair.
  • 6 1
 100% steez
  • 10 10
 You can buy cf helmets from bike/ski park shops at the end of each season for at least 40% off if not 60%...who pays full price just to have the new new...for instance the Calgary Olympic Park has a shop that has all the fox cf helmets half off and if you are paying in USD its even cheaper
  • 22 3
 That's nasty man
  • 14 0
 If someone slams in a helmet once and hits their head it ruins the structure.. not safe at all man.
  • 4 21
flag mtbakerpow (Oct 30, 2015 at 19:16) (Below Threshold)
 Ive crashed in my fox rampage pro carbon multiple times and hit my head hard as *uck and it hasn't comprised the shell integrity at is the way to go,stronger and lighter
  • 25 0
 It's the foam you need to worry about after hitting your head crashing..
  • 18 1
 Never buy a use helmet
  • 2 1
 Ya the structure is compromised with one good hit. No way i ride a used ff. The helmet has a sticker that says so. If it had crash replacement that would be worth the price.
  • 9 1
 The helmets I mentioned above^ for sale are new never used..wasn't implying that buying a used helmet is a good idea.obviously I check all my gear after a serious crash and can use common sense and replace something if it's broken
  • 3 0
 I wouldn't worry much about the shell, since cracks will either be visible if you look at it or audible if you flex it. But I would worry a lot about the foam. The foam compresses with impact, and it doesn't rebound much, it deforms. So it won't provide as much cushion on the next impact.
  • 1 1
 The foam is what protects you from the majority of the impact force. Besides carbon is very good in compression, but I guess that's why they added the kevlar
  • 3 1
 If you send your TLD helmet to them they will do a crash inspection free of charge. Also, if you're nice, you can call them and they will tell you how to do it on your own to properly inspect it post-crash if you think it has been compromised. As a rule of thumb any damage to the outside and it's finished for sure. A hard crash to the helmet with no visible damage to the structure still requires an inspection. Don't listen to me though, give them a ring...nice people.
  • 1 1
 An external governing body should be involved in the safety test and certification of offroad helmets its up to the individual if he wants to pay for over priced items that sadly the mountain bike industry is full of.
But i would like to know my lid meets the a safety standard that motorbike lids have to meet.
  • 2 0
 Good looking helmet. I like the design and the price tag isn't to bad. I may consider this for my next helmet, but for the moment I'm loving my TLD D3!
  • 6 3
 100% better than those 80s shades.Will be my next helmet I think.
  • 2 0
 $600 for Australians at an online store... that's like $700 if i want to support my LBS.
  • 1 2
 $400 seriously? Helmet should fit, then price tag. However I do not think it protects better than $100 helmet from the or fox or others, personally I bought my the for 25 on sale and it feel awesome comfortable...
Glasses from 100% awesome price / quality. However it is too much for regular rider for two year usage in awarage
  • 1 0
 I hope they make a half lid helmet that fits me good, my poor poc has seen better days and im on my second one after a crash replacement.
  • 1 0
 It's a helmet so shouldn't they be advertising how safe it is and not how cool or light? Guess I am older now and care a lot more about that.
  • 2 0
 huge Bell fan, but I'd consider this depending on fit
  • 2 1
 Now that would look cool on a road bike with a pair of lycra shorts and a bright shirt!
  • 3 1
 Ultralight??? No weight??? Thats a joke?
  • 2 1
 at 400 do you still have to replace it every few years? even if it doesn't take an impact?
  • 2 0
 much better looking than TL and Fox
  • 1 0
 Il bet it's not lighter than 995 g, iv never found a lighter dh helmet than the gyro remedy carbon composit dh helmet.
  • 8 7
 I think you forgot to say that the helmet cost 400$ Wink
  • 14 3
 no they included that part
  • 6 0
 In Voxrans defense, when the article was first posted there was no price listed for a few minutes.
  • 4 0
 THanks, and yes I waited few minutes to see if they will add the price before posting my comment Wink
  • 1 0
 I'll stick with my bell full-9 carbon for now.
  • 1 0
 There half face Version?? Big Grin
  • 9 12
 God it's more than a pay for my MOTORCYCLE helmet.(Arai RX-Q, kinda top of the line street helmet) theres something i don't understand. I like 100% but at this price, no thanks.
  • 13 7
 However if you could get it in the redbull design you would happily pay that much Wink
  • 3 1
 Why are motorcycle helmets more expensive anyway? I get that they often are, I just don't know enough about them to understand why. Or said differently, what about mountain bike helmets should make them less expensive?
  • 13 0
 quickly looked up an rx-q, theyre listed at ~770cad, and their top if the line corsair is 850-1000 depending on finish.

what are you talking about?
  • 1 10
flag Mathhhh (Oct 31, 2015 at 16:44) (Below Threshold)
 @jaycubzz : What are YOU talkin about, i paid my RX-Q 440$ CAD, so it's much less than 400USD$ Do you really want to see the receipt? I got in on . Just say nothing if you don't know what your talking about.
  • 10 10
 We got our stock today. Very nice product!
  • 15 2
 Nice subliminal sales pitch there! ????
  • 1 0
 How much does it weigh?
  • 5 0
 @SteveH250 it is 1050 grams for a medium if I'm not mistaken. It's light
  • 1 0
 @cmitchell thanks a bunch - that's worth a closer look.
  • 1 3
 looks like 2 helmets badly joined together did you see those glasses the other week . who in the designe prosses said yeh that looks good.
  • 1 1
 slightly used D3 for sale ah!
  • 2 1
 Looks Like A (_____)
  • 4 7
 A helmet, 400$, RS Reverb dropper post 380$, X-box 360$. Not that I'll choose x-box over this sick looking helmet but come on things are way too over priced.
  • 5 0
 Yes, but how many for a single X box game? That's how tey make money, not the Xbox itself. And they sell more Xboxes than reverb.
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