7mesh Launch new Airmap Collection

Sep 20, 2023 at 17:22
by 7mesh  

Press Release: 7mesh

The 7mesh product team spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about managing air, moisture, and heat inside technical apparel, but once they began exploring the idea of managing air before it enters the garment, they saw their design challenge in a new light. Now, for Fall 2023, 7mesh introduces Airmap, the next generation of air-permeable, water-resistant, PFAS-free riding gear. Constructed using strategically layered zones of three different laminate fabrics, Airmap controls airflow, putting air in its place to open up new levels of comfort in variable weather conditions.

Airmap details
• Collection of wind and water resistant apparel
• Mapped combination of one, two and three layer fabrics to tune protection & breathability
• PFC and PFAS-free (aka ‘forever chemicals’)
• Crash repair & replacement program
• More info: www.7mesh.com


Airmap uses a combination of engineered laminates with different characteristics suited to the needs of each application. Using one, two, and three layer laminates mapped in different areas, Airmap is water resistant where it needs to be, while maximizing air permeability and breathability where you need it most. Each panel is selected for optimal performance with all sharing the same face fabric, so from the outside Airmap garments appear as though they’re constructed from a single material.

Air is the ultimate key to comfort. By selectively placing Airmap panels airflow is regulated to also control heat and water vapour movement. Airmap strikes the ideal balance between rain and wind protection, and venting excess heat and moisture - making it go-to gear for riding in variable conditions.

Airmap products are PFC and PFAS-free (aka ‘forever chemicals’) and use fabrics that are Bluesign and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Together with the use of recycled materials across the collection, Airmap combines excellent performance with a reduced environmental footprint.

A durable water resistant pant with breathability and stretch.

Grit Pant
Featuring weather-protective 3-layer Airmap throughout, with 2-layer Airmap panels on the back of the legs, the Grit Pant is ready for the toughest rides of the season. Fully taped against the elements with stretch seams for enhanced freedom of movement, Grit delivers the comfort and protection you need when giving your best on the trail. Dual hand pockets with internal mesh phone sleeves separate your phone and keep your carry comfortably away from the action when pedaling. An ultrasuede belt with a smart aluminum hook buckle provides plenty of room to move at the waist,while at the hems an elastic half-cuff ensures a dialed fit.

Wind and water resistant as well attaching to the frame through 7mesh's StashSystem.

Cache Anorak
Made to keep you riding in comfort in a range of conditions, Cache is a lightweight, stowable and highly adaptable outer layer. With fully-taped 3-layer weather-protective Airmap on the body, and 2-layer Airmap at the rear side panels, hem and cuffs, the Cache Anorak resists the rain, shields you from the wind and keeps you fresh when you’re working hard. At the front, a 1/2 zip with a lightweight chin guard meets a deep kangaroo pocket and dual zippered hand pockets. An additional zippered front pocket does double duty as a stow bag for the anorak, with clips to attach to your bike.

The Cache Jacket is the most durable jacket in the range made for wet days.

Cache Jacket
With its 3-layer Airmap on the body, and 2-layer Airmap across the undersleeves and side panels, the Cache Jacket manages the rain, protects you from the wind and balances your temperature during hard efforts. A smooth, full-length zipper with a brushed tricot chin guard keeps things together up front, complemented by an internal zippered chest pocket and two zippered hand pockets. Despite its articulated fit, the Cache Jacket feels relaxed enough to wear on and off the bike. An elastic drawcord hem and half-elastic sleeve cuffs keep the fit dialed.

Explore the full collection on www.7mesh.com


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 "Air is the ultimate key to comfort"...

"Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty."
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 Bahahahaha … But the real question is … will this jacket allow you to be an ambi turner?
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 over heard during the shoot : "Oh, I'm sorry, did my pin get in the way of your ass? Do me a favor and lose five pounds immediately or get out of my building like now!"
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 i got the black lung pop...... cough
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 Laugh all you want guys, but I think this stuff looks really really, ridiculously good looking
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 @Takaya94: I'm with you...the rest of these guys make me feel like I'm taking crazy pills
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 I gotta admit, I was one of those that clowned on their prices in the comments back in the day-but I got the Glide pant and its my go to pant, perfection and a good investment for my riding.
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 I'd say the same If I'd wasted that much money on pants.
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 @on-the-move: Confirmation bias. It's a key element of one's psyche when you get into mountain-biking. Either that or having to cry yourself to sleep every night.
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 Thanks for giving us a shot, and the shout out! Much appreciated.
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 Ah fall. The days grow shorter and forest creatures forage for the last remaining food they'll need to last till spring. The smoke from summer months has been replaced by the scent of falling pine cones, and the arid trails start to see their first moisture, those wonderful days of hero dirt. The lights come out, and the new crop of $400 jackets that will be marked down to $150 in a few months hit the rack. I love this season.
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 Edit to add... I'm still bitter that when the button on my $100 7Mesh shorts failed (they weren't heavily used or abused) and I wrote to inquire about their lifetime warranty, they told me to pound sand (in nicer words). I would have been willing to pay for a repair.

Contrast that with Patagonia. I brought my light down jacket in with a tear, totally my fault, fully expecting to pay for a repair, and they fixed it for free.
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 @igxqrrl: Hi, not sure what the background is but snaps are usually a very easy & cheap fix. We can do them ourselves, but often suggest people get it done locally rather than ship it across the continent twice - more work for both parties, takes longer, not economical, and environmentally poor. If local cost is the issue I'm sure we can find a way to cover it, so please reach out if you want to revisit this.
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 7Mesh stuff is great. Costs a lot but they always have good deals at the end of the season. Their Glide Pant is the only thing I wear anymore, best out there IMO.
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 That’s the key with any high-end brand. Wait for the end of season sale. I have a few 7mesh stuff that’s awesome quality for at least half off.
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 @analog7: the quality is insane and people are always asking me what it is. Do you need it? Of course not. But it’s really nice and it’s held up very well - even in crashes.
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 Agree, I love all my 7Mesh gear. They are also a very solid company, they will do crash replacement or repairs if your gear is damaged. They are honestly not much more expensive than other high-end apparel (Rapha, Assos etc) but better fit, quality, and a better company IMO.
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 Thank you all - we're glad our gear is working for you!
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 So what do you get for £330?? Doesn’t say if it’s waterproof or breathable or what rating it is. Does this means it’s just a windbreaker?
You can buy a decent gore tex riding jacket for £200.
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 At that price not to include the waterproof and breathability ratings is rather shocking. And you only get 1/2 a zipper - hate that (awful trend that shouldn't come back).
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 That's true, makes their material sound like a cheaper noname alternative to Gore-Tex
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 It seems my comment got deleted, not just hidden?
10 comments and replies and i can't see them???
Just because i called them out on a £330 anorak?
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 @VWsurfbum: I can see it. Says below threadshold comments are hidden.
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 Hi! We don't highlight the membrane stats because Airmap garments are not designed to be waterproof, and we don't want to give the wrong impression. The 3-layer panels themselves are waterproof to 20,000+ mm, and these are used where maximum water protection is desired, while in other places we use 2-layer and 1-layer panels that are offer much better breathability & air permeability.
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 @7mesh: Ok, that makes sense, I work with fabrics and i struggled to understand what it was, which makes me wonder if the average person might get confused.
A cool visual of areas with air flow might help and some terms like water resistant fabric would help to market it better. Anyway, i would like one as they look cool, but cannot justify it these days!
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 @robholland: Noted. We do use 'water resistant' rather than 'waterproof', but it can get missed in wordy paragraphs, and centralizing with a visual guide would definitely be helpful. Thanks for that!
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 Their sizing falls WAY short of accommodating my 6'-4" build.

A 34" sleeve on an XXL? I'm baffled.
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 Big people don’t ride bikes!!
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I hear you on that.
At 6’ 250lbs
I can’t find a nice short sleeve
Jersey to save my life!
2XL fits me like a medium.
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 @WTF-IDK: 6'4 280lbs and big shoulders. I might as well just buy roadie kit
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 @Beyond-The-Tape: Sure feels that way. Sigh
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 34" is wrong, sorry. The Centre-Back Neck to wrist on the Cache is 38 3/4". (The 34" is likely the neck hole to wrist measure, we'll fix that, thanks for letting us know!)
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 @WTF-IDK @Beyond-The-Tape : We do fit some bigger guys well. It depends a lot on body shape, hard to tell from height and weight, but for example our VP Product Ian is 6'2" 230# and comfortably wears our XL jerseys.

Best indicator for overall fit volume is chest size - our XL range is 43.5-46.5", and XXL 46.5-49.5". Feel free to hit us up if you have questions!
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 I wouldn't say I have overly large quads/calves for a guy, but if I want my 7mesh pants to fit nice around my waist I may as well just go buy spandex as spandex will be just as tight...
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 how does this compare to neoshell, which IMO is the gold standard for breathability and water resistance?
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 Neoshell is being discontinued by Polartec due to the upcoming PFAS regulations. Same for much of what is currently available from Goretex like Shakedry and Windstopper. Lots of change coming in this space. If you like this stuff buy it now as it won't be available in the near future.
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 7mesh launches new collection with the goal of you not being able to afford it
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 My body thrives on PFAS, I would like the option to buy products with these please
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 Overpriced Chinese crap quality. I wouldn’t waste my money on 7mesh
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 Elbows out or we move on
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 Wow $300 for pants
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 They are definitely trying to GRIfT you out of your CACHE of money. There.
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