Rémy Métailler Partners with 7mesh for 2022

Feb 1, 2022 at 17:10
by 7mesh  

PRESS RELEASE: 7mesh Cycling Apparel

We are excited to announce that were expanding our partnership with Squamish local and freeride legend Rémy Métailler. In 2022, 7mesh will be his head-to-toe apparel supplier, outfitting him with a full range of tools for every new line, big hit, and favourite trail he rides.

A French transplant who moved to the mountain biking playground of British Columbia’s coastal mountains, Rémy has developed a signature riding style that he brings everywhere from the bike park to the gnarliest chutes and slabs out there. Now residing in our hometown of Squamish, you’ll find Rémy out on the trails no matter what the conditions with 7mesh gear to back him up.

Known for being meticulous about every aspect of his equipment, Rémy has become a key member of 7mesh’s test team, putting big miles and lots of vertical on every new style. This season, Rémy’s input has helped with completely reimagined Slab enduro shorts, do-everything Glidepath shorts, and a broader range of styles in the Desperado trail shirts collection.

bigquotesWorking with 7mesh last year on outer layers like jackets and waterproof pants made me really appreciate the quality of their products and all the thought that goes into creating them. I followed the development of products like the Glidepath Pants and saw that 7mesh clothing really matches up with my riding needs. That’s why I'm excited to extend our partnership to wear their full line of clothing and help them develop new pieces.Rémy Métailler

bigquotesFor us, this partnership is about pushing limits. 7mesh products are forged by the terrain of the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, and collaborating with Rémy showcases our playground as he helps us develop and refine our gear.Tyler Jordan, 7mesh President

To learn more about 7mesh apparel, visit 7mesh.com 7mesh.com or follow on Instagram @7meshinc. Catch up with Rémy’s adventures at @remymetailler.

Photography by Margus Riga


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 Is this really front-page news? Or is PB trying to show how much worse the "free" articles are
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 Don't click on it.
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 I pray that Pinkbike and BETA don’t become Motor Trend and Car & Driver. Where one articles is written and is printed in both publications as if they are separate thoughts.
Keep the articles and thoughts separate, and don’t become and an advertisement board for Ford and Chevy.
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 Breaking news: I'll also contintue to wear clothing in 2022.
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 ok someone explain this to me, aren't the pay wall articles just from beta mtb which would have been paid to read anyway ?
Remy signing with 7mesh is not the biggest news but it's still a big influencer signing with a brand that is new to the space at least for me.
Can we not make every comment section about outside ? It's already too bad that nekos video got that treatment!
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 Yes beta has always been paid. They're under the Outside umbrella so it makes a lot of sense to repost articles here to get some viewership from Pinkbike's huge audience, in fact it would be stupid not to. Just a lot of pinkbikers like to pretend mountain biking isn't a multi-billion dollar corporate industry that relies on strategic marketing... like any other business. Businesses gona business.

I like the guys at Beta... I liked them before they became Beta and was happy to see them land on their feet so I picked up a subscription in support. Just happened that then Outside bought Pinkbike so now I'll have access to the paid Pinbike content when it drops like the DH team stuff that's coming this spring/summer.

And yes, Remy is one of the biggest youtuber/influencer mountain bikers out there putting out amazing content... this is definitely mtb news. Is it huge news? no, but it's mildly interesting mtb content... those who don't think so could easily just move onto the next article without getting their panties in a bunch. People are weird.
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 @asapyohanes: With your plea to not make every comment section about Outside+, you just helped make this comment section about Outside+. Well done, sir.
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 FWIW I was able to get some 7mesh Goretex stuff for my wife and girl recently on a closeout sale. It's absolutely top-notch quality, highly-functional and well-designed, and doesn't look bad off the bike either. For my girls it has easily spanned from muddy mountain biking to being a primary shell for a mixed cycling and regular touristing trip in Europe. Somebody told me that the founders of 7mesh defected from Arc'teryx - which makes sense given the spendy quality. And the last time I drove up to Whistler, I noticed that the name 7mesh refers to the native language for Squamish, which is king of interesting. Anyway, their gear at MSRP is pretty pricey, more that I'm generally spending, but if you can afford it I'm sure that the quality and longevity would not disappoint.
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 That's really interesting, I'm gonna checkout 7mesh
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 Amazing Rider and great brand. I read this as an industry update and am pleased to see this positive outcome for both parties.
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 Photographer" OK Remy. Put your hand on the bike. Get your other hand on your hip. A little left. More left. Now your other hand..."
Remy: *Gets annoyed*
Photographer: "Perfect. Got it!"
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 This is a really important update for the community…..
  • 12 6
 Can’t wait to be influenced into buying insanely overpriced gear so I can ride like him
  • 10 8
 couldn't get through my day without this news, phew.
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 @crys-vb: much important.
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 @royalsrule: honestly their shit is amazing. I bought a jacket from them via an online retailer and I’ve never been able to put long days in wet weather in comfort quite like this jacket allows.

Believe what you want but sometimes you really do get what you pay for.
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 7mesh makes the nicest jersey I've ever had (in quality, feel, and appearance) so I'm happy for Remi to represent them because he's a great ambassador.
Still, this is a headline that doesn't need an article, instead a sick video or awesome instructional would do wonders.
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 Good for Remy but holy P A Y W A L L articles!
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 Funny. You would think being from Squamish, having a decent instagram following and being featured on many pinkbike articles; 7mesh would be one of the first sponsors he would pick up. Ah well good for you frenchy . Baguette !!
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 Hey everyone, here’s an idea… how about we do more than complain about the changes to pb? Maybe we can all pick a day a day to not visit pb every week? Maybe throwback Thursday until they at least engage us in a conversation about the planned changes?
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 Good news for Remy and 7mesh for brand exposure. But if 7mesh was serious about demonstrating the true product quality, they need to outfit a rider that crashes all the time. Like me. Remy never crashes Smile
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 7mesh should probably do an equity and inclusion audit of their business now that their key spokesperson(notice I didn't say spokesman. don't want to assume anyones pronouns...) is someone so involved in first nations peoples rights and issues....as a baguette, living in canada.....
  • 3 0
 Do you mean that Remy has been involved in Indigenous rights issues? In what way?
  • 2 4
 Baguette because he's french? You're racist.
  • 3 1
 @SkullsRoad: bruh....he calls himself that. him and Yoann.
  • 1 0
 @conoat: ah shit, bad use of sarcasm. I'm dumb.
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 That is some crazy MSRP for some (presumably) Chinese made shorts and jerseys.
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 Curious the make/model of his helmet?
  • 3 0
 Looks like a Specialized Tactic 4
  • 2 0
 How did they find enough 7mesh gear in stock to actually complete an outfit?
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 Why are we against patterns or style? A sea of plain flat monochromic plastic cloth sucks the life outta me. NF got out of their suits in the boardroom at least. One is inspired by a cubicle from Office Space, others by the world we ride in.
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 So true , these are so understated that they are generic.
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 nice to see him off that hideous Fly shit and wearing something of quality that doesn't make him look like a circus clown.
  • 2 0
 It would seem Fly Racing dropped all of their pro MTB racing influencers and programs. Pivot Factory Racing and Remy were two big names for them.
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flag trail-governor (Feb 3, 2022 at 17:57) (Below Threshold)
 You can change the clothes around but underneath he is still a clown
  • 3 3
 Most days he looks like one. Never met the dude so no
Idea if he’s one @trail-governor:
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 I worked on 6mesh 20 years ago sixmesh.sourceforge.net/index.orig.html
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 Great product on a great rider... Congrats Remy!
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 7Mesh, just not robust enough for MTB and vastly overpriced for the quality they fail to deliver.
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 Literally just watched my buddy shred his 7mesh jacket to shreds after taking a little tumble.
  • 1 0
 Wooo, now he’s stylish and steely.
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  • 1 2
 What is this 7 mesh about? I much prefer hexa or tetra meshes
  • 1 3
 article aside....water bottle on a dual crowned bike...oh the faux pas
  • 7 2
 Nope, I'll never do that.
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 Love Remy, I wonder what he thinks about the paywall?
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