AT's Showdown: Round 1 Videos and Voting

Nov 10, 2013 at 21:59
by Andrew Taylor  
For this year's showdown each team had six weeks to film, edit and submit a two minute video in order to battle it out for a $9,000 prize purse chosen by Pinkbike users and also a panel of judges.

While Pinkbike users will crown the peoples champion, our panel of judges that includes Devin Schmidt from Root One Productions, Mark Zealand from Hitcase and Long Nguyen Photography will all work together to crown the top three videos based on riding, filming, editing and the overall creativity of each team.

With that being said we're stoked to finally release the first round of videos and we hope you enjoy them!

Postal Crew:
Views: 26,243    Faves: 146    Comments: 3

As many bangers as we could possibly fit into 2 minutes. Featuring Greg Watts, Alex Reveles, Tyler and Cam McCaul. Filmed all on Hitcase...and edited by us.

CP Gang:
Views: 7,449    Faves: 40    Comments: 0

When the LaPoma bikepark locals knew they were filming for AT's Showdown they decided to go for their biggest tricks, double flips, cashrolls, frontflips on the big set, some tricks were accomplished, some weren't. No one got hurt and it was a lot of fun, we all had a good time and went partying to celebrate. Thanks to everyone who got involved. CPGANG

Joyriding with Jeremy and Nick:
(Password protected)
Views: 5,275    Faves: 16    Comments: 0
This video is password protected.

Nick Clark and Jeremy Weiss shredding around Joyride 150.

Fish Tacos and Horchata:
Views: 5,096    Faves: 14    Comments: 4

Messin' around in Surf City! Team Max Kauert, Christian Wright and Jack Fogel

AT's Showdown - Round 1 Videos

This poll is closed

For this year's Showdown each team had six weeks to film, edit and submit a two minute video in order to battle it out for a $9,000 prize purse chosen by Pinkbike users and also a panel of judges. Here is Round 1's videos.

We'll be unlocking the second round of videos tomorrow so make sure to check back to watch and cast your vote.

For more info on the contest check out


  • + 21
 If it makes any difference for you guys on PB fish tacos and horchata played and recorded our own song. Me on bass, Fogel on guitar, and CMC on drums!
  • + 33
  • + 6
 you guys got my vote! good music (even better that it was you guys), solid riding, and sick mirror effects! im diggin it
  • + 2
 I love Fish tacos and Horchata.
  • + 2
 Makes none for me. I wanted to vote for Cam, Ty & G-Dub, because they're Cam, Ty & G-Dub, then I saw the two killers @ Joyride (Ontario represent! LOL.) & I think they had some first time tricks in there, like the bar flair so I thought, nah I'll vote for them since my favorite guys have already made it & the Joyride guys killed it too. Then I saw your video & from a creativity perspective, it was the most interesting to watch so I was gonna vote for that, but I couldn't, 'cuz the poll is closed. :/

The CP Gang one sucked. Hella.
  • + 13
 Horrrrrrrchadaaaahhhh bro!!
  • + 8
 Damn, That was a hard decision but Postal Crew definitely took my vote in this round! Awesome filming and even better riding in my opinion but I will repeat myself, this was an extremely frustrating decision as all video's were beyond YYYYEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!
  • + 9
 Horchada was the best. had an overall theme, transitions were key, and the overall vibe was great. awesome job on recording the song as well
  • + 7
 Not happy there is no AT showdown at the cow palace this year. Yup really bummed. Frown
  • + 6
 cool to see this is a popularity contest
  • + 4
 The slow truck drivers in Joyriding with Nick and Jeremy are so laid back
  • + 4
 If only the camera was better, the focus was in and out. A rad video none the less!
  • + 5
 100% shot with iphone as adverts says.
  • + 4
 I see these guys at Joyride quite a bit. They are awesome!
  • + 1
 Mr. shaky camera, shooting for the joyride edit. My goodness it was hard to watch. Postal Crew gets my vote. Well shot with great riding.
  • + 3
 Fogel's vid...I'm not biased.
  • + 2
 Loved Fish Tacos but had to give Postal my vote for just being reckless nut balls!
  • + 3
 i hate to choose between mccauls and cp gang
  • + 1
 phone are for phoning people cameras are for filming/ pictures definitely should keep it that way
  • + 1
 Postal crew got my vote Seriously bummed though that there was no AT showdown this year it was a blast last year
  • + 2
 Dam Jeremy's cliffhanger was bad ass
  • + 0
 Funny, the Hitcase is supposed to be a POV case but most of these clips aren't POV. Regardless, great videos from everyone!
  • + 1
 Stooges and mayhem, can't go wrong there!
  • + 0
 personally I think postal crew took the win, but it was close with the CP gang
  • + 1
 Great edits but the Postal Crew won this round IMO.
  • + 1
 T-Mac's backflip looked so sick
  • - 3
 CP gang was a little boring
  • + 12
 said no one, ever
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