AT's Showdown : Winners Announced

Nov 18, 2013 at 11:59
by Andrew Taylor  
While Pinkbike users had the chance to vote and crown the peoples champion, our panel of judges that includes Devin Schmidt from Root One Productions, Mark Zealand from Hitcase and Long Nguyen Photography all worked together to crown the top three videos based on the riding, creativity, execution and overall wow factor.

With all that being said, the final three videos were in extremely tight running for placement. Massive respect to all the teams. These were epic vids that the riders were able to pull off using simply their iPhones and some creative out of the box filming techniques.

We're stoked to finally announce the winners!

1st Place $4,000 & Pinkbike Viewers Choice $1,500 - Reno-Shoot'n Mount'n Bik'n Blues!
Views: 26,605    Faves: 127    Comments: 10

Score: 108 out of a possible 120
The Reno edit really was a complete package for us. Just a pleasure to watch. The story line was very creative and deserves high marks for production value. Very engaging with a wide variety of riding. Entertained us the whole way through.

2nd Place $2,500 - Postal Crew
Views: 26,243    Faves: 146    Comments: 3

Score: 98 out of a possible 120
Riding in this video is top shelf. Extremely technical and just an overall blaze of raw talent. This video combines brilliant camera techniques with in your face bangers. A lot of hard work went into this video and it shows.

3rd Place $1,000 - A Shovel's Life
Views: 13,271    Faves: 67    Comments: 5

Score: 97 out of a possible 120
Very creative storyline using the shovel as the main character. Great use of lighting and angles throughout the video. And it's of no surprise, they easily took the award for steeziest group of dudes in the competition.

That's a wrap for this year's Showdown! We want to give a huge thanks to all these insanely talented riders and of course the sponsors who made this showdown possible.

For more info on the contest check out


  • + 23
 this was a cool contest, really creative videos were a treat to watch!
  • + 4
 Am i the only one whos a little confused about the "100% shot with iPhone and Hitcase" not being completely accurate in the winning video? I may be wrong, but the cable cam shot at 1:19 seems to be shot with a dslr, you can see its silhouetted shadow. Not to take anything away from a sick video, just thought the whole premise of the contest was iPhone only, which seemed to be what both of the other teams did.
  • + 3
 looks like a rectangle on a mount to me
  • - 18
flag The-mnt-life365 (Nov 18, 2013 at 14:24) (Below Threshold)
 Wanna hear something even better.... The first place one was shot by Andrew Taylor himself, it was his ATSHOWDOWN account
  • + 0
 the winner was decided by pinkbike users, mntlife365
  • - 18
flag The-mnt-life365 (Nov 18, 2013 at 15:08) (Below Threshold)
 .... I never saw a page to vote for the vids..... I follow both these accounts and have for 6months each, I have utmost respect for mr. Taylor but i have to be honest i never saw a link to a page for voting, or a blog post for it, but i might have over looked the page if it was a link or blog post
  • + 4
 hahahaaha this guy! ^^^
  • - 7
flag The-mnt-life365 (Nov 18, 2013 at 18:53) (Below Threshold)
 Ya I am just awful at life today, my most NEGG proped comments
  • + 2
 mnt-life365 bro I feel you, today I got blocked by ProjectRoam for a little comment....I can't post comments or anything hahahaha, I think everyone on Pinkbike knows, we all have those days.
  • + 1
 And if you take a second look at the shadow, if they were to use a dslr camera anyways the lens wouldn't have been pointing towards the riders. So even if they did use a dslr they wouldn't have gotten the riders on film.
  • - 9
flag The-mnt-life365 (Nov 18, 2013 at 19:21) (Below Threshold)
 Ok that is rediculous projekt roam im calling y'all out thats total bull shit, i dot care what y'all post on my stuff im not blocking you, I don't have 257 followers from blocking ppl, but i have been blocked by this kid 20inch because i wanted to trade my dj for his 2010 enduro, and after i gave him my bike spec he proceded to shit on my bike and insult the shut out of me and before i could respond he blocked me..... Like what a coward.... And im 15 he is 18 says alot about his character.... Anyways ill pick u up bro and fuck projekt roam
  • + 1
 Im not talking bad about them haha, I like their creative videos, relaxxxxxxxxx mnt-life365
  • - 3
 Ya my b i get heated bout stuff like that for no reason my b!
  • + 5
 Who is this grom??^^^ Anyways, all the videos were shot with iPhones at Hitcase's. That's the whole point of this contest, to show how good of quality video you can get with just using your phone and a case! Especially with the iPhone 5
  • + 2
 I dont have an iphone yet nor do I plan on getting one but filming with one would be rad, but I would be scared to mount it to my helmet, chest, or other contraptions, as these things arent very cheap
  • + 5
 as you can see in our video, crashing is always possible
  • + 1
 My apologies haha, the rock/hitcase mount has me fooled, raptorcam did a really good job on the video, not sure why there is so much controversy.
  • + 1
 @dylan hunter
"While Pinkbike users had the chance to vote and crown the peoples champion, our panel of judges that includes Devin Schmidt from Root One Productions, Mark Zealand from Hitcase and Long Nguyen Photography all worked together to crown the top three videos based on the riding, creativity, execution and overall wow factor"

The three videos wear chosen by judges however the no1 video did win pinkbikes votes too so either way it would have won.

Personally I liked the first video but not sure it was a winning entry, but that's my one person view. Smile

I doubt they would break the rules of entry though.
  • + 12
 Thanks everyone who voted and All the other teams that were able to compete!! Gotta give it to McCaul and Watts for their creativity! And the Shovel Video for a different perspective! We had a lot of fun filming it and it was a challenge at times! Can wait to see what Andrew Taylor does for next years AT Showdown!! Thanks again, -Justin W. RaptorCam
  • - 3
 All were good, but TMac and Watts just killed it!!!
  • + 4
 Can't believe what a good vibe you can capture even with an Iphone if you use your imagination. When GoPro did their video contest they didn't restrict people to filming with the Hero- but maybe they should? Everyone and their dog has one these days- and so many people moan about pro photographers winning POY/VOY due to having loads of kit- why not have an extra 100% GoPro POY and VOY contest?
For example:
  • + 2
 Contour did the same thing with their contest a couple of years ago. You could use any kind of camera...not just a Contour. I find both rather odd since they were trying to promote their own product. ???
  • + 1
 I liked the other two over the first one. The first one had a amazing location and the production was sick but I can't say the actual content amazed me it felt underwhelming with not a lot going on really. They smashed the production and editing side but the content did not intrigue me at all. The other two had less in the way of production and location but over all the vibe and content was much better. I feel the content and draw more than made up for the other down falls. Given this is a filming contest I guess the production value is worth more. The first one deserves to win in the way of production and filming but id watch the other two more often i think. While the first one didnt grab me i think in the way of the contest been about filming skill production and story lines etc. not so much content they got the decision right. All good films though.
  • + 1
 Nice to see Paul Bas is finally back! after that horrible wrist injury last year, I was wondering if i would ever see him in an edit again! glad to see he's back! Smile
  • + 1
 can you also post why each edit did not receive full points? it's interesting to know how and why they lost points and shows a lot more than just the strengths.
  • + 2
 postal crew was best. imo
  • + 1
 wasn't there supposed to be more vids like from mitch and anthony, tom, noah etcetera, thought i was gunna see more vids?
  • + 1
 The SF bike expo was weak as circus lemon aid without the AT showdown. Hope they bring it back
  • - 1
 I would rather watch live riding than sit at my computer and watch videos. Awesome edits guys, but seriously. Nothing beats real life
  • + 3
 Get off pinkbike then, you pillock
  • + 2
 I don't even know where to begin with this comment haha
  • + 2
 Irony defined. Wink
  • + 0
 Surprise surprise the largest sum of money was won by the guy putting on the contest.
  • + 2
 I take that back. Paul Bas had AT upload it through his account cause he didn't want the kids flooding his account.
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