Video: Nicky D Shreds Santa Cruz

Dec 29, 2018 at 23:14
by DJ Austin  
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Time flies, but some things never change. That sense of the clock ticking, gathering snapshots from each second of the day. The passing moments which flash before our eyes, where at any given moment, we can stop to realize where we’ve come from. Santa Cruz, the mountain bike mecca, is nothing more and nothing less than home to the protagonist of our story.

Photo credit Kevin Hortsman

Growing up in the Santa Cruz mountains didn’t mean anything too special for Nick DiNapoli, aka Nicky D. Riding and racing dirt bikes during the early years meant spending hours going away from home. That all changed when he heard about a local high school mountain bike team in Scotts Valley in 2012. Having yet to ride a mountain bike, everything was new to Nicky. He quickly realized that there was much to appreciate in terms of local shreds. These trails taught Nicky the fundamentals and introduced him to the world of mountain biking.



Fast forward a few years, Nicky has become an all-around pro, racing California Enduro Series as well as a few rounds of the EWS, and bringing his talent all around the world. But when another season was done and dusted, it was time to go home, get back to the basics and revisit the area where young Nicky D first hit the dirt with knobbies.

Photo credit Kasey Carames

Photo credit Shane Stiles

In 2019, Nicky D is looking to break through comfort zones and venture into a majority of the Enduro World Series events. As he travels the world racing bikes, these trails where he calls home will be forever sealed in his memories.

Photo credit Kevin Hortsman

Time is ever changing, through each snapshot of each day. But in the end, some things never change.

photo credit Rocky Lee

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 @NickyDiNapoli You’re the man. You’re riding is so smooth and fast. This past season’s race results were crazy. Thanks for being an advocate for the mountain biking community and inspiring the rest of us to get out and ride. Can’t wait to see you coming out even stronger next season.
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 Wow, I was just thinking the same thing about you...
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 Yeah same @JackSC:
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 I'm not sure if that is actually Santa Cruz. I didnt see any overbiked tourists
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flag colincolin (Jan 12, 2019 at 1:32) (Below Threshold)
 I'm pretty sure that is a Specialized.
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 Really? Where is specialized, Is it in the same county?
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flag trollhunter (Jan 12, 2019 at 6:40) (Below Threshold)
 It’s Santa Cruz, I ride most of these semi secret trails. Though there some riding here that’s in endangered species habitats thst specialized should be ashamed of filming. Most riding here legal except for sand hill area where you just shouldn’t ride - WTF Specialized???
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 @prodicker: This was filmed and put together 100% by my buddy who’s in college in the area. Specialized has been a great supporter of mine with racing but there was 0 affiliation or support from any brands in this short edit, just myself and my friend having some fun in the backyard. No GPS coordinates or road shots here, let’s ride!
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 @prodicker: r/woosh
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 @NickyDiNapoli: Keep the stash. Enjoy it while it lasts. Sick edit, sorry I got burnt at you earlier about it. Cheers dude!
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 Thank Trailforks© for that
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 I'm pretty sure that 3rd photo is my buddy Randy
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 That Stumpy has one of the sickest colors I have ever seen.
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 It’s a good one! Definitely “pops” in different light conditions well.
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 I rode in a group with him and a few other heads in Santa Cruz last year when his FS was in the shop. He was on a $500 Specialized hardtail RockHopper or something. We were all on million-dollar S-Works and Bronsons and Transitions and other pastel-colored bikes.

He slayed us all. He even killed a super fast rider who works at Praxis who's no slouch himself.

I have a hunch he'd slay us all on a Hotwalk.

PS How much did it cost to clear that sweet Alt-J track?
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 Nicky is the man! He's super fast yet very humble and nice when you talk to him. I'm excited to see what he can do this upcoming season! As far as the soundtrack, let's just say that it cost many hours of typing and soul-draining to clear the copyright haha.
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 Wow we should start a Nicky D fan club
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 Meet him at the CES Ashland Mountain Challenge last year dude is super nice and rips.
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 Good running into ya up there, race was all time!
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 @NickyDiNapoli: Yeah dude you ripped past me on Jabberwocky during the race.
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 Great edit and pics Nicky! It's a pleasure knowing you and riding with you. I look froward to seeing your success in the new your friend.
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 Thanks Alan!
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 Clipless 1-footer, sick.
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 Great video and inspiring lines. I hope to do some Wednesday night rides with you this summer. I love watching you ride. It makes me a better rider. Good luck on your 2019 season!
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 Good to see NickyD get some recognition on the PinkBIke homepage!
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 Some speed up their videos ---->see: Getting Rowdy on Fresh Cut Trails
... and some prefer slow motion.

I like normal speed videos Smile
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 Which Stumpy is that? 29er? Short Travel or not? I'm thinking about getting one this year and they have too many now too choose from! Smile
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 It's the standard 29er version, 150mm front/140mm rear. Such a comfortable and playful set up for any terrain honestly, while being quick and light for racing if you're into that as well! Right out the box is pretty solid, and I've even had a blast at bike parks while just swapping out beefier tires and a rear coil for suspension.
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 Yeah BOI!
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 Alt-J soundtrack! Well chosen, doesn’t get played enough!
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 wait has the "i hate slow mo" on pb comments been forgotten about?
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 Nicky D Shreds Santa Cruz with a Specialized
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 Yea Nicky D! Stoked for 2019!
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 Nice combination of fast and fun!
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 Nicky D is my hero!!!!!
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 Hell yeah Dicky Knee. Rad to see you on the PB homepage
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 Nextup: Luca shreds Roubaix in spandex.
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