The Gehrig Twins Sign with Specialized

Jan 8, 2023 at 7:48
by Anita Gehrig  

Press Release

The Gehrig Twins are joining forces with Specialized for 2023 and beyond.

The Enduro World Series races have dictated the calendar of the two enduro riders for the last ten years, leaving little room for "left and right". With the opening of their own bike lodge "Flem Mountain Lodge" last summer, the two will no longer compete in the World Cup. But anyone who knows the Twins knows that giving up racing completely is not an option. Instead, the twins will try their hand at other cycling disciplines in the future and expand their horizons on two wheels. In this way, the twins will remain in the world of cycling in the future and continue to pass on their passion for the sport. All combined with their flair for adventure!

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As one of the first sponsors of the power duo, Specialized had a great influence on their careers. In between, the two have traveled the world with their enduro bikes, achieved great results, gained valuable experience and made a name for themselves internationally. Now that the twins are on the road more locally, this is exactly the right time for Specialized Switzerland to bring the two back on board. Together, they have a series of events, races and adventures lined up, to ensure that Specialized and the Twins are causing sensations in Switzerland and beyond.

First up is a trip to the Canary Island for the Komoot Women's Rally to conquer the Gravel route Gran Guanche together with 50 other ladies.


Back to the roots: Enduro World Series Winterpark 2014

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 ah, so this is where Specialized put their entire global ambassador program budget...
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 If they pay them swiss wages, then it's likely
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 Maybe the ambassadors were not producing enough to back up their deals, I honestly don't know. But business is business and if they sell more stuff from this deal then so be it. If you are a bench warmer in the NBA and you get cut nobody thinks anything of it. Why is this any different. Same goes for an old under producing player in any sport. The athlete has to bring value.
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 It's even mentioned that it's Specialized Switzerland and not Specialized Global. I would guess, that each branch has an individual budget that can be used in their own ways.
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 @Arierep: I was just thinking this will probably work out great for Specialized because this lodge will likely be very expensive (because everything is expensive in Switzerland) and attended by well-off Swiss people and maybe some very well-off Germans as well. The perfect people to get your expensive carbon fiber full suspension bikes infront of.
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 It’s also someone recognizable and has actual value.

I’d say I’m fairly into the adventure world on Instagram and honestly hadn’t heard of nor had most of my friends most of the people they cut. Bar a few. Even guys like Dylan Buffington, I thought he was an employee at specialized. Not an ambassador.

Probably saw such a small return and considering they’ve discontinued both of their “adventure” bikes. Was a good ten year run for most of them. Jobs don’t last forever.
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 @tom666: Yeah the prices on their website definitely don't appeal to the masses haha
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 @bashhard: Indeed. It's likely competitive rates in Switzerland, their wages and spending power are off-the-charts compared to us. You need to be very wealthy from the UK, France, Italy, Germany etc to travel there and not cringe at the price of everything constantly.
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 @tom666: surprisingly enough, compared to the rest of the area, the pricing is fairly reasonable...
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 @saladdodger: i've just checked: in January (which is ski-season) you pay CHF 408 for 2 nights and 2 persons breakfast included. That's CHF 102 per night/person and that's not a lot at all to be fair.
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 @vhdh666: in all fairness, that's not bad at all
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 Since they own a hotel in the alps with bikers as their main customer target group and Specialized as an expensive brand (not wanting ambassadors in countries with a low standard of living) the Gehrig twins might be axactly the right ambassadors for them. Cool for them
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 didnt specialized just drop all their ambassadors?
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 Not in Switzerland xD
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 Not all… Hannah Barnes is still riding for them.
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 @sharpy182: and Joel Anderson it seems.
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 I think manon carpenter is still a specialized ambasador as well.
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 @onetrykid: I'd like to see more of what Manon Carpenter has been doing since retiring from World Cup racing. Same kind of thing for Rat Boy.
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 I think it was mostly just their "Adventure" themed riders that were mostly bikepacking. Maybe the market isn't strong enough in that corner so they shifted their efforts to a more lucrative genre
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 I think they dropped the "adventure" ambassadors
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 Not all - just ones that were influencers and part of their "global" program. In the USA they still have 250+ ambassadors that range from influencers to racers.
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 @Evo6: her IG is updated, she does some environment stuff, trail advocacy stuff, and women riders stuff. Lotsa stuff.
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 @Evo6: Ratboy has been on Cannondale and doing the Canno Waves and 50-01 projects.
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 @ripridesbikes: I think so, the only ambassadors I've read about being let go is in the Gravel/Bikepacking segment.
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 I like this story for the simple fact that I am a twin as well. Nothing more to add to the conversation.
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flag owl-X (Jan 9, 2023 at 13:42) (Below Threshold)
 thanks for disclosing. Now stay away!
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 Anyone else notice the release never mentions their names?
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 The Twins
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 Not Specialized discontinuing their ambassador program and them instantly signing new riders
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 I know their name, but it seems like the only time I hear about them doing anything is every few years when they change sponsorship.
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 Agree - not sure what they actually are sponsored for
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 Congrats to the Twins! Can't wait to see what is coming next in their new chapter! #twinsracing
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 Had to pay for these two as well as move money to the DH team for Jordan Williams.
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 @tom666: and everyone else.
Here a few things to consider about swiss wages (i think median wage currently is 6600.- CHF):
- the wages are usually talked about BEFORE taxes in Switzerland. So usually you don't get to hear what actually is in the pockets after tax. Where i lived so far, the taxes are somewhere around 1-2 monthly incomes. Depending on canton (state) and municipality.
- health care has a mandatory insurance, which isn't cheap! I guess most are around 350-500 CHF monthly. Depending on the level of hospitality you whish in the hospital (single room or nornal room) and in the base insurance it's about how much you have to pay first, before the insurance pays the rest. Pretty much open to the top.
- mobility isn't cheap here either. A General Abonnement (national train ticket) is around 4000 CHF per year or 335.- CHF monthly. If you want a car, you come quite cheap if you are around 350-400 CHF. Just gas alone is in the last couple years between 1.70 - 2.20 CHF / liter.
- rents are high. If you are somewhere in the flat land that has more than one bus each hour and maybe a Volg (small supermarket that is mostly in the countryside - why: long topic for an agroculture forum). It's easy to only find somewhat modern flat with 3.5 chambers and ~70 m^2 which are 1500 CHF and more per month.

In addition to all this, the prices for food and other everyday goods are high. There are several reasons for that. One is, that for a long time "swiss made" was a quality sign and the workers demanded a piece of the premium price people paid for those goods. The other thing is that some laws were put in place ages ago like that parallel imports were forbidden. There for the main importer or the producer of a good could basically set a fantasy price. This is still the case besides that law being changed e.g. with cosmetics. This lead to those people that work e.g. in a supermarket etc. demanding higher wages which lead to margin being smaller and companies increasing prices because certain people (e.g. owners of the companies) felt like they need more which leads to higher prices which leads to the demabd of higher wages to smaller margins to.... You get it.
Then there is that whole anit-EU movement made up by the rightwing and liberal parties. They won a vote on joining the european economy room (EWR) back in 1990 or so. Now all they aim for is holding status quo or even making a step back (i guess their goal is to get back to a country of poor farmers...). Instead of looking for cheaper health insurance or energy costs etc. their only working for their own pocket.
I am not an econimist though, so someone else probably can say more indepth what causes it. But i know from first hand experience how it is to live here...
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 let s not forget to mention, that you get what you pay for.. the country is super safe, streets and utilities are well taken care of, social welfare is superb, trains are on time, and and and and... within Europe, Switzerland handled the whole crisis of the past 2-3 years better than anyone else.. we have high employment and low poverty (not none, sadly, I know)..

I know it is hard to understand for foreigners, why we push our own products so far and why it is so important to keep our farmers and not just put housing on all these massive plots of land and import cheap stuff from Eastern Europe. But that is what you get in a real democracy - people decide what they want. If the general population was not happy about it, there is always the possibility of change getting a referendum going and getting everyone to vote about it...

Just saying
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 @maverik3004: this is one of the greatest PB comments of all time. @Remmn you've played yourself to a degree rarely seen. One (shittily-constructed) sentence and you've gotta shut down your account. It's breathtaking!

Kudos, dingdong!
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 What about the Reynolds Twins, Rod & Rex??
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 Don't they still ride for Mongoose?
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 Do you mean Rod and Todd? And pretty sure they’ve not twins…
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 @VtVolk: hidley ho we've got a joking johnny
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 I've got a hankering for some Double Mint gum!!
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 Got to meet these two in Winter park years ago, shared a van ride, and chatted a good while. Great kids, now women. Nice score Specialized.
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 I shared a van uplift in Finale with them and Noga Korem a few years ago. Obviously I couldn't keep up and certainly wouldn't fancy my chances in an arm wrestle, but they were really friendly, down to earth
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 If you think flem mountain resort is good wait till you stay at mucus hills, it's an experience like non other
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 How am I going to get signed without a sibling that shreds?
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 Man Specialized is the lamest mtb co…
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 They may not be "cool", but no one can say that they don't make some of the best, and most innovative bikes (for a company that actually has a turnover).
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 @L0rdTom: from the lawsuits, to the employee horror stories, to the ambassador cuts…

It becomes an ethical thing at a certain point by principal not to support a company so driven by greed that taints our sport.
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 @leviatanouroboro: yeah they started sueing the Roubaix shop and then retracted the lawsuit due to backlash. That's the only major lawsuit I know of, and never heard any employee horror stories. Would genuinely like to know if there are any well known systemic issues.

Dropping the global ambassador program sucks for those riders, but every employee needs to justify their wage otherwise you end up with a sinking ship full of rotten wood.

My point about the bikes still stands though, and their warranty service is pretty great.
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 @L0rdTom: Not a ton of law suits per se because must of the bullying doesn't get past the cease-and-desist stage. For example, they filed a cease-and-desist with a local wheel builder in Portland because she dared to use the "epic" in her business name.

That case and the Cafe Roubaix case, are quite old now. I'm not aware of any more recent examples.
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 Double the budget!
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 No more ambassadors...Signs more ambassadors.
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 Just wait until you see who else has moved over to Specialized
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 S5 Sisters - yehaa
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 Go with the.. PROS!
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