Antur Stiniog Building 3 New Trails for Summer 2019

Feb 28, 2019 at 3:42
by Adrian Bradley  

PRESS RELEASE: Antur Stiniog

Building on from our success as one of the ‘must visit’ bike parks in Europe, the team at Antur Stiniog Bike Park will be expanding in 2019 with a further 3 new trails, and the transformation of one of the existing trails into a new ‘jump line’. An additional 4.5km of new trail will be added to the existing 7 trails here during early 2019 and they will all be ready to ride for the Summer!

Recent development has been supported by the Tourism Amenity Investment Support scheme (TAIS) from Visit Wales. This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The 3 new trails will cover all styles and riding ability, with a new ‘less steep Green flow trail’ aimed at the novice rider and family groups, but with more than enough features to keep the experienced rider on their toes!

Deputy Minister, Lord Elis-Thomas, said: “This scheme is an excellent way for us to assist the tourism sector to make the improvements to local facilities and amenities, and I’ve seen the improvements made in many areas with the help of this funding over the past year. Facilities such as footpaths, toilets, signage, car parking are often only noticed when the provision is lacking or not up to scratch – which shows that they are an important part of the experience that people have of Wales. This is also an investment by the public sector in amenities for those who live in the area and will benefit locals and visitors alike. Projects like this one at Antur Stiniog Bike Park also make it easier for local residents and visitors to become more active in Wales’ natural environment.”

Antur Stinoig BDS 2015. https TheHillAreAlive

As well as the Green trail the new developments will include -

A new 1.2Km Red trail that will be largely unsurfaced to add variety to the trail network at Antur Stiniog will run down the double black ‘east side’ of site and will be constructed to appeal to the trail, and enduro bike market.

A new Black trail that will link the top of the current Black Powder trail to our newest addition Bendy G. This trail will again be unsurfaced and will provide more variation to the trail network with an ‘all natural’ black trail top to bottom.

The final development will be to update, and restructure one of our existing trails into a ‘new jump line’ that will include medium sized jumps and drops, along with flowing berms top to bottom and is sure to excite all levels of rider.

Having opened its minibus doors to the public during 2012 Antur Stiniog has been an incredible success and is widely regarded as one of Europe’s premier uplift venues. We have hosted Welsh and British Championship MTB events numerous times, and welcomed over 80,000 riders including World Champions from across the Globe to our rugged slopes.

Antur Stiniog is a not for profit social enterprise that was formed back in 2007 with over 2,000 signatures of support from the local community. The vision was to develop the outdoor sector in the Blaenau Ffestiniog area “in a sustainable and innovative way for the benefit of the local residents and economy”

Antur Stiniog started to realise this vision through a number of exciting projects which varied from enjoyment and training in the sector, to developing a series of Mountain bike trails which by now have become ‘World famous’.

The purpose of the development is to sustain and grow our current business ensuring our long-term success and sustainability which will allow us to invest back into the local economy and create training and employment opportunities within the local community, and thus drive local and regional economic growth.


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 Funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - spend the money quick boys...
  • + 12
 Can’t believe the Peak District doesn’t have a bike park !
  • + 23
 It does. It's called the Peak District.
  • + 4
 Land issues mostly. A lot of it is tied up in grouse moors so the landed gentry can pass the time shooting small birds. Is some stuff planned at Redmires but to be honest the bridleways are great already.
  • + 2
 Oh and there's Farmer John's Bike Park, even if it's a tad small. Still never felt the need to go when the riding is so good already.
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 @Denning76: isn't it linked to local employment also?
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 @jaame: The land ownership or just generally? I also should have mentioned that an awful lot of the land, including the moors, are national trust owned with a lot of conservation work going on.

Again, something like that would be great, but considering how great the 'natural' (used pretty loosely considering) riding is here already, I think that the time is better invested doing stuff like Peak District MTB are doing through trying to improve access - permissory bridleways, getting footpaths upgraded etc.

To be honest, regardless of the land issues, I'm not overly sure where around here you could fit a decent bike park in that didn't result in conservation concerns or the walkers going nuts. But it's not the end of the world as you've still got Macc Forest and Greno/Wharncliffe nearby.
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 @Denning76: I was under the impression that some areas of Wales had high unemployment and so tourism was heavily funded in those areas to provide jobs for the local populace. I could be wrong. I'm not trying to say anything bad about anyone. Just what I heard, although that was south Wales, not Snowdonia.
  • + 1
 @jaame: Fair enough. While I'm no expert, I don't think that's as much an issue in the Peaks. Most people who work in the Peaks that I know commute from Chesterfield/Sheffield as the house prices can be mega high in the national park itself. Likewise, a lot of people living in the Peaks are there because they can afford it and commute to Sheffield or Manchester. A lot of the rest are farmers or retired.

I guess that's very different to, say, mid Wales where the transport links aren't as good so you don't have as many people commuting for work.

Of course I could be completely wrong, and of course the PDNP is trying to promote tourism (and the Derbyshire County Council trying to f*ck it up by messing around with resurfacing bridleways) but that's one of the differences as I've seen it over the years.
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 @Denning76: that's what I was getting at. The peaks area does not need to provide jobs for anyone, so the government has no reason to try to boost tourism to create any.
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 @jaame: Oh sorry I thought you were suggesting it should be done due to it encouraging local employment. Got crossed up.
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 @Denning76: Something I heard when I was at school (in the 90s) was that unemployment in south Wales was very high since the coal mines closed. Our Geography teacher, Mr Griffiths, was from Merthyr Tydfill which I gather is where BPW is located. He told us about how good people were trapped there because there were no jobs and they didn't have the means to move anywhere else.

Fast forward to Brexit and someone was commenting on it being ironic that "Wales voted leave" and yet, the economy there is based on tourism infrastructure which was pretty much entirely funded by European grants.

Then this year I read that the average wages in Derby are higher than most other areas of the UK outside London. Plus you have Sheffield and Manchester close by as you say.

This is just me putting two and two together. I could have got five.
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 amazing news !! have ridden anutur every year since the opening and love the black trails that bud and the team have made , can't wait to see the new tracks , with the progression at revolution bike park , bike park Wales and black mountain this makes the home grown uplift scene better and better every year
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 I love it at Antur too. Can't wait to try out Black Moumtains this year
  • + 2
 If only Scotland would catch onto this trend, they still too busy doing snow dances instead of building bike trails....
  • + 7
 Imagine those Enve M735Es on Black Powder!
  • + 4
 Stinniog is amazing. Quick uplifts, decent tracks, ace cafe and the team are all sound lads. But when it's windy though...
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 Hope you like your rocks rocky mind. Fantastic place.
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 Some insane footage from Antur this week.
Joe Breeden and Joe Smith on the Double Black.
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 nice bowl of stewniog is served in the café too
  • + 1
 Going with a bunch of boys in July CAN'T WAIT!!!
  • + 1
 Hoping to get there again this summer! Love this place!
  • + 1
 Go dda Buds! Edrych ymlaen.
  • + 1
 Love it
  • + 1
 So need to go
  • + 1
 Yes! \m/
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 BPW is building more trails every single year.
  • + 9
 Yes that is true. Only problem is, you have to book the uplift about eight years in advance!
  • + 3
 And put up with the bpw crowd

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