Video: Propain's Dylan Crane Jumps Over a Pro Drift Car

Apr 6, 2023 at 12:31
by Thomas Falconer  

What do you get when you mix a pro drift driver, a closed road, and Propain factory rider Dylan Crane? A suicide no hander on a road gap while a drift car underneath going 100kph+.

Dylan Crane's POV:

Special thanks to:

Link Ecu
Art of Passion NZ // Intheframemedia
David Hunter

David Hunter Drift Motorsport car for Dylan Crane propain athlete to jump

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 the setup/premise of these videos is getting about as bad as a porn video!

" oh honey, who is at the door??? we didn't invite anyone over did we???" *brown chicken brown cow* music intesifies.
  • 9 1
 *as good as a porn video
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 I admire the fact that you want a full-fledged story to accompany your porn / mtb shred videos.
you are like the guy in the PH comments that points out the plot holes when the pizza delivery guy arrives.

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 @HipHoptimusPrime: Better to point out the plot holes than other h... never mind.
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 I think it's as classy as a pinkies out dinner party
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 The road gap no hander is cool, and if you like cars I'm sure the driving is cool... but combining them together does nothing for me.

It's like chocolate cake and Indian food; good on their own, but why both at the same time?
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 Because why not
  • 5 0
 I for one would love some tandoori and a slice of German chocolate cake.
  • 3 0
 you're racist if you've got anything bad to say about chocolate paneer my friend .
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 Drifting is ok until you actually witness it, then it's totally mad.
  • 2 0
 Can confirm. I disliked drift until I was at a track day that had a drift event. Walked away with a new appreciation. The driver I was Vaugh Gitten Jr I was in a dual event with another car both cars going 80mph+ sideways.
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 Crazy Video! Unreal performance from everyone involved. The work behind it would have been huge! More of this please. Well Done.
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 why a drifting car???
just roadgap and be a happy camper
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 Why a drifting car?! Why a drifting car you ask? Why a drifting car indeed!
  • 8 1
 Why not?
  • 3 2
 The video was made buy, for link ecu showcases the link dash, digital gear shift position, the strain gauge shift lever and a sponsored car. It was the drivers choice and or links to add a mnt bike jumping over the road for kinda a hats off to cycling i guess. Vids nor ment to be a mnt. Bike at all free ride vid Actually ment just for this. PR
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 Me, on my way home from work! Sick vid, I love the spy hunter ish sound track in the background
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 That was impressively pointless. Downvote at will...
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 Wasted opportunity to not roadgap over the drifting car AND the classic pickup truck.
  • 1 0
 @HughBonero: But he did roadgap the drifting car? the timing was a mission to get spot on haha
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 @ArtOfPassionNZ: thanks for replying, gave me an excuse to watch video again. So cool. NZ on my bucket list to visit someday
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 Them damn kids are skid racing around the neighborhood again
  • 5 2
 You mean the damn kids grandad.
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 My favorite color is ham
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  • 5 1
 Yep, that was awesome. All the things I love, drift cars and MTB freeride. Also, Link ECU is the bee's knees, love mine on the 1JZ
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 Sup! From 1 zenkei owner to another
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  • 4 1
 In good old NZ, yer baby!!!
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 I want to see him drifting like that in a Citroën berlingo van!
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 Slightly filling the hole left in our hearts by Ken Block. Fun vid.
  • 3 0
 Nissan Laurel. Sick
  • 2 1
 i consider myself a jdm fanboi of sorts and didn't recognize that whip. RB making the pshpshpsh bits?
  • 2 1
1Jz engine, No $hit! This will decimate all after you put about $15 grand into it or more and if we have to, overnight parts from Japan
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 @zyoungson: That's a 2.5L 1jz in there, not a 2jz
  • 2 0
 Was that Brandon driving?
  • 2 1
 David Hunter
  • 4 1
 Anti Climatic …
  • 1 1
 Motorsports, the always cooler big brother to bikes. And where the more well-off among us will end up by the time they are 50.
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 I am/have been in to motorsports and mtb. If I had to choose one for life it would be bikes in a heartbeat.
You can get the same adrenaline kick riding a bike as you can messing about in a car, just minus burning thru fuel/tyres/breaking parts/ busted knuckles & hours spent on a concrete floor fixing the thing.
Plus mtb is a good way to stay fit. Its a no brainer for me.
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 Fuck yea DC lets go!!!
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 If the TdF racers would only ride like that.
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 that was awesome!
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 aammm....but did he get milk?
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 Yew!!! Epic.
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