BC Bike Race Announces New 2022 Route, in the USA

Mar 31, 2022 at 19:07
by BC Bike Race  
Start Line Summerland Day 2


BC Bike Race is proud to announce that its 16th edition and the 2022 race will be held jointly between Sedona, Moab and Bentonville, yes in the USA, Sept 16-22, 2022. All three stops will host 2 separate stages, with the final 5, 6 and 7th stages to be hosted in Bentonville.

bigquotesI rode the race a couple of years ago and was stoked on what they are doing up there, we've been chatting ever since to bring the event down south. We'll add in some Sedona Festival Vibe and maybe ride the Hangover trail to bring the wild-side out in the racers.Mike Raney – Sedona MTB Festival and Thunder Mountain Bikes


The move to the USA coincides with a growth in Snowbird migration (Canadians that head South 6 months of the year). BC Bike Race wants to make sure to provide a mountain bike experience for these Canadians abroad and these destinations are like sister cities to British Columbia, boasting a ton of fun and thrilling singletrack

bigquotesMoab is ready to host its first ever BC Bike Race- I’ve done 2 editions myself – and we're importing a ton of dirt from BC to make the experience as authentic as possible, just imagine Captain Ahab with BC Loam all the way down..Mark Sevenoff – Outerbike and Western Spirit Adventures


By combining the air travel experience with mountain biking we hope to keep all the participants' logistics highly challenging and add an extra layer of fatigue between the stops, this will truly be an EPIC event.

New 2022 BC Bike Race Route

bigquotesNo one has ever put on an event like this, well maybe the Tour De France, but we think now is the time to blow the doors off the mountain bike world, gotta think Big and Crazy. We want to think extra big, maybe next year the final stop will be in Vermont, expand to a four stop 12 stage race.Dean Payne - BC Bike Race President

Check out details on 2022 at


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  • 39 0
 haha got me I was angry for a second
  • 31 0
 Straight up got me, I was already putting in for the time off work. Son of a bitch....
  • 1 0
 Best reaction, lol.
  • 13 0
 Needs a SXS event in Moab, including running down a motorcyclist or cyclist at 80mph in a blind turn, and destroying everything you can find habitat-wise.
  • 6 0
 Your run doesn't count if you don't play terrible music at obscene volumes.
  • 5 0
 Don't forget about really bright and annoying LEDs everywhere, flat-brimmed Monster or NOS energy hat and the vape pen of your choice. Affliction shirt is optional.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps , @kmg0 You are generalizing quite a bit. What you are referring to is a very very small percentage, I have seen folks in every single sport terrorize environments. I am a SXS and MTB guy, I respect the land, and everyone I know and ride with does as well. I know plenty of a*sholes on Bikes, in Boats, and in Jeeps.

As for the loud obscene music, I would have to agree that I am not a fan.
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 @Greener43: while you are correct that there are plenty of responsible SxS users, and other groups have their jerks (looking at you, fellow dirt bikers trenching trails), the elimination of any real skills based barriers to entry SxSs offer is a recipe for a lot of total a*sholes. Even basics like knowing trail hand signals seems to escape all of them that don't have some other form of OHV experience. They are also larger and much more of a problem around blind corners in my experience.

Almost getting taken out by a full sized SxS on a 50" ohv trail last month while dirt biking certainly hasn't helped my perception...
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 @Greener43: I am not generalizing. I see it non stop now. It's garbage. I burn gas, and I want SXS banned.
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 Every American wishes this wasnt a joke.
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 Ah yes the "Below Canada" bike race. I can't wait.
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 You all think this is a joke, but I was in Moab the other week, our shuttle driver legitimately mentioned that both Dean, and Kabush were in town.

Strange coincidence, or C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y?!?!?!
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 Ha - I believe Dean was down south because BCBR had a booth at Sedona MTB Fest? And Kabush was prepping for Transrockies Moab Rocks (taking place this weekend)?

No, wait, definitely C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y!
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 @Cmoreira: that’s what they want you to believe.
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 I've been contacted to build new trails for the event . North shore inspired. I find a really steep virtually unridable steep hill and shredd . Eventually you follow the roots and rocks hiding under that pesky loam. No tools needed .
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 One of the best April fools jokes that was done was when it was reported that someone had chainsawed the millennial log on Seymour’s CBC trail.
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 Oh man, just had coffee and realized this was a joke. Lame.
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 Heck why not throw in stops in Park City, Pisgah and the Kingdom Trails as well to make this even more over the top..
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 Hahaha! So true that Sedona is like a sister city because of all the snowbird Canadians! Also Captain Ahab can definitely use some loam!
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 This is great news to wake up to!
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 Sadly, I didn't catch it until they talked about importing BC loam. Sigh.
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 See, some of these are legit decent ideas, and then I go and remember the date...
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 North America looks funny without pants.
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 Brought to you by the same team that decided the timing of the Lourdes round of the MTB WC
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 stage 4 venue coming soon (its Detroit)
  • 2 0
 Boo! Good joke but not funny...
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 Toss in the entire length of the Transylvanian Epic in PA too while you're at it.
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 Ok ok, y'all got me.
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 Lake Wilson, KS, could have been stage 3.
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 Sevy! Booyaaaah!!!!
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 Only April fools we really want!
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