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Bike Check: Laura Rossin's 29/27.5 Nukeproof Mega - Superenduro 2019

Jul 31, 2019 at 12:48
by Ben Winder  

We caught up with Laura Rossin at the final round of the Superenduro to take a closer look at her Nukeproof Mega 27.5 / 29" bike. Laura Rossin runs her own team, Soul Cycles, which allows her to choose all of the parts she runs. She’s recently chosen to put a 29 wheel up front and keep the 27.5 in the back; she told me it’s high up front, which makes it feel more like a downhill bike. The shock has a soft tune, for extra grip and comfort. Laura also has an angleset in to reduce the head angle to 64-degrees.

Laura won the Superenduro Series overall last weekend in Abetone after looking super fast all year and comfortable on this new hybrid bike.
Laura's Mega Carbon Build
Fork: Rockshox Lyrik RC2
Shock: Ohlins TTX 22 Coil
Drivetrain: SRAM X01 Carbon, cranks GX 165mm
Stem: Renthal Apex 50mm
Handlebar: Renthal Fatbar Carbon 760mm with 30mm Rise
Brakes: Formula Cura 4
Grips: Odi AG 2
Wheels: Halo Vortex 33mm 29 front 27,5 rear
Tires: F Maxxis Assegai DH casing 2.5, R Maxxis Minion DHR II 3C DH Casing
Tire Insert: Mr Wolf
Saddle: Nukeproof
Pedals: Shimano XT
Seatpost: One Up Components 180mm




The Numbers
BB height: 355mm
Wheel base: 1200mm
Head angle: 64-degrees
Seat angle: 74.5-degrees
Rotor size: Formula 203mm
Chainstay length: 435mm
Reach: 435mm
Top tube length: 585mm
Weight: 15 kg (33 lb)


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 So she put a 29" front wheel on a 27.5" frame and is running an angleset?
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 We need some terminology to clear this up. Do you have any suggestions?
There are 27er bikes running 29 up front.
There are 29er bikes running 27 at the rear.
There are bikes designed around the 29/27 configuration.
I suggest 27 with 29 - “Small mullet”
29 with 27 - “Big mullet”
And “Natural mullet” would be a bike which was a mullet from the factory
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 @Leethal-1, that's correct.
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 In most cases it is better to install a 27,5” wheel into a 29er. Your head and seat angles get around 0.5deg slacker and BB goes down by around 5mm. All the fun and no guilt.

If you do it the other way around, 29” wheel and fork into a 27,5 your head and seat angles go around 2degrees slacker (if you keep same fork travel) and BB goes 1.5cm up. Then your cockpit goes up. You just upforked yourself into oblivion. You went full Down Country. It is as smart as using 3.0” the in the rear and 2.1” in the front.
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 Yes. Slackening it out via angleset helps bring the BB back down and seat tube angle back up. Seems a reasonable approach to me.
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 @KennyWatson: yes, the angleset brings the seat angle back from 1996 and sends the head angle to 2126
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 @jaame: i think the terminology goes:
29F & 27.5R = Mullet
27.5F & 26R = Mini Mullet
29F & 26R = 69er
27.5F & 29R = Dumb
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 @WAKIdesigns: You sure about that? 27.5 wheel axle is about 19mm lower than a 27.5. If we assume BB is about 1/3rd of wheelbase position, that would drop BB 2/3rds of 19mm = 13mm.

I suspect your right about head angle, but I think you might have BBs drop change the wrong way round?
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 @phutphutend: let me think

29 with 27 fork + wheel drops the rear axle by 19mm. So it drops the BB by 12-13mm yes you are right.

It seems that Spec E29 is a perfect candidate for mulletage with it’s a bit tall BB.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Cannondale Jekyll 29 too
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 @WAKIdesigns: That is almost always the worst way to do a mullet. While swapping any wheel size will change the geo the primary advantage of 27.5 inch wheels are the short chainstays. By putting 27.5 inch wheels on a 29er frame you just decreased your rollover without shortening your chainstay length. Missing out on most if not all of the benefits.
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 @ZachJ914: or another way to look at it is, at least with a 29er you don't have to put up with short chainstays from 2009
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 @IllestT: if you don’t want short chain stays (many people do) don’t bother with a mullet just run 29 front & rear.
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 @WAKIdesigns: just got a e29 and bb is definitely not high.
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Theres also a bb drop /height that is ideal for 27.5 + that works well for mixed wheels.
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 @ZachJ914: this. 27.5 frame, 29 fork and wheel. Anglesey to taste.
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Maybe industry marketing names as such

Small mullet: Rambo
Big mullet: Joe Dirt
Natural mullet: Jean-Claude Van Damme
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 @WAKIdesigns: Unless you want a higher cockpit, higher BB, and slacker head angle. A higher bar height, 355mm BB height, and slacker head angle all sound pretty great to this tall guy.
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 @TEAM-ROBOT: Also sounding pretty good this short, dwarf like guy who use to go OTB all the time until I started making mullet bikes out of my 27.5” bikes. Haven’t gone OTB in a long time now.
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 @jaame: just confirmed this with Webster's dictionary. You are correct
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 @WAKIdesigns: I ran into a guy who did this to his E29 at the Coupe de France a couple of years back. Let the frame soak in a bath of toxic death to remove the paint, polished the cr@p out of it, hung some 27.5" wheels in there and 'tuned' it with a 170 mm fork. No idea what it rode like, but gave the old geezer quite a story on a lift up to Sp5.
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Depends on the 29er you start with. Several 29 bikes now coming with chain stays within 5mm of, or the same as, 27.5 bikes. New Kona process has identical chain stay length in 27.5 and 29 versions.

29ing a 27.5 does impact geo more though as you say. Hence the angleset here.

I think managing to get the right seat angle post conversion is the hardest, but off set shock bushings are possible in some cases.

I've also read some people comment that it can feel like the rear wheel doesn't track quite the same line as the front in these conversions, but not sure how much there is to that.
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How much fork travel is it running?
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 @ZachJ914: Totally agree, starting with a 27.5 frame makes more sense.
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 @ZachJ914: quite a few modern 29ers have chainstays around 440. Why would you go shorter in the era of awake as fuk geos where the prophets claim 450-460 is the best?
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 @WAKIdesigns: oh come on, 64 degrees isn´t anything special nowadays (my SB6 sits at 64,5) and we don´t actually know from the article, if she used the angleset to get it a bit steeper (or slacker) but I would say the first option is correct as original has 65 and the 29er in front I believe could make 2 degrees less
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 @bok-CZ: she most definitely did install it backwards to make it steeper, it´s even obvious in the first pic.
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 @telephunke: if you use offset bushes to correct slackened seat angle you turn very high BB height into idiotically high one on 99 out of 100bikes. And yes on every two wheeled vehicles front and rear wheel are not turning in the same radius, that is the reason why hybrid bikes corner better, rear wheel always needs to make tighter turn so naturally smaller wheel helps with this.
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 Guerrilla Gravity has proven you can keep the same front triangle for a bunch in when and travel configurations. It would be nice if more companies followed suit and made such options available for more bikes. Looking at my Ripmo, I think Ibis could just make a different link to make it work better with a 27.5 rear while even keeping the same rear shock. By keeping the same front triangle across platforms, it cuts manufacturing and development costs massively benefiting the bike companies while offering up some options for those of us that like to tinker with stock setups. Gives you a new bike feel without having to fully pull a trigger on a new rig. Plus, I think it would speed up evolution in designs. My big concern with my Ripmo is that the BB is already low enough that I went to 170 cranks, if I can’t compensate for the added drop of a smaller wheel, it would only be good as a flow trail bike. — which is why it’s hard to make the 29er in general a mullet bike without some new links unless you have a flip chip to compensate.
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 @Mondbiker: couldn't recognise it from the pic, thanks
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 @Mondbiker: wouldn’t the offset bushings just return the BB height to the same place after it’s been lowered for the smaller rear wheel? I thought about on my bike, just not much room to add the offset bushings.
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 @whambat: exactly. Raising it a little can be good
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 @WAKIdesigns: were not saying 450-460mm is best; BALANCED is best.
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 @mikekazimer: Do you know what travel and offset she was running on that Lyrik?
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 @telephunke: what's the fork travel?
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 That's cool man. Need a mountain bicycle girlfriend. They all say they are, but they're not.
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 So true...Sooo true!
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 They are, but be careful with your wishes
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 I had a 180mm Commencal 27.5 bike. Chucked the Lyrik off it and used a fox 170mm 36 in 29". Only guidelines from Commencal was to stay within the axle to crown max on this frame. The ride is superb. Just feels better everywhere.
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 Was that the clash?
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 Very interested in doing this to my mega, already running a 650b+/29 Lyrik with a 650b+ tyre but running the fork at 160mm 10mm down from the recommended 170mm as standard to counter in the height difference, from measurement if I added the 29" wheel it should only raise by 12mm dependant on tyre.....but I'm certainly no expert lol
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 Had a C'dale Rize with lefty and 69er. Loved the feeling, but couldn't get away with 100mm upfront and returned to 140/140 26 f&r

At this moment trying the mismatch wheels on a Jeffsy 29er.
Love how ot feels, and had some PRs on Strava. Bike feels livier, and easier to wheelie/bunnyhop/acelarete with the front well planted and trully feeling secure
Haven't felt the downside of having a lower BB, or even a slacker ST, but need to ride more, and swap the rear tire with something more agressive than the Mavic Quest that I have at the momen ( probably a MM 2.6)

For those with 29ers and curious about it, I'd say , go for it and try! The worst can happen is not liking it, and return to original config.
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 Nukeproof makes some good looking bikes...they look like an XC bike in all the right ways.
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 Laura must really hate flats with DH casing both ends plus inserts
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 Her shop is based in Finale, and believe me, there's more tyre destroying rocks there than anywhere else I've ridden. Most of the locals I know out there run double ply casings and at least an insert in the rear tyre.
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 Don't know about you, but I like riding my bike no matter angleset, BB drop and stuff like that..
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 Think I'm just going to toss a 27.5" wheel on the back of my 29er enduro bike specifically for park days and call it good.
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 Sweet bike and sweeter riding.
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 Too late to move the Laura's name over so the L isn't covering her face? Monday morning rush on this one.
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 The text position is dynamic, based on the screen or browser window size. Turn the phone to landscape, view it on a bigger phone, tablet or computer and the text doesn't cover her face. But it would be good for them to modify this standard layout template and/or double-check on small phone screens to cover this cases
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 Few nice typos in it too
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 @showmethemountains: On a laptop, not a dynamicitytastic error. It's Monday. It's OK. Thanks for the fix, PB!
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 Typo in the 2nd sentence, here should be her.
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 We should call it “Mixed Up wheels”
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 Dies everyone ride a mullet bike now Eek
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 50:1 number board. Nice
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 What's the fork travel?

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