Bell Announces All-New 'Super Air R' Helmet

Oct 30, 2019 at 15:48
by Bell Bike Helmets  

PRESS RELEASE: Bell Bike Helmets

As pioneers of removable chin bar technology, we have a legacy to uphold and overcome. We designed the Super Air R from the ground up to push the boundaries of performance and versatility. With class-leading Flex Spherical MIPS technology, superior ventilation, a total weight that is 22% or 144 grams lighter than its predecessor and an easy 2-click removable chin bar, this is a true all-mountain performer.

This is a True All-Mountain Performer


• 2-Click Removable Chin Bar
• Flex Spherical + MIPS
• 26 Vents for Superior Ventilation
• 22% Lighter than it's Predecessor
• 3-Position Adjustable Visor with GoogleGuide™

For more information click here.


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 Obviously this should have been called the “Super Duper.”
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 Or taken a page out of Rockshox's book and called it the "Super Deluxe Ultimate Signature Select Plus"
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 Its amazing how trail helmets keep getting even lighter, but I would rather start seeing dual-stage foam in the same weight range as current trail helmets. I've never once though about my Super 3R being heavy
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 The TLD Stage has two different foam densities like the A2
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 Still trying to figure out if its "predecessor" is the 3R or DH. I love my super DH but the weight is noticeable.
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 I found this while going through the specs, does this count?

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 @friendlyfoe: This isn't downhill certified so the 3R. I guess this will sit above the 3R if it isn't discontinued.
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 Where do all you good people draw the line between riding with a half shell or a full-face? Right now I only own a fox half shell and I get out on some black/double black trails where that little voice in my head starts saying I should be wearing a full face.
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 The little voice tells us
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 I ride full face all the time, because you never know when that "freak accident" will happen. Usually it happens on that local trail just behind your house that you ride all the time and know every inch on it.

I bought the helmet with the removable chin bar so I can always ride fullface downhill and can breathe normally on uphills. I always have my backpack on (even on 1 hour rides) so I can have my chin bar always with me + I have all the necessary tools & medkit in there and more importantly I have back protection. I'm not all into being full enduro and lightweight as possible, I only have one body so I don't mind the extra weight for a little more protection.
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 OK, early adopter here, and this is what I found.

I'm going from a 2016 Super 2R size large.

Weight: 2R 794gr, Air R 758gr. Weight savings of 36gr. This is without the camera mount on either helmet.

Headlock system, or whatever it's called these days. 2R you can adjust it up and down. I've got a big cranium so pulling it down before dialing it tight is necessary. Air R no up/down adjustment.

Chinbar: This is where things really suck. 2R had a nice rubber coating of every surface of the chin bar that was not covered by the cheek pads. Air R has a thin foam (you can see the little foam pellet pattern) on some of it, and raw sharp edge plastic on other parts, especially right in front of your mouth. A decent face plant and that sharp edge pattern will be cookie cuttered into your mouth/chin. And the foam is not soft at all. It basically feels like hard plastic, so compared to the pliant rubber of the 2R it's worrisome to say the least. Also, cheek pads. 2R they are larger back to front, so more of your cheek is covered towards the front. Also a bit more snug. Air R they're basically half the "length" from back to front, which is weird because if it were the same size as the 2R is would still not cover the next vent forward.

General construction of the Air R seems super flimsy cheap plastic without any attention to finish on the inside edges, certainly when compared to the 2R.

Fit: Air R fits fine, except the Headlock being fixed a bit high for me. Feels more airy mainly due to the smaller cheek pads. Overall a bit looser than 2R, and not because of the designed rotation of the inner/outer.

Now I do understand that the Air R has a totally different design with the rotational stuff and different padding for different level of hits. But it seems like a relatively minor hit has more potential to cut your face with the harsh chin bar issues over the 2R.

Chinbar removal, whatever. Still have to take it off to install, unless you have a mirror or are super duper coordinated. Sure, can take it off a bit more easily, but again, whatever. I actually ride basically all the time with the bar installed. Kind wouldn't mind an all mountain full face that's one piece, saving weight and adding more protection due to more robust bar.

This might get the Amazon return, unless someone can convince me otherwise?
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 What the hell is a google guide lol
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 It tells you which local fast food place some lady name Karen WOULDNT recommend because they charged her little brat for his 30th special sauce packet.

Then it recommends a trendy brewery/gastro-pub to hit up after your ride.
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 @BellBikeHelmets, Does it offer the same protection as the Super DH did? When looking at the website it doesn't seem to come with the same safety ratings. Why is that?
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 So is it a replacement for the Super 3R, Super DH, or is it a whole new standalone product? Where does it fit? What are the safety ratings?
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 Pretty sure this one is not DH certified so not replacing the Super DH. Very much a trail helmet.
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 According to their website it’s CPSC Bicycle but doesn’t have AS/NZS certification. Pity I can’t buy or use this helmet here. Kali, Smith and now Bell. Why do manufacturers not test to all standards?
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 It does pass AS/NZ standards, also CEC, that is a US website, so lists US standards that they sell.
It is available in Aus now.
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 When I read Super Air R, in my head it just sounds like Super Error.
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 Nooo you mean Super-ior.
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 For once, a removable chin bar helmet looks good with and without the chin bar. I actually kinda like it.
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 Dang, I wish my helmet had a googleguide
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 shouldve called it, "all new Hells, Bells"
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 Still far from any form of D 3 ... 4

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