Video: Luca Shaw & Steve Peat Preview the 2021 Les Gets World Cup Track

May 4, 2021 at 18:35
by Bike Morzine  
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Remember last year when P2V held a secret race and the world's fastest racers turned up? Held in the middle of a pandemic, with no fans, almost no media & completely shrouded in mystery, this race was a little different to say the least. Well, we have good reason to believe that the real motive behind this race was to act as a precursor to the Les Gets World Cup in 2021, to bed in this fresh track and test out any issues (that first jump seems to qualify if the world's fastest are casing it).

Take a run down this fast, loamy & steep downhill track with the legendary Steve Pear and Luca Shaw, this track looks sure to provide some epic racing and cement Les Gets' prestige as a classic World Cup venue. Les Gets World Cup is scheduled for July 2nd - 4th 2021 and is looking highly likely to go ahead. It's unsure what the situation will be with regards to fans, but there's one thing for sure, we couldn't be more excited to have racing back!


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 We're all kinds of fired up to have racing back! Things are looking positive for a more normal (epic) summer for 2021 here in the French Alps! France plans to open its borders from June 9th and the lifts open full time from June 18th.

For more information about Corona Virus and Morzine MTB Holidays, check out:

Your friends at Bike Morzine.
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 yes dude thanks for the heads up
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 I used you guys 6-7 years ago for a trip for PPDS, we had a great time... excellent Smile
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 @weeksy59: Glad to hear it! We've come a long way since then!

We're currently offering Covid Risk Free bookings with most of our properties, where you either get a holiday or a full refund, WIN:WIN in our eyes.

Get in touch at if you're interested it'd be great to see you again!
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 That track though, those off-camber sections. Looks like such a fun track
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 @BikeMorzine: do you offer any fake kidnapping services so my wife doesn’t know what I’m really doing for a week?

I’ll go home battered and bruised so I’ve got that part covered
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 @toad321: brilliant lmfao
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 @toad321: Hahaha. I'm sure we can arrange something, DM us your address and we'll send over the boys in balaclavas. Might have to take a few punches though to make it realistic?
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 Peaty's line selection is tight and crisp!
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 ^^this! And Peaty still has speed!
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 I think that's luca up front, right?
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 @Bikedude666: He's almost double Luca's age and close to the same speed (on a practice run at least)! So awesome to see him (his visor at least) riding DH tracks. He would probably obliterate the field if he did a masters world champs
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 @vesania: let's not forget that he's likely had a few pints at this point
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 Was thinking the same thing, some even looks faster than Luca. The old man still has it.
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 @ibis09: Agreed!
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 Who's Steve Pear?
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 Steve Peats twin brother who owns a fruit stall
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 Any relation to Amaury Pearon?
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 Stefan Garlicki's cousin
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 @BikeMorzine: there's always money in the pear stand!
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 Potato quality for Steve Pear
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 Seriously. It's 2021 man. This is pretty garbage quality. Definitely something that gets under my skin for "pro" videos.
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 @Remonster: it’s not a “pro” video. They are pro riders and it’s their helmet cam footage. Huge difference kids.
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 @Remonster: blame that on youtube's pathetic bitrate
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 At least Peary didn’t go down on the last corner this time
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 I was looking for this comment ! ty
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 Looks like a great course. Excited to see racing return Smile .

Also, my other takeaway from this... is that while retired, Steve Peat is still plenty fast on a bike. Good stuff.
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 Love me some Steve Pear
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 holy moly this track is nasty, gnarly, and with mud's gonna be carnage. on par with Val Di Sole for the scare factor
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 Have they forecast rain for early June? They can't even get tomorrow right around here nowadays...
Hang on, there's going to be a world cup?
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 @BenPea: no they haven't, but I am able to formulate hypothetical thoughts
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 @Bruccio: apologies, I have grammar autism.
With the rain in the Alps at the moment they'll be nothing left to come out of the sky in 4 weeks' time...
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 Damn damn damn. Unreal riding! This is exactly the type of stuff they need in world cup. Sick lines. Fat senders. Steeps. Big rock gardens are great don't get me wrong but this whole track from top to bottom was sick. Man I can't tell who was leading and filming but they both took some great lines with very very impressive bike handling.
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 I got arm pump holding my phone..
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 The new World Cup track is probably going to be quite a bit different to this one, although in the same area and using some of these sections. Either way it's going to be great to have a new, long, technical and challenging track
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 There's about 50 sections on that track were I'd be dead. Yeah, yeah... I know you guys don't think it's WC gnarly.
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 We Olde Dogs may not learn new tricks; but we can still close gaps. Nicely done.
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 EVERYONE: 5 minute track HELL YEAH

REDBULL TV: "1 minute" (if ya lucky)
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 No VPN for me, so…
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 Might be a dumb question but what's with all the whistles?
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 They're Marshalls whistling to alert any riders/spectators/drunken fans that riders are coming and go get off the trail!
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 warn spectators or media that riders are coming
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 @BikeMorzine: That makes sense. I've heard them in the background of lots of races I've watched and always wondered if it was a spectator, trainer, or officials thing
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 Isn't it essentially a tracking system...where the those Marshalls are set up periodically throughout the course, each one blows their whistle as the rider passes so that they will know if a rider has a crash in between the Marshalls? Like if Marshall #3 hears #2's whistle but then doesn't see the rider pass by them shortly after they know there was a crash between 2 and 3?

That might be totally wrong but that was always my assumption.
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 The old man still has the pace!
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 What? A world cup race? What kind of sorcery is that??
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 Holy off-camber sections.
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 I fell over just watching the video! And those gaps and drops to off-camber; if it’s muddy during the race it will be a wild one to watch.
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 Pretty sure I heard some brake before that first jump...any idea why they would intentionally case it? Was Shaw firing a warning shot to Peat? The world may never know...
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 I was wondering what was going on there too. I thought maybe Peat had to check up and that is why he cased, but that is just my moronic speculation.
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 sick...At 1:16...dropping into the darkness of the woods off the road, slappin' the left...phew, awesome.
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 Peat is still making it look easy. Love to see same age dudes still smashing, even if it is only a practice run.
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 well at least i know which trail i won't be able to ride this year at Morzine in August !
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 Only me or did Luca work a lot the first half and Steve just riding smooth and caught up and had to break again and again?
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 Calls the dude a legend then spells his last name wrong.
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 Loam (/lōm/): a soil with roughly equal proportions of sand, silt, and clay.
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 That's a big bottomless hole at 2:59! Sick track.
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 Gah need Peaty racing again, lad is so dialed!
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 Or is this old footage?!
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 So is this a complete new course? I don't recognize it?
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 The top section has never been open when I've been there. The section after the reservoir weaves in between Dans l'gaz and Airline.
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 Steve PEAR!!
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 Gonna need a lawyer for that case
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 The track looks spicyyyy! There were plenty of nasty off-camber sections!
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 cant wait to see Kade and Kaos demolish all of those top corners
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 Nice grassy lines
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 Track is full of Senders , looks more FR ish than DH ... fun though
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 Agreed. I thought after last year tracks were gonna go back to more gnarr and less berms and jumps. I guess the Brits did too well on Dh tracks so back to jumpy tracks. Hopefully it rains to spice it up a bit.
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 It's got its fair share of steeps and tight turns. The jumps do look fun though.
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