Video: Jaw-Dropping Scenery in Sölden, Austria with Wyn Masters

Apr 16, 2019 at 0:06
by BikeRepublicSoelden  
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For just one moment – imagine you’re a Kiwi. A Kiwi racing the DH World Cup, wearing the wheelie crown, shuttling from one spot to the next. What would you – what would Wyn Masters – wish for? Exactly: a home away from home.

How about a place nestling high up in the Alps? A place where elder statesmen maintain the ancient tracks and kids shred shaped lines. A nation where riders rule and where you get a passport with your lift ticket and the right to vote, too.

It sounds like utopia, but in the Austrian Alps, a set of avid mountain bikers have built a nation dedicated to riders: the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN. It’s a state that extensively caters for its citizens and takes care of 15 natural singletracks and 9 shaped lines winding through the jaw-dropping scenery of glaciers and meadows.

Watch wheelie machine Wyn arriving in nearby Innsbruck airport as a sceptic. He grabs his new passport, explores the nation on two (and one) wheels, meets with juniors and seniors – and fails to leave. Why? Find out in “Wyn Masters on Stately Mission – A Kiwi conquers the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN”

Also check out Wyn’s Wheelie Wednesday on the glacier road high up above Sölden here.

MENTIONS: @BikeRepublicSoelden


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 They need to fire the audio guy.
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 I think it's the guy with the rake
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 Looks like too much of highway flow trails for german ebikers... I don't get why they have to manicure all the gnar in the alps...
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 They wanted to bring more families, it makes more business to the resort, whole the Otztal has pumped something around 30 millions EUR for 3 years to build and maintain the trails, new valley trails for bikes etc. They think they need something rideable for most of the people so most of the trails is a flowy bermy trail. Then you have some more natural trails which are really technical and gnarly, but don´t expect a technical section on the machined trails.
Trust me, I have had to remove lot of fun features and make a blue from black section of the trail (psss it will get black again after some use)
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 "german" ebikers ... hahaha ... yes, we are all riding ebikes over here like all slovaks are speaking czech
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 @bok-CZ: I see the point and it makes me sad a bit. If they want to make money, they have to bring a lot of crowd and if they want to make most of it as region, they have to bring people with money who are willing to spend also on other facilities and services there. Can't blame anyone for that and it brings joy to a lot of people, but from active biker perspective it means, that the proliferation of commercial trail centers can actually lessen the amount of interesting riding spots (if the manicured trails are going hand in hand with closing alp paths for bikes). I can see it on our trails too - natural, raw and awkward trails are getting rare. Frown It also rises question how many of these flow trail centers are economically sustainable in quite small area from long term perspective. Well, we are probably going to Ischgl this year, Solden was possibility too.

@BochyTheKid: well, slovaks (except youngsters) in most cases are able to "speak" czech at some level (eg Babis Big Grin )
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 @kyytaM: well there's a view or the management and a view of the riders and builders and once the plan is going fine for the management then there is a way for riders and builders to have a chance, we must be patient and going forward, it's really a small group of experienced riders in a question of finance and honestly, we spend all of our money on bikes, camping on a park lot, families spend money on rental, accommodation, services... they are paying for the trails we want to ride
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 @BochyTheKid: Ha, I knew it. Those Czechs' g>
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 @BochyTheKid: hahahahhaha
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 ..If you want to avoid pistenbully like trails, you come to Slovenia... Wink
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 If you go there, don´t take your DH rig or you will pi**ed off.
Otherwise it´s really nice, Nene Trail is probably the best one. Don´t expect lots of jumps like in other bike parks, there is only few of them on one part of Teare line, this is not a bike park as usual, it´s more a trail center. Some of the trails are only accessible by bike, there is really nice one from glacier also. Not evet talking about the many "trails" in alpine around which are for hikers only by sign, but if you are not scared of 3 hours climb with your bike on your back, it´s great. You don´t find here the Whistler highway wide trails, more flowy single track and some technical alpine stuff.

PS: I am jealous he can ride the trail he does in the last minute as that´s a 7km trail I´ve been working on whole summer
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 Sorry but Soelden appart from the perfect mountains, with all the excavators, dust and gravel, looks just like giant gravel pit There is no respect for nature.
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 You don´t seem to know much about that, see my reply upper. BTW smash a rock you and have a stone, smash a stone you have smaller one, smash the smaller one and you have a gravel...and the Alps..they are made of rocks. From what I remember we had 2 excavators for 7km of a trail...have you seen those huge rocks? Do you want to see how it looked before we cutted the trail there? I can not imagine digging that without them it would cost 100x times more. Talking about work in from 2700m 2000m above the sea level even the machine is on it´s limits
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 @bok-CZ: Well I'm not talking about your work. The trails look realy nice. As a trail digger I know there is no possibilty of making such things with a shovel Smile I'm talking about the monstrous work at the top of the mountain with masive excavators just next to a giant parking lot Frown
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 @EC4EC4: that's a James Bond restaurant topic... Yeah you're right, rich bicht ski bar selfie project
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 f*** sölden, only for mass tourism! unfortunately there are not many alternatives in austria (besides leogang and serfaus).

if sölden had more technical trails and maybe a jumpline then you might consider going there, but not with all the flow trails. nene trail is cool. but as mentioned most things can't be ridden with a dh bike.
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 Schladming, Wagrain, Petzen...
  • + 4
 Semmering, Saalbach and Schöckl too. Plus many smaller parks, worth a day trip
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 Just go to bikepark Brandnertal in Vorarlberg - have a look at the helmet cam runs. The Whole DH track is littered with roots, jumps and gaps. That thing is technical as f***
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 @listeryu: yeah brandnertal is awesome, the tech trail is hard af but i think they only have three trails in total?

saalbach is pretty boring after a while and is pretty similar to sölden.

i used to live close to innsbruck. one might assume that there are TONS of trails (and parks), but unfortunately thats not the case.

btw: neustift is awesome!
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 @Demo8AUT: not that far to Paganella in IT Smile
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 Schladming is coming up with new things next year..I cant wait.
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Let´s just hope they don´t use the clean slate to rebuild things with a...let´s call it "more modern" style of track.
I´m a little bit worried they will make it less technical now that other parks in the region are pushing heavily for mass tourism. They might want to not get left behind and we end up with yet another flow style track :-/
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 Actually Sölden got some pretty tasty single track in the form of shared trails.
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 @Demo8AUT: sorry but compared to what other country does Austria have not many alternatives? Austria has tons of lift access bike parks, sadly Innsbruck is lacking considering the type of people that live and study there and especially considering they now host a crankworx but the whole country is littered with plenty of bike parks. Schladming is off the F@#king chain! “Not many alternatives” I’ve never even ridden there I’ve only ridden some and no where near all of the alternatives. Not mad just saying that in my opinion your statement has absolutely no truth to it. Hope you find some! Btw that video was extremely cringe worthy, poor Wyn.
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if u compare austrian bike parks to french or italian, or even uk, they are not as good. if you compare them to canadian, they're just poor.

hardly any park has more than 4-5 REAL trails. i have ridden brandnertal, serfaus, sölden, ibk, neustift, wagrain, leogang and schladming, most if them can be ridden within a few hrs.

all those parks are not bad, but the potential in austria is insane, but they just build trails for mass tourism, which is really sad, and biking outside those parks is forbidden.
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 @Demo8AUT But you don't actually think that anybod cares about that prohibition? Austria is full of trail, outside of the parks, and you can ride almost all of them without getting into any trouble.
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 @Floho: i know that noone cares, but when the going gets rough, the law always wins and as ppl are getting more and more stubborn...

i think i have to look for new trails to pedal when i move back, but i dont want to buy an enduro, just got myself a new dh bike haha

i like going to the park, but getting on top of the trail with my power is nice too!
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 Nice video, but i dont think it does the trails justice. Some of the trail there are really great, with enough berms to make you dizzy!
Although it doesnt have massive features or lot's of air, I really enjoyed riding there (as of 2 years ago...). Some trails in Europe can feel very "meh", half assed, but Bike Republic's trails feel very solid and well built!
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 Sölden is a place that has sold his soul to money years ago for skiing! It´s all about the money and zero interest in nature, sustainability or anything like that. Kind of weird to see Wny advertising for them as he seems to be a nice guy.
I wouldn´t set a foot or a tire there even if it was worth the riding!
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 I can not agree about the sustainability and zero interest in nature, you can not imagine how bloody difficult is the dealing with all the farmers up there. The trails are build to last long, if you look precisely, you can see we have putted all the grass sods back around the trail so the only thing you can see it´s the trail, no mess around. Also we´be been planting hundreds of trees, seeding grass etc
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 @bok-CZ: thanks for your sincere reply. I appreciate your work as a trailbuidler there and have high regards you try to built them as sustainable as possible.
I have never been to Sölden and probably never will. If you read my comment again it´s mainly about the winter season where commerce has taking over MASSIVLY! There is a reason it´s called the "Alpen-Ballerman". As climate is changing the winter season becomes shorter and shorter so they are looking for other ways to fill their beds throughout the year. Generally I think it´s a good thing that ski resorts open up to bikers, but for Sölden I just don´t see the right spirit there.
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 @Germanmike: Well honestly, of course it is about money, they don´t build the trails for community, they do it to bring more families over the summer season and I can really imagine how Solden in winter is the same money robber as Whistler and others. Worked there one summer I have to agree with you on this point. It is a business.
But on the other hand I have to say I´ve never seen so much care about the nature and trust me the local farmers push very hard to the resort to have their nature healthy and nice. Also...let´s face it, skiing never been for poor and sadly it has beginning to be a sport for dentists only which gets even more visible as our winter seasons are shorter and it´s mostly money what can get on a snowy slope. I would also like to see more spirit there. Damn you should see the possibilies to build a WC DH track there, I was pushing it but no chance.
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 @bok-CZ: I´m an oralsurgeon, so I had to laugh at your dentist comment (and I stopped skiing years agao for the harm it does to the mountains) - stop sharpening your axes guys, I ride an alloy Sentinel GX
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 @Germanmike: hahaha Iam on Yeti now Big Grin
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 the "silent" side of the valley is pretty nice, so the opposite side of the lift-access area. it is natural and quiet because somehow nobody actually wants to go uphill on their enduro bikes. I was there last year and saw the first rider after around 6 hours of pedalling around. but all the trails with lift access are not worth to go there in my opinion. not because they aren't build well but because of the sheer mass of riders.
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 Rode Sölden for a day last summer during a road trip. Brought along my 140/130mm Mojo 3 and ripped the place apart. Tons of fun, tons..!!
We’re doing two more Alps trips this year and Sölden is definitely on the list for a day and a half.
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 A lot of cheese, but Sölden's actually an amazing place to ride!
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 Gorgeous country and mountains. How every country, nationality an religion should be @ 1:28 !
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 Long, flowing, gleaming trails curling down the back of the mountain. Spectacular conditions, mates!
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 Appreciate the local euros stating the reality here in the comments.
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 I rode there last summer for a couple of days on my trail bike. Had a great time.
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 Dentist paradise right there!
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 I'll go... Wink

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