Race Report: The 2020 Tennessee National - Windrock Bike Park

Mar 10, 2020 at 11:30
by Burke Saunders  

Windrock Bike Park has built a reputation around its terrain and the ability to create the trails that many talk about building but aren't always able to. Over the last few years, Windrock Bike Park has seen more and more international riders coming from all over the globe to ride because of its steep and relentlessly rough terrain. It has helped serve as a training ground for some of the Southeast World Cup talents like Luca Shaw, Neko Mulally, now Knoxville resident - Dakotah Norton, and young up and comer Chris Grice - to name a few.

Last year, several trade teams used the event as a training ground before the first World Cup and the 2020 Tennessee National was no exception. This year, however, the rain held off and conditions were prime for a stacked roster of racers.

Wasting no time, riders were ready to catch the first shuttle up.

Less rules = more fun. OG - Mickey D bringing the Ruckus.

Starting off in the Industry Nine start gate, you pretty much are up to speed right out of the gate.
...and right into the thick of it. A common theme at Windrock.

Luca with the high-speed shimmying through the trees in the first ten seconds of the track.

Some line options started opening up after the tree hallway up top.
Walker on the move over the awkward moto roller.

Getting into the main rock section of the track - Middle Finger.

Gnarly Mulally doin' his thing in the rocks.
Once you're through the rocks it's not over...
Same section, different approach - Luca Shaw

This corner took out more than a few riders throughout practice and racing.
Intense Factory Junior - Seth Sherlock laying it down between sections.

...and back up to full speed again trough this berm.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Luca following the signage.

Walker Shaw - on the gas.

Right back up to speed after the slabby section.

Highlighting & implementing a few of the key principles of Dodgeball...

Seth Hansen ripping this section about as fast as humanly possible. Those moto skills shining through!

Smooth and silent - Dak making his way through a make-or-break section for your race run.


The lead-in to the finish area.

...with a ten-ish foot drop into...

A 40 foot step up before the Red Bull Ravine.
The end in sight, just over that wall of a jump, some berms, and a drop into the finish area.

Pageau laying down a second-place run in front of the crowd plus a full shuttle.

Scrub it, squash it, push it, flick it.

Luca sittin' sideways

And digging deep to cut back seconds.

Steve Walton hammering to a well deserved 4th place.

Seth Sherlock smooth as butter through the last couple turns... Or over them, I should say.

Dak goes fastest as he crosses the line as the last man down.

Still friends on race day - gotta love the friendly rivalry.

Everyone agreed to was too chilly for a champagne shower on the Pro Podium.

He ain't playin' this year...

DH and Enduro in one weekend, Frida Ronning made a strong comeback from a series of shoulder injuries.

Huge thank you to Windrock Bike park, Sean Leader, Cory Rimmer, and everyone involved who made this event as wildly fun and successful as it was!


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 Windrock is one of those places where your "after ride phone call with your wife" goes something like this

Wife- How was riding today?

Me- Well I didn't die, so there's that...
  • 59 0
 Mine goes-
Wife: "Did you fall?"
Me : "I'm not hurt."
Wife: "How did you fall?"
Me: "Who says I fell? I said I'm not hurt."
Wife: "I'm going to bed. Take a shower so you don't stick to the sheets like last time."
Me: "Love you too."
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 @blowmyfuse: that's pure gold sir.
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 @blowmyfuse: Yes! My wife tells me the same thing!!!!!!!!!
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 It's Tennessee, if it's to cold for a champagne shower give them a bottle of Jack. It's not rocket science.
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 It's too though - speaking of rocket science.
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 @beanandcheeseburrito: dam, u realy roasted me to good their
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 @skidmarkbro: it's all good tho, I no you no what you ment to say.
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 At least I got to watch one race this year.
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 Ride the Rock!
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 I must go to there.
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 Yes, you must.
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 Go straight up to Windmill for a warm up run. It's a perfect introduction."
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 “Take me to another place, take me to another land...”
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 What are those new lowers for? I've been seeing people run fox 40 lowers that are white...
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 There was obviously a woman's class in this race, as seen in the podium photos. But why none of them racing? Typical DH bro-fest.
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 1 photographer... almost 2 miles of course....effort to catch multiple sections....results in hard choices.
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 @tadgercat: Women and Men race in separate waves, so how does your comment make sense? The photographer could just be present for both the women and mens race.
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