Video: Luke Strobel Shreds Through a Burnt Out Forest

Aug 14, 2020 at 18:48
by CKLites  

"I never thought I would be an e bike guy, but the Levo SL has me thinking otherwise. After a long day of work, the SL let’s me to get to the top of the hill for some laps. And quite honestly it feels like a trail bike going down. Love it." Luke Strobel


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 Ebikes on deep creek are legal now? Nope. Specialized is using an area closed to ebikes for commercial uses. This video could be construed by those that don’t want bikes in wilderness places as a demonstration of why we shouldn’t be.
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 Exactly! It's hard enough to get and keep legal access, and you have large companies and local riders that know better not seeming to care.
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 Certainly not trying to defend Spez, but isn’t it possible that they worked out a deal with whatever authority is in charge of Deep Creek?

Something like “you can shred it for this one commercial but we expect you to rebuild/repair/recompense”?

I dunno... mental gymnastics so I don’t hate myself for riding my Stumpy...
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 @Osirian: Definitely not the case. It's USFS land, very popular with hikers and a permit is also need to shoot video or take pix for commercial use.
I still love my SJ evo though...
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 Did this shit in LA after the Woolsey fire too.
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 What it's worth their dealers also encourage illegal use. Gerks in Issaquah has tons of these bikes out for sale but there are no legal ebike trails within 90 minutes- closest is at mt St Helens. I ask the sales guy where I can ride if I buy one and he just starts on a big list of illegal places: 360, Tokul.

I'm glad this article is on pinkbike and I hope it stays.

This is what "electrics endanger access" looks like.
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 @Mtmw: FYI, ebikes are legal in WA state parks anywhere regular bikes are allowed. That’d probably make Olallie the closest legal spot from Gerks, a mere 20 minutes down I90. My point is, there are a lot of legal options within 90 minutes of Seattle.

Agreed they shouldn’t encourage use where they aren’t technically allowed but I think we all should have a more open mind towards them as they are here to stay.
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 @Murphius: Not even close to true. Ebikes are only legal if the landowner allows it. DNR and county parks do NOT allow ebikes. Ollalie, Tiger, Raging, Duthie, Grand Ridge and pretty much every legal riding area on i90 do NOT allow ebikes. The only legal trails that do allow them are Summit Ridge in Black Diamond, North Mountain in Darrington,
Ebikes are here to stay and things are in motion, but the industry is pushing it quicker than land managers can deal with the issue.
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 @Murphius: They're illegal to ride at Ollalie. There are zero legal singletrack ebike options within 90 minutes of Issaquah. There is an ebikes map on the evergreen website, click on ebikes and read the map. We should not argue over publicly available facts.

Please do not downgrade a crime to "technically not allowed".

If a crime is here to stay (and I agree with you, it is) then land mangers are going to close trails to all of us.

I agree with you and I urge you to also keep an open mind and consider this idea: electrics endanger access and this video is proof.
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 @MrLynch: I said state parks, not DNR not county parks.

Olallie is a state park:
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 @Mtmw: See my post above. Additionally, right across 410 from deep creek is suntop which allows e bikes as well as motos. That’s an hour from Issaquah.

I personally feel you are exaggerating things, what damage is an e bike doing that a regular bike isn’t? Out of curiosity, have you ever ridden one?
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 @Murphius: Quit with your facts and sensible conclusions! This is a place for outrage!!

Now let us all get out our tailgate pads, burn some fossil fuel and shuttle the shit out of the 410 trails!

We can skid to a stop at very 6” drop and blow out all the outside corners because we only know one way to ride and it’s not on the devils battery bike
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 @Charlesatlarge: Haha, thanks for the laugh!
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 @Murphius: I didn't claim they do extra damage. And I can't ride one because there's nowhere legal to ride them where I live. I've commuted for a few years on an electric skateboard and that was transformatively different from skateboarding and a lot of fun, I expect it's the same with trail mopeds.

I also have lived next to trails that got closed due to abuse of the landowner's rules, and that was deeply not fun.

It's not about whether they SHOULD be banned, it's about whether they ARE banned. Evergreen spent twenty years getting a trail system for bikes built around Seattle. You want a system for mopeds? Build a community and put in twenty years of work. Don't go out and lawlessly appropriate and destroy someone else's work.

My PB trail karma profile says I put hundreds into Evergreen because I do. Those trails are a community investment and you should expect a community to be protective of its investments.
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 Spoke with a forest ranger above this trail last week, he asked about ebikes and was clear on ALL bike access being at risk if people with ebikes continue to ride anything other than the gravel forest roads. His take was that they are motorbikes...and as he is getting tired of issuing warnings, will start issuing citations to ebike riders not on gravel roads. Strobel is great, specialized sucks...yada yada yada... but advertising an illegal bike on these trails is going to screw us all out of riding up here. Its an pretty easy pedal up there, just enjoy a putting some actual physical effort into pedaling your non-motorized bike.
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 Poor ranger is so misinformed. Cant really ride faster dh on an e bike vs dh or enduro
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 ALL E Bikes are not allowed on any of those trails. The entire area is blown out( Way took many people ) this video is good but needs to be taken off this site. I'm surprised it made it this far!!
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 @jrocksdh: Ranger is not misinformed!!
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 @liberache: im sure your right...more like the policy makers ignorance.
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 I’m still not used to see him on bike that is not an Evil
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 Yep, going from Evil to the Big S seems like a 180 from a brand perspective.
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 A bike*
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 He might still be on an Evil bike.
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 @Mtmw: I see what you did there.
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 Honestly very sad to see...dude went from being one of the fastest guys around riding for a local bike company to pushing Ebikes on trails that don't allow them.
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 95% of people shuttle that trail and nearby trails. I’d have to give it to the pedal assisted ebike as being the green option.
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 95% of the ebikes shuttle these trails too
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 This makes me wanna ride Palisades.
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 I may need to go this afternoon
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 and deep creek
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 @Icehawk: I'm unsure how often any of you folks ride up in here but it has been way over blown !!! I'm surprised some of you just tell all about these locations?? Keep it to ourselves please. When was the last time you rode up here?
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 @liberache: huh? deep creek is on's not a secret trail. I have a friend with a cabin in greenwater so I ride up there quite often. Last time was a couple weeks ago
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 Too bad all the builds are a joke and have trash components for almost $10g........lmao.

If I could pick up a frame maybe.
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 I think you can for the SL.... only $6800! that's lmao!
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 @blcman: whaaaat? Really? Haha
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 I'm super duper familiar with the area and E Bikes are not allowed. The fact that this video ( and its a good one) was able to be put on this website is beyond me. I believe this lil movie edit should not be allowed on Pink Bike!!
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 I think he had more fun on Evil Bikes, those Following Raw edits were nutz!
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 If you ride up the Forest Road with Pedal assist on the Levo SL and switch it off on the DH, would that still be “illegal”?
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 Specialized only cares about 1 thing....$$$$. Go back to the Demo trails, nutsacks.
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 Regardless of your feeling about e-bike, it's pretty lame coming from Specialized. It's not specific about e-bikes, many times companies use illegal trails or blown up any trail to promote their business but give zero fuck about grassroots, locals maintaining these trails. It's time for us customers to be more critical about how and who we finance in the industry. The same goes with YouTubers poachers, they come to pump their ego and wallets on a riding spot but never show up to dig or to develop trail access.
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 he was plowing way more than he did on his evils, sorry he is a great rider with mad style but this was great for an ebike but doesnt compare to how he ripped corners in the past.
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 Ya no, youre right out of it. The sl is basically a 38lb stumpy
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 I dunno he’d definitely rip harder on a 28lb stumpy too
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 @LaXcarp: no he wouldnt. Theres benefits to weight especially in loose conditions like in the vid. Most current rampage and fest competitors bikes would be in the 38lb range or heavier. Comps where style matters. Light bikes suck for stability. Shit, many enduro bikes weigh that much. Youre another person that needs to try an emtb it seems. By "try" i mean , actually put some time in. I would never want an class1 pedal assist bike lighter than 35lbs if that was possible
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 Okey dokey, glad you have ebikes, strobel, and me all figured out.
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 I don’t think a SL has enough battery range to do all that on one charge.
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 Another over to the dark side
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 Pinkbike just set a new record for the most ebike articles in a day. It's only Monday
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 Watch a video of Strobel on an Evil, then watch this video and tell me which looks more fun. I get it, more laps more daps, same workout twice the descending, whatever... Some things are about quality, though. Full disclosure: I've never ridden an ebike. It's almost painful to see Luke not throwing is bike around...
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 Ya you dont know what your talking about so stop pretending . The sl weighs 38lbs and its the same geo as a stumpy
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: Just watch him on an Evil. Seriously.
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 @scvkurt03: i have seen them all and theyre quite memorable, and longer i might add. Different trail. Different conditions. Different day. I liked/like all his vids . Good tunes too. You trying to blame it on the bike because you dont like emtb's is a cop out and youve even convinced yourself its because he's on an emtb , or atleast enough that you feel you can cut him down. A stumpy has been proven to hold its own(Finn Illes just cleaned up in enduro on one) and this sl is identical geo and its 38lbs/facts
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: I don't dislike ebikes. As I said, I've never ridden one. I know like 8 guys with an SL and they all have analog bikes, too. 5-8 pounds heavier than your average trail/enduro rig which is definitely great for an ebike. You can build up a heavy race bike for ride quality or durability purposes but don't pretend you can't feel that motor if you're riding in that playful Strobel way. There's a better tool for that kind of riding. That's all I'm saying.
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 @scvkurt03: yes, you can feel the benefit. Theres literally thousands of edits with people ripping on high 30lb bikes "playful like Strobel". From every enduro racer to every dh racer to every freerider. Watch all the commencal wc downhillers and enduro racers on the vids for the new clash and the new meta. Those bikes are 36-38lbs as set up. I dont think ive seen an arguement that has so many examples disproving a theory. If you cant see or admit that i giess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: clearly we are seeing different things when we are watching these videos. There’s a sizeable handling difference between a 40lb bike and a 30lb bike. I guess we’ll just disagree.
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 @scvkurt03: haaa now your just rounding the sl up to 40lbs. You do know that his 29er evil that he was on and winning pnw cup dh with was more like 35lbs? That would put the difference at 3 to 5lbs at the most . Probably 4 lbs because i'd bet he has real tires on his sl
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: Now you’re comparing the SL to a DH race bike? And also assuming everyone’s buying the 13k SWorks to get to 38. These bikes are mostly 40+, and comparing it to even an Enduro race rig is ridiculous - people build those up to make it through tough days, not to throw them around for sick edits. How bout comparing it to an SWorks stumpy? I’ve seen those well under 30. There’s easily a ~10lb difference between like builds.

Stop contorting my argument - it’s not really that radical. Bottom line, Strobel looks better in every Evil video than he does on an SL. Not sure why that wrinkles your panties so much.
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 @scvkurt03: he was winning those races with the same bike he did his edits on. It was evils 29er trail bike. They dont have a dh bike , let alone a 29er dh bike. Another thing you dont know i guess. Try and keep up skippy
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: Now you're just being an ass, and an obtuse one at that. Later "skippy".
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 @scvkurt03: ya sorry, bad joke. You said you liked his evil edits. I figured you knew what bike he was on. I dont even know the model name it is because i generally dont buy carbon wonder bikes. It did get lots of mention at the time because it was a 9er trail bike though. He wouldve put dh casing tires on, rims and rotors, pedals and a coil and probably more burl. Similar travel to the sl
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: Thought we'd be comparing bikes of similar travel. You keep wanting to throw his 170/160 bike with DH casings out there as if that's a relevant comparison to a weight weenie build on an SL, so whatever.
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 @scvkurt03: similar build and similar can hear his tires. Dh tires with liners. Not sure he had liners in the evil but probably. 4lb weight difference max. Also he's not in the "playful" category. He'es a foot out flat out turn and berm destroyer. Just like this vid and all others. Ill put the bill in the mail for the education. With the speed of your post you wont have to pay for a few months/small bit of interest of course. Youre welcome
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: You think an SL with DH tires and inserts weighs 38lbs? Hahaha. Ok!

Dude, get a grip. You're literally comparing a Wreckoning set up for DH racing with an SL. These bikes are in totally different categories and do NOT get ridden the same.
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 @scvkurt03: his sl is probably 160/156 like the other sponsered rider that rides one and the tires are probably double down weight with light liners. Full dh tires on that bike with small batteries wont last long. Adds 1lb so 39lb. Difference between 39 and 35 is 4lb like i said above. Vid shows they get ridden similar because they obviously can. Ill take that accounting fee on to the outstanding education bill. Youre welcome
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: Same joke twice, still comparing it to a DH race rig. Yawn.
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 Historically, people of EBike have been largely underserved in the outdoor industry, so we should start there with the understanding that the same systems of power that exclude people of Ebike , exclude other marginalized groups as well. The ultimate goal is for the world of cycling to be representative of the world around us, full of all genders, Ebike , and backgrounds.
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 Seriously bad form posting this video blatantly riding where e bikes are not allowed.
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 WOW! Did you sell out or what, Luke Strobel? Cruising on an e-bike for SpecialSnowflake drone footage; way to go. Deep Creek is a quality trail but not for e-bikes. Losers, you and your $$$ brand.
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 neal shred's deep creek way looser than his bro Razz on a giant reign with a 463mm chainstay none the less!
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 #youwin Smile
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 ...a friend of 25 years got a new levo earlier this year. I no longer talk to him about bikes or pretend that he rides one.
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 I don't have any friends that ride specialized
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 ...this is pretty fitting of everything that is wrong with America right now.
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 @jgainey: Agreed! E-bikes are a great example of entitled lazy American greed.
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 We need more "classic push your bike away shots"
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 Is he no longer working for Evil?
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 He works for the bigger Evil now
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 Seldom utilized 410 gem, kudos on Deep Creek bud! Spent the weekend in the valley last week!
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 Seldom?? It's completely over-run with tool many people!!!
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 E-bikes are not Evil
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 Hell yea Strobel! Looking good on that SL.
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 Super sick vid! Stoked to see Luke shredding the Levo! I love my Kenevo.
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