Commencal Bicycles Back on the American Market

Dec 18, 2012 at 2:51
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

COMMENCAL Bicycles put in place a new distribution system, based in Las Vegas, NV, in partnership with JM Gagne. COMMENCAL America counts on the distribution experience of industry professionals acquired over the past 15 years and will use a direct to consumer model in North America to handle sales and service.

"COMMENCAL's new direction is in line with consumer’s habit of buying quality products online and allows us to have products readily available for the consumers and ensure a service of unequaled quality” said JM Gagne (partner in COMMENCAL America).

"It was time for COMMENCAL to go in a different direction in North America. After trying different venues we felt that JM Gagne had the expertise to position COMMENCAL as a leading brand in North America,”

Beginning immediately COMMENCAL America will start taking orders via phone and emails on 2013 models for a January/February delivery. A limited quantity of the 2013 models will be available. Also, some 2012 models are available for immediate delivery. The new website will launch early January 2013. In the meantime, visit to view the current models. Please contact JM Gagne at COMMENCAL America for immediate pricing information.

By email at
By phone at +1-702-677-0701

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 Cor they went with a massive budget on that logo.... Looks like my 2 year old Niece cut the letters out of Commencal and spelled America. It's not even straight!

The direct to consumer route is a bit rubbish because you won't be able to see the bike in the flesh before you buy it unless you're fortunate enough to see one on the trails. The third link- the retailer- is cut from the deal leaving the distributer and manufacturer to divide the profits.

Deals like this are bad for our industry IMO- it's happened in the surf industry. You used to go to surf towns and go into all the independent surf shops- now they've all closed and there's the Quiksilver store, Animal store and Rip Curl store- the big names have decided why should they give a slice of the money away when they can sell direct to the end consumer? Have they taken down prices as a result? Have they f*ck.
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 Yep I've cracked 3 meta 4x frames all in the same spot as well as a meta 55. The meta 4x originally came with 2yr warranty from 06-10. The when my 2010 cracked they said the crack wasn't that bad and warranty is only 6months. Hhhuh it's like they knew the bike was trash and had to find a way to get around the design flaws. So if you buy any of their 6month warranty frames be sure not to get it in October because as soon as the snow melts and you can finally ride the pretty looking POS that you spent all that money on has NO Warrenty. Im a welder too so if any of you guys want me to wldvyou something I know won't last let me know cause I'll paint and polish a nice tird up for you and then mail it to you in 4 months when it's winter. Yah I'm bitter
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 You can feel the passion in that comment mate- and yeah I've snapped a Meta 4x myself! Don't ask me why but I now ride an absolut sx!! Oh hang on, I remember now.... Commencal pissed off their UK distributor that badly that all their bikes were sold as cheap as chips just to get rid of them. That's why i bought it- cos it was half price!!
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 Yep unfortunately I ealy loved ripping on the 4x.. It's just the damn diabolo rocker mount was welded to a thin downtube. if they would have squared out the tube and raised the rocket plate off the tube. This problem would have been much less. Oh and the slap in the face is the only offer they extended to me was worse that the standard chain reaction price.
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 Ah customer-direct sales: the calling card of every successful bike company.
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 Now the USA can have one of these ' cracking ' commencals Smile Arent you lucky!
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 ^ YAY.

Just what I was thinking.
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 if it said trek or any other expensive brand with breakage issues on that downtube none of you would think anything of it... just saying
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 Love them. Daughter rides her built DJ steel Absolut hardtail to school. Junior has a built Absolut SX singlespeed and I run a built Supreme Racing Mini dh for the local thight dh track. 30% sag, 250lb/DH3 and 64 degree, silverspring upfront.

Troublefree and very well designed suspensionbikes. The Supreme rearend is really smooth and well controlled, might feel a bit dead-smooth at slow to medium pace but comes to live at fast pace.
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 just sell through shops, I hate having to drive up to whistler (or even farther if you're unlucky) to look at a new frame when all I have to do to check out a rocky mountain/specialized/trek is ride 5 minutes
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 I just discovered a crack at the head set on my Commencal Combi S that was put away all winter. Three years, two weeks old!! Contacted JM and he said, 'over three years, buy new frame!' Three year disposable bikes, ha this has never been on more that gravel trails. I have had literally dozens of bikes, not one less that 5 years old.

Can't be fixed per welding people; the break is because of too hot welding that ruined the temper.
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 direct to us bike shops no longer have to face the embarrassment dealing with loads of customers' broken, cracked, poorly-designed bikes
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 Yah at least BTI took care of the crack issues and warranty. Because they were American and cared about American riders and their reputation as a distributer. I wish all us cracked frames guys would file a lawsuit against them for continuing to mufacture and sell frames they knew were faulty.
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 Yay I want the absolut sx so much
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 I like this years color that they used on their bikes
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 not liking the colours this year, waiting till blues out again before getting a new dh v3 frame if I ever do
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 I hope the US gets better than the 6 month warranty my friend got with his Supreme DH here in the UK!
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 Commencal 2013, load and loads of cracking deals for the consumer...
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 all these jokes about commencal's frames breaking crack me up Wink
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 i am really happy with my Absolut s'e'x Wink
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 Most excellent!!

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