Must Watch: Kilian Bron Continues His World Tour in 'Cross Countries'

May 16, 2023 at 9:15
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Words: Commencal

In his new edit "Cross Countries” Kilian goes on another tour, this time on some of the most beautiful North American trails. From the roots of mountain biking in the USA, to the dense Canadian forests and rock slabs of British Columbia, the best spots are all on show. Behind the handlebars of his T.E.M.P.O. our brand new ultra efficient and super reactive trail bike, he just goes on and on!

The steep chutes of Sedona, Squamish Jurassic Five, bike-life in NYC, the Pemberton train gap, slick rock in Moab or a Honolulu ridge line… Kilian boarder hops (Cross Countries) in the most beautiful way, as he moves towards a new chapter in his riding life with redesigned video format ideas, so that you are evermore immersed in his extraordinary adventures in the future..

bigquotesFor years now, I have based my vision of mountain biking around unusual and visually impressive places, mainly far from bike parks and trail centres. All these places fascinate me, the encounters along the way too, without forgetting the production work that runs alongside a film like this.Kilian Bron

Manhattan- Cross Countries by Kilian Bron

Grand Junction- Cross Countries by Kilian Bron
Sedona- Cross Countries by Kilian Bron

Manhattan- Cross Countries by Kilian Bron

Squamish- Cross Countries by Kilian Bron
North Van- Cross Countries by Kilian Bron

Rider: Kilian Bron
Directed by: Kilian Bron & Pierre Henni
Filming & editing: Pierre Henni
Drone FPV: Cinematic Flow
Photography: JB Liautard

Many thanks to COMMENCAL USA and COMMENCAL Canada who thoroughly played the game to help make this project a reality.

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 Stunning cinematography! Amazing work by the whole team on this one.
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 Kilian might be the best "content athlete" in the game, his videos are always creative and so dialled. They always feel like what segments of a feature MTB film would be if they still did those these days. Incredible.
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 I feel like you're doing him a disservice calling him a "content athlete." He's just a legendary freerider producing top tier cinematography.
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 @mkul7r4: sure. I more meant someone who pretty much only films. Even freeriders who don't compete at rampage have other events (Fest Series, Freeride Fiesta, etc). Irregardless what label we put on it, top-end videos from the man!
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 @mkul7r4: Not really a freerider in the traditional sense, he was an enduro racer and big mountain enduro specialist. Won the Mountain of Hell 3 times in a row and has been second twice at Megavalanche (robbed of the win last year by a flat tire).
I’d put him more in with Danny Mac, mad bike skills, can ride anything and has incredible vision. Puts all of this together to make mind blowing edits. Content athlete isn’t too far out but I get your point that this term could also be used to describe somebody with bike skills nowhere near Killians.
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 This is a phenomenal display of riding and cinematography. Unfortunately, it appears that the arch he rides over is Centennial Arch near Grand Junction Colorado. That arch is within the Congressionally designated Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Area. As per the 1964 Wilderness act, "there shall be no...form of mechanical transport" within Wilderness Areas. This includes bicycles. Displaying such activity is sad to see, as it is not only illegal, but can weaken relationships with land managers, thus diminishing the good status of the MTB community. I'm happy to be wrong here, so if I'm missing some information here, please respond.
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 This was my first thought seeing it as well. Such a good video and then you see him riding across one of our nations most recognizable (and fragile) natural landmarks. Stupid stunt IMO that will likely land him in some hot water as this video gets proliferated.
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 Well said. It wasn't even impressive from a riding perspective. Cool cinematography yes, but could have just been a drone shot and been just as impressive.
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 You're not wrong, except that the arch is not Centennial, it's Rattlesnake.

The Rattlesnake canyons are a weird zone, definitely in a designated wilderness and within the boundaries of the national monument, but there is a 2-mile cutout the width of a road that was specifically made to allow 4x4 access to the arches (not too many people want to deal with the 16 mile technical slog to get there from the river). The arches sit a few hundred yards inside the wilderness boundary, but on any given day you'll find a bunch of a*sholes driving jeeps or ATVs on the old double track and within a few 100' of some of the arches. Definitely a dumb move from Kilian/Commencal not to have done their homework on this, even if they were there when a pile of other idiots were happily petrotaining in an area they shouldn't be in.

Similar to the Dean Potter climbing Delicate Arch story which led to a climbing ban in Arches NP years ago: it's fine if anonymous asshats do it on a regular basis, but once a more visible member of a user group perceived as problematic does it and it makes a bit of noise (regardless of impact, of which there was none, especially compared to a jeep trashing trough the area), the BLM takes a close look and can be expected to act as they always do, heavy handedly and with wide consequences.

Edit: I did not put a * in a*shole, PB did that. My feelings about petro-douches warrant many more ***.
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 Always stoked when a Killian Bron video is released- especially when it has shots from home!
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flag ace9 (May 17, 2023 at 9:15) (Below Threshold)
 certainly not a must watch, though
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 @ace9: If this isn't a "MUST f*ckING WATCH", I'm completely at a loss for what is.
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 @ace9: who hurt you?
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 Just had an absolutely awful day at work! This made it so much better thankyou, Kilian must have seen more epic sunrises , sunsets and scenery than most will experience in a lifetime, true spiritual enrichment in that vid
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 All this on a 125mm tempo? WTF
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 Some epic riding and amazing shots in here. I wonder if he asked Remy about recreating that shot with the climber.... This definitely makes me want to take the TEMPO for a spin.
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 Commencal marketing is very good.
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 Those kids killing it in NYC!!!
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 This is what it feels like when I go for a ride. Smile
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 That headset cable routing doesn’t seem to hold him back at all
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 Literal and figurative cable tourism
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 Is that speed shot the ribbon? Looks familiar!
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 I'm just wondering how many US jaws are dropping thinking that's MPH and not KPH. Not that 50MPH isn't still flying...
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 100% is the ribbon. Grand Junction/Lunch Loops for those who don't know, super cool ride.
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 Oh mah gawd, now I want a tempo, sick riding insane cinematography as usual and stunning locations.
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 Another banger from Kilian, it must have been an early one to get the shot at devils bridge Sedona ? Never thought of riding that one, for fear of getting smacked by an angry hiker that’s been waiting in line for 2 hours!

Amazing riding again Kilian and superb work from everyone involved in the makingtup
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 I stand corrected? Not devils bridge! Maybe utah?
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 Wow! Stunning. Clever shots. Amazing scenery and riding. We are spoiled as viewers.
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 sure...leave out the entire Midwest and Southeast....I see how it is Commencal Wink
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 If we manage contact with aliens one day, we have to show them this video!
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 No other bike brand does films quite like Commencal.
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 The only bad thing about this was no 4k, the 1080p was often very blurry Frown
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 ANyone who's ever tried one knows the most impressive part is the roller at the end.
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 Makes me question if I really need as big of bike as I think I do...
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 I quit! Sheesh.
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 Got my heart goin a bit there.
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 That arch legal to ride? I hope so...
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 You can't film in casinos either, but hey.......
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 Well, it was built for riding!
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 man, your videos are so insanely good. so much stoke and beauty.
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 Mind blowing video, mind numbing audio.
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 That was awesome!
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 No fullface (OMG)
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 Absolute masterpiece!
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 Very good stuff
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 Video is not available?
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 How is this dude consistently pushing the very boundaries of what's possible on a mountain bike. He never stops.

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