Video: DJ Brandt Goes Big in the Desert for 'Freedom 35'

Jan 5, 2020 at 1:30
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Going big from a whole different angle! DJ Brandt is back in the desert living his best life in Freedom 35.

Rider: DJ Brandt
Video: Tory Powers / FulFrame
Editing: Tory Powers / DJ Brandt
Additional Cinematography: Peter Jamison
Music: Stamatis Stabos - Unknown Shore
Location: Utah
Main Sponsors: COMMENCAL / ROCKSTAR Energy


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 Pretty sure DJ was filming for this near the old Rampage site back in mid-November. At the end of the day he was making his way down from the ridge where we were seshing a step up in a line of three jumps. He cork flipped the step up and styled the rest and made the kids night. Super humble dude
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 Thank you!!!
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 I love that a lot of these aren't one-hitters. So wild.
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 That was supposed to be a heart haha
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 Heavy video. Imagine doing Rampage then rolling into all this for weeks after that contest. Heavy month of riding if not more. The spin into the flat flip was rowdy. Everyone went nuts when claw three'd into a double drop and then super seated out. That was next level.
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 is that first on/off the same one from stripped? so dope! I think biking needs a full length with riders like DJ and Paul Genovese and Dylan Stark all in if we want to save our sport from the mountain enduro adventure instagram f*cks. Thanks DJ Brandt for keeping me wanting to ride bikes a bit longer
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 Don’t you worry, Ethan Reed and I are wayyyy ahead of you! Appreciate the kind words!
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 yo why am i crying
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 It’s ok to cry baby 3
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 Freedom 35 eh? Trailer park boys reference?
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 Hahaha glad you caught that
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 Got to love that 30" step up that DJ back flips at the beginning, Really want to build a jump like that!
Only thing you can do wrong on a jump like that is go too slow?
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 The first time I saw DJ was at Highland a few years ago and thought who TF is this wild man. He's by far one of the most talented people I've ever seen on two wheels.
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 Mucho appreciated!!
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 That was the heaviest Utah edit in awhile, and every Utah edit is heavy!
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 Thats some commitment to get drug into a huge step up at 52mph!
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 Freedom 52
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 We saw that step up last week in Virgin and wondered how/if it would work. Now we know!
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 Okay show all kinds of videos with the word f*ck in them, but I can't say f*ck here? What the f*ck?
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 If you make a video as sick as this one we'll run it. Smile
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 Peter Jamison kills it. We ran into him and Reed Boggs working on a project at the old Rampage site last week. Super nice guy and a hell of a rider in his own right.
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 Man...we gotta have a drought of biblical proportions in WNC to be able to do those drifts he was doing.

That...or poach stuff we shouldn't be. Which...we shouldn't be. So...if you see drifting videos from WNC...they probably poachin' Big Grin
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 Love you DJ! You have such a unique and awesome style!!! Loved your deity video "Average Days" , still one on my favorite today. Keep shredding, future's bright Smile
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 Illest edit of the year! Killin it DJ
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 Hope to be seeing Dj in Rampage again. The man's got the style and bag of tricks to podium, just needs to unlock them in his way down somehow.
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 So rad. Dude's got awesome style. Those inverts are so good.
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 the slingshot from the towline at the beginning of the shoot.....lots of possibilities for riders in outlying areas
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 The split into two people trick is something. #doyoubelieveinmagic
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 Next level shit! Hell yeah DJ you are a bad muthafuckahhh!
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 stunning. one of the best clips ever in my humble opinion.
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 freeride edit of the year already!
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 nice one!
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 Redbull athlete: you can tell I'm sponsored by Redbull because it says so on my helmet.

Monster athlete: you can tell I'm sponsored by Monster because it says so on my helmet.

Rockstar athlete: you can tell I'm sponsored by Rockstar because I'm going to include super gratuitous shots of me drinking Rockstar, and I'm going to clog my insta feed with really awkward shots of me acting like I actually drink this sugary piss water. *it also says so on my helmet.
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 Trailer park boys freeriding baby !!!
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 *featuring Dwayne Johnson jr.
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 love watching him can can
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 So sick
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 Awesome edit
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 Wow! that was unreal.
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