Video: Hardtail Freeriding in the French Alps

Sep 24, 2014 at 9:18
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
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Footage and edit: Cyril Querin Rider: Eric Querin.


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 Oh my god i cant believe they would call this freeriding sheesh what were they thinking!!!.... Hahaha who the hell cares, the labels only apply to what bike you buy. I saw a video last week of a guy shredding his dirt jumper on whistler trails.
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 Came here to basically say this.
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 He is free, and he is riding, what else do you need?
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 thanx toninok !
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 Freeriding is NOT free riding...! So, if they call THAT freeriding, I call it, slow, hardish trail riding. Or is it trailriding?
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 This video is an insult to hard tail riders.
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 couldn't agree more
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 @MDRipper That was because the guy riding his DJ in the Whistler vid had his DH rig stolen the night before-Connor Macfarlane you're talking about
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 how could pinkbike approve this title.
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 A hyphen would suffice although it no longer matters.
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 Next up, a toddler on a balance bike in the back yard... We'll call that DH.
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 it's freeride not fastride...
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 Yep, freeriding. You are FREE to RIDE your bike, whatever way you please, whenever and wherever you want. As long as you pedal and feel the FREEdom, is fine for us
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 I ride a hardtail Xcal 9 29er. I beat the crap out of this bike. Its solid. Its huge. I'm not a big guy but if you can rip a hardtail 29er then you can rip anything. Its a tough bike to learn to control. Hard tails sliding all over the place. I became 3x the FS rider I am because I mastered a hardtail for a few years
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 Freeriding that is not...but it certainly looks like a great trail that I wouldn't mind being on.
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 idk, i like doing this kind of riding on my stiff tail but i also do trail rides with people on downhill bikes all the time, i love those rides and take them as a challenge, no better feeling then hitting the same rocks and drops as someone with an extra 4 inches of travel
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 Nice one, have the same bike and im having lot's of funn
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 All that matters....kudos
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 it is a good video, but it is not a Chromag video.
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 I ride a hardtail with a rigid fork & can shred any DH trail. On a trail like this with virtually no obstacles on it this guy should be flying! embarrassing....
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 I think they meant "free riding"...typo maybe?
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 riding I can actually do
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 I guess you're a freerider too....
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 Where is your Stylus vid? Smile
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 uhhhhhhh. okay I guess I need to go filming now.
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 This guy probably shreds his hardtail harder than most of you guys on 8" bikes.
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 I like Pinkbike but not pink bikes.
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 Looks like so much fun!
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 Much Gnarly. Very Freeride. Wow. I really expected this to be more hardcore.
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 i feel like i could have made a better video on my 140mm hardtail in the trails here in florida.
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 Keep in mind a guy in 2012 won the Master's class in Megavalanche on a Hardtail
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 I have been hardtail freeriding for a month now and he makes me look like a pro
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 Fuck yeah!
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 I wouldn't call this freeriding.... What I used to do on my 7" monster equipped banshee morphine in the day was freeriding! Used to hit everything up at blackrock the had at the time on that beast!
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 Wonder how many brake pads he went through...?
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 when did xc become freeride ??????
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 The only way that would be free riding is because he wasn't getting paid
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 Sorry, I can only give one
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 I really don't get the point of all mountain hardtails.
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 They can be a lot of fun, not to everyone's tastes but if you haven't tried one and get the chance have a go. You can get pretty rowdy on one if the geometry is good (slack HA, short chain stays, etc) think drift-tastic, it's also very satisfying to pass riders on 5-6" bikes and then see their faces at the bottom of a descent when they realise what your riding.

If you want more practical reasons; cheaper and less maintenance (UK winters),depending on your terrain can be quicker uphill, if your not near good riding they can make what you have on your doorstep that bit more challenging and fun and as a 2nd bike they stop you getting lazy with line choice.

There's no denying they are usually slower downhill but I think it's like 26" vs 27.5" ... ride what makes you grin like an idiot, that in my humble opinion is the point and the reason I love mine.
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This sums it up nicely, it's the kind of riding that a lot of us in the UK have on our doorstep, which is why there are so many UK designed (and sometimes manufactured) long travel hardtails over here.
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 YEAAAHH!!!! I can get a pretty decent fullsus frame. But my brain still said NO. Because in here my hardtaail AM still can do anything except full on DH. It makes you calculate your every move, a bit slower yes but still SOOO MUCH FUN.
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 Hell yeahhhhhh
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 I've tried riding my hardtail on all-mountain trails (i.e. chattery, loose, blown-out crap), and while it does offer a sense of snap and playfulness, I find that my ankles complain just a bit too much for comfort (I must be getting old). I'll stick with my full suspension rigs for these type of trails and use the hardtail on groomed trails.
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 That video is how it should be done. Just when I thought I was actually getting good on my hardtail.
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 That was meant for olliebuck's youtube link!
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 Hardtail makes you always remember the old spell "Heavy feet light arms..Drop your ankles stay focus"

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