Video: Remy Morton Cruises Through Whistler's Jumps

Nov 11, 2019 at 7:29
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Pure Whistler gold from Remy Morton!

Raw style and sound.

FURIOUSly good!


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 How to trigger PB Keyboard Jockeys:

1. Don't wear knee pads
2. Thats it... its that simple.
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 Which ones? Pro or anti knee pad folks? Or irrelevant? I am for riding in knee pads and for impaling moralizing folks who tell other folks what gear to wear. How do i stack up?
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 So cool..not even kneepads...
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 Whoever btches on career ending, life changin injury, gets offended by bare knees is because they has erectile disfunction and can’t send anything for sht. Rectal Hemorrhage!
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 @WAKIdesigns: Rectal comment?
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 Still wearing that neck brace though
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 @softsteel: After all he has a toilet seat on his neck!
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 worry about yourself its not your place to tell a better rider what they should and should not do
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 @spencebwell: how else can I feel better than Remy in any thinkable way other than not condescend him for not using knee guards, pitying him, which is nothing else than assuming he is not intelligent enough to wear knee pads? How else can I go on with my daily life, that for some reason I dislike and this anxiety resonates across the internet, if not by diminishing people better than me in witty way dressed up as high horse care?

Here's a "dads" idea for an edit:
"40yr old bloke goes to Whistler in full body protection and rides in a responsible manner". Oh wow. The only way this can be interesting is that there's a spoiler and you know he gets seriously wasted ending up in a hospital because eventually after hours of agonizing tornment, his rear brake gives up.
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 @kingofbike mommy doesn't let you leave the house without knee pads? poor baby.
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 @rideyobike86: Everyone knows neck braces really get in the way and prevent shredding.
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 He’s got a lot of style. So good!

It makes me wonder how often he needs to replace his back wheel...
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flag tomasinbc (Nov 11, 2019 at 9:33) (Below Threshold)
 They already posted this ???
Tf is he wearing lol ? Rag in back pocket ?? Changes shirt halfway through
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 So much style, but almost every landing sounded like (almost) broken spokes.
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 I can watch his riding all day long!!! Tons of style here!!
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 @tomasinbc: that rag is for if his chain bounces off his gloveless hands don't get oily.
He rips a trail though, no mistake.
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 Is it me or does it look like an "old" edit from a few months ago?
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 Anyone bitching about him not wearing pads is a kook
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 ya - I mean he's wearing a neck brace - how often has anyone here fallen on their knees?
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 None of them ever sat at the end of the school bus. They were busy not getting bad grades for mummy and daddy
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 About time! It's been 2 days without a Whistler edit...
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 Almost dies 2 years ago // no kneepads today... WTF

Dead Horse
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 Perhaps not a priority for him.
Same for those who like to ride (aaand fall) gloveless. Personally i dont Smile
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 Wearing knee pads is going to save your life. LMAO get real...
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 @Levin192: It's going to save your knees - you know, the thing you land on first, and are the most critical part of your body for mountain biking.
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flag ColquhounerHooner (Nov 11, 2019 at 18:23) (Below Threshold)
 don't think he was at risk of crashing on those 'little' jumps. I don't wear a helmet when I ride around the block for the same reason.
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 @ColquhounerHooner: what you people need to understand is that you dont need speed or huge jumps to be knocked on the head and have something serious
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That’s what I’d say too.-
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 @jayacheess: rarely do people fall to knees first a bike. Stop being such a puss.
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 @nismo325: Stop being such a puss... about wearing f*cking knee pads while mountain biking? Are you for real?
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 Didnt we see this exact video and subsequent knee pad discussion like 2 months ago
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 yes we did you are in the matrix
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 Yes, on October 1 to be exact.
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 Hey it’s all lessons learned . Safety is a personal choice
If he doesn’t wanna wear knee pads let him face the consequences of that . You only have yourself to blame if you skip out on basic safety

Still not as good as people riding motorcycles in flip flops
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 dayuuummm, gotta love his style
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 To everyone who bitches out about remy not wearing knee pads, he comes from a dirt jump background so he isn’t used to it. Also, it is his choice, so do not have a tantrum in the comments and just admire and enjoy his super stylish riding
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 As much skill as these dudes have, enough already with jump trails as Whistler for promo. Fun to ride, not fun too watch for the 500th time
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 You know you don't have to watch it right? The title was kind of a giveaway of what the content would be.
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 That moment in November you realize that you don't know what's worse: Mariah Carey and "All I want for Christmas" or Dirt Merchant edits on Pinkbike...

Last Summer I sent The A-line, from the very first day - just cased all the way, next year to keep me from tears, I'll send it from something special...

Just entertaining a thought - in all honesty: sweet riding from Remy!
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 @stevocxt: didnt just came here to comment
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 @stevocxt: besides, most of the time I just skip the content and go straight to comments Smile
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 What pads are you biking about? Haven't seen any, so keep calm and watch the steeze you won't never reach,maybe hold him a beer
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 I hope he has tube sock sponsor. If not we should send his sizzle reel to Fruit of the Loom.
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 what you people don't seem to understand is that all the videos are accesible from youngsters as well.For those kids all these riders are heroes....that stands for a role model.Noone had ever a poster of Greg Minaar on his wall , right?
when you are a celebrity everything you do affects ppl.
my last two cents.
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 How long before park opens? ASK #STACYKOHUT !!!!
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 Deja vu or is it Vuja de? Somehow none of this has ever happened before
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 I like this CMCL guerilla marketing. I like to see cool riding like this again. But CMCL please, new edits like this..
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 that gap at the end is sooo dope
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 to those complaining of his lack of knee pads, he is preedy much riding on a paved bike path, the chances of him hitting something sharp is fairly small
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 But he’s wearing a neck brace!
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 Not easy being as steezy as REMY!!!
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 Tight shorts, white socks pulled up, no protection?
REMDAWG video !!! Big Grin
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 I'll take whatever wheels that guy has
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 Rear Triangle like this! Big Grin
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 Need to start a GoFundMe campaign to buy him some knee pads
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 His poor wheels.
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 sick edit.
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