Video: DJ Brandt Throws Down & Reflects on the Southern Utah Lifestyle in 'Residency'

Jul 8, 2022 at 1:33
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
subtitles available in english

After years in Denver, DJ Brandt chose to settle in Cedar, southern Utah. A new daily routine riding mega spots with friends and having the funnest times on a bike. Sounds good to us!

"I’m really excited to put out this video because I feel like it is so different from anything I’ve put out in the past. We tried to capture a bit more of the lifestyle and things outside of riding that make living in southern Utah so enjoyable. For the builds and riding I also tried to push a different direction, create some super unique features that highlight style and fun more than anything else. Filming in Utah in the spring is so difficult due to spring winds and random storms but luckily I had a great team of filmers who stuck it out and really brought this project to life. Much love to everyone involved and I hope y'all enjoy the video!”
- DJ Brandt

Rider: DJ Brandt
Directed by: Tory Powers
Film: Tory Powers, Jared Hardy, Jasper Wesselman
Edit: Tory Powers
Music: Allah-Las - Catamaran, Cold Hard Steel & Sand - Braxton Keith, Fire Whale - Breathe Smoke
Photos: Jared Hardy


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 Backflip to nosie. new sunday stoppie champ. your move now bernard.
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 can we please stfu with the "dont come here" stuff already? you realize that any time some Jerry reads that they automatically think "oh sweet they're trying to keep me out, it must be a cool spot"

to said Jerry potentially reading this: please, go visit and enjoy the area. Maybe Brian Head will build more trails for you which everyone can benefit from. Also go check out Richfield and spend money there so they can continue building sweet trails.
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 On the one hand, I agree with you. Some money from tourism (at least here in Cedar City) goes toward building new trails, so I'm all for people coming to visit and riding all the rad new trails we've got here.

On the other hand, I don't really want more people moving here like we had during 2021. Cost of housing has skyrocketed, traffic in the busy parts of town is awful, and we're in the worst drought of the last 1200 years or something crazy like that. If Utah keeps growing like it has been and we take radical steps to conserve water, we're gonna have a bad time.
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 @quikstuv: I feel you on that. I’d be more worried about spillover from everything wanting to live in St George and finding Cedar instead though, not because a bunch of people went biking there. I’ve lived in SLC for awhile now so I can sympathize with the rise in housing costs, it’s absurd here.
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 The Richfield trails are rad and expanding. Spinal tap is getting like 11 miles longer.
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 @Spencermon: I’ll have to head down there when it cools off a bit.
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 @gnarlysipes: Richfield is my spring and late fall go to. It's too hot in the summer, but once snow starts falling up north, it's perfect.
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 Another banger Commencal edit...they never fail. Absolutely LOVE watching DJ ride and that end stoppy shot was off the charts!
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 Ender was so wild. Sick edit!
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 As to be expected from DJ That was most awesome .
Funny though,how he sees cattle as cheeseburgers, any time I see cattle near a bike path my first thought would be to watch out for the wonderful patties they leave behind. Don’t get me wrong I love cheeseburgers, but riding through a freshie with my Minions gives me a different opinion on their presence. A FF helmet would be mandatory fo me
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 the entire thing read like a headline from DJ mag, is he a turntablist
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 PUMPED that you ride bikes DJ - keep havin fun, cuz it's REAL fun to watch!
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 What a sick lifestye. Getting paid to ride bikes every day with your mates but without the concern of training and diet monitoring like the racers do... can't think of anything better.
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flag robito (Jul 11, 2022 at 16:50) (Below Threshold)
 I hear you. Sick bro lifestyle when your in your 20s without a mortgage and kids. We’ll see what he’s doing in 10 years. I’m guessing he’ll have a “regular” job. Hopefully he put that rockstar money in some assets.
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 @robito: Tell us more about how you hate having kids and a high mortgage.
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 @scott-townes: Mortgage isn't high, but I haven't ridden more than twice a week since I had kids. Thanks for reminding me.
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 @robito: you know, it is not required to buy a large house requiring a substantial mortgage and you most definitely don’t have to have kids.

He probably has enough money he could buy a modest house and if there are no children he could live this lifestyle for decades.
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 @dungeonbeast: He definitely has the skills and could very likely podium at Rampage, but I don't know about making a decent living freeriding or as a pro mtb for decades. There's a handful of guys in their 40s that have done that through sponsorship. I still bet he ends up with a job that's not 3ing 35 foot drops.
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 @robito: If I get the opportunity to live this much and experience this much in my life why wouldn’t I? Is it going to last forever? Of course not but as long as I continue making good decisions I will be just fine and at the end of all this Atleast I’ll be able to say I lived my life to the fullest. I think thats all anyone can ask for. Hope you try to do the same Smile
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 @djbrandt: Can't argue with that. Got to do what you love in life and shoot for the stars. That being said, a 5 and 10 year plan doesn't hurt either...
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 @robito: LOL sheesh, how do you know he doesn't? You don't know him or his finances. Just enjoy the content instead of pretending to be a stranger's parent. You've got your own kids to worry about.
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 @scott-townes: Thanks for advice broski. You're right.
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 Ender was insane! So sick, having fun shows in your riding. Thanks for that treat DJ and crew.
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 Appreciating all the love in the comments, thank you guys!
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 DJ editz always got the freshness!
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 Amazing work, DJ! Loved the feel of the vid and that ended was bonkers!!!
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 this was incredible. so stoked on your OG moves
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 He could win rampage
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 *He could compete. again.
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 Most excellent
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