Video: Andreu Lacondeguy Returns to his Catalonian Freeride Roots

Sep 30, 2020 at 7:00
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

As Neil Young once said;

"I've been to Hollywood
I've been to Redwood
I crossed the ocean
For a heart of gold."

To finally find gold in Catalunya… Andreu loves his country, his ROOTS. Their ROOTS, with Hector Cash as the filmmaker.

After several months confined to his home Andreu Lacondeguy gives us some background on this project.

“Its been a pretty weird year. With the new Covid-19 situation and all the general life and travel restrictions, there were a lot of projects that we had to put on hold... We couldn't leave the country or even the house for a while but in a world full of uncertainty, the only thing we could do was get out there and stay true to our ROOTS."


Rider: Andreu Lacondeguy
Directed by: Hector Cash
Edit: Hector Cash


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 Can we all agree we don't get to see enough Andreu riding?
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 6:01 possibly steeziest thing I've ever seen
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 Always effortless and so stylish!! He looks such a hardworking and relentless rider, just look at his section in ‘Where the trail ends’
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 It's crazy to me how few comments there are.... Best superman's in the game! He has the racer speed to back up the steezy scrubs and tweaks, unlike others...who are far more popular unfortunately....I'm going to get reamed, but I cant stand how much riders like semenuk try to make shit look just looks like they try too hard and build their stuff for it...Andreu does it because he is fast as fuck and could stand to lose a little speed... The video was a little too modern for my taste, too many funky angles and short cuts, but the bits of riding made it worth it for me. Nice work Andreu. Keep shredding!
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 Why do we get endless amounts of crap drama series for 10+ seasons and 6min of this the world isnt fair Frown
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 @medievalbiking: WOW so Moto! this move is made of dreams!
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 I'm buying a Commencal and I don't even need a bike.
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 The bigger endorsement here is the rockshox boxxer, given that he doesn't have a suspension sponsor and used to ride a 40...or maybe all suspension feels the same when you go this fcking hard.
  • 2 0
 @Altron5000: Good be preference. I know I just prefer how RockShox rides vs Fox. Is it better, I'm not sure? I just like how they feel and ride more.
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 grab Lacon's jersey at the same time!
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 @Altron5000: At one time he was a sram athlete if i recall. may still get deals. also when you max out pressure, suspension performance doesnt really matter...
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 logs more flight time than a commercial pilot
  • 3 0
 That's actually true
  • 6 1
 Might be because he is a Commencal pilot
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 @colincolin: lame puns like this make me furious
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 Visually stunning and insanely smooth riding
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 I got to say, I have not met anyone this good at biking in person who was so laid back and humble. I ran into Andreu after he had been kayaking on the Futalefu River in Chile with another phenomenal Red Bull Athlete. He was all stoke about whitewater kayaking and how hard that sport was. All I could think about was how crazy good his riding is and how much more dangerous that seemed to me than kayaking on the Futalefu is.
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 The whole video i was waiting for the guitars and drums to burst into life and Max Cavalera screaming ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS! Did'nt happen...bummer. Super riding and filming though.
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 Yeah, same here. Missed opportunity to get some classics in. The Neil Young quote didn't help...
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 That was awesome
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 Would really love to see him race a Hardline.
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 That would be rad! I'm pretty sure if anyone was timing that top section of Rampage last year that he would have been one of the fastest there at least hah.
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 will always think of this:
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 Gorgeous edit! And for some reason I really dug the quick crankflip at 3:13 amongst all the more gnarly stuff.
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 That was sweet--pure style and skill!
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 name riders that are instantly identifiable by only their silhouette within seconds.... this dude ranks.
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 a treasure to this gen of riders.
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 3:13. Just wow. Trail ride crank flip. Sick Vid.
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 This guy will always be my favourite rider
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 Hell yeah, Spain is full of nice spots to ride hard and fun and perfect weather conditions definitely not a big problem if is not able to travel.Smile
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 I thought it was in catalunya ...
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 @Cocorico: so is in Spain
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 @Cocorico: don't get confused by nationalistic propaganda, Cataluña is España ???????? Andreu Lacondeguy is Spanish.
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 @acayuela: Just ask him Wink
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 I hung out for a few days with Andreu a couple weeks ago. Super nice dude, always mega hyped, and an absolute beast on the bike!!
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 Andreu is absolute legend and it would be good to see his riding with less video cuts.
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 Too gnarly. Wish I could've seen him at rampage this year
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 Soon commencal will be selling 29'er step stools, Andreu edition
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 One of my all time favorite riders. Would like to see him hit the Audi 9 coarse
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 The backflip tailwhip threw me for a loop after riding a dual crown the entire video.
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 Andrreu is a total gangster on a bike. God do I wish I could ride like that. Steeze for days . Thanks for a great edit!
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 siempre un gusto ver andar a Andreu!!!
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 Beautiful edit.
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 It´s amazing how he can tailwhip with a double crown fork!!!
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 Clams Casino for the win!
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 This gets me pumped to ride. Loved it.
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 That was amazing...
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 No one is more exciting to watch.....unreal edit.
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 I felt cool just watching this, what a f***ing G.
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 Andreu and Semenuk need a colab!
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 Ride Loco Forever!
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 Long live the King!
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 audio was a ten!
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 ....he rides so much better on the Commencal.
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 Amazing riding as usual!
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