Commencal Announces Supreme DH XS for Short Riders

Sep 27, 2022 at 0:45
by COMMENCAL bicycles  


Much like Sacha Brizin in this edit, even smaller riders have the right to ride a SUPREME DH! Young riders, female riders or petite adults are no longer obliged to choose a small-sized enduro bike or make any other sort of sacrifice when it comes to what they need. With 27.5" wheels, a specific series of tubes plus geometry adapted to smaller body shapes, the SUPREME DH XS is the ultimate weapon for the littler ones to shred the bike park or compete in their first races!

"The SUPREME DH XS is my first real downhill bike! Everything goes by faster, much faster. With this bike, even the roughest tracks become chilled and fun. It's a new way of riding for me!”

- Sacha Brizin

More info at

Rider: Sacha Brizin
Film & Edit: Leon Perrin
Photography: Nico Brizin


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 "Vertically Challenged?" Sounds ableist. I believe the correct verbiage is "Untall."
  • 55 0
 I prefer: Ewok-like in stature
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 the "gnome" addition
  • 81 0
  • 4 1
  • 39 0
  • 18 1
 Vertically efficient
  • 3 1
 Nao Ming
  • 4 0
 aerodynamically efficient
  • 5 0
 @RedBurn: The worlds smallest Giant
  • 6 0
 Curious how tall people, when they dies, become long, but short people remains short even when they are dead
  • 2 0
 Life challenged and survival impaired
  • 7 0
 speed bumps
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 It's the literal translation from the new French P.C. language : "verticalite contrariee".
It's not meant bto be offensive, just a bad translation.
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 Next production cycle they'll introduce a New High Performance Wheel Size tailored to "vertically challenged" riders: 26"
  • 17 1
 I'll take one in XXL plez
  • 1 0
 Oh wait, you call me vertically challenged? I haven't even mulleted it with a 24" rear wheel. (I do have a very Specialized one that does, though).
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 @naptime: L frame 26ers were the ugliest products built by any industry in the entire history of humanity.
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 @BenPea: The Joke
etc etc
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 @BenPea: I disagree. My frame is size L with 26" wheels and I think it looks fine. It is a high top tube and a long seattube paired with a relatively short bike that makes it look unfun. But with a 1214mm wheelbase, 63deg HA, 460mm reach and a 400mm seattube it doesn't look like any less fun to me than much of the big-wheeled stuff released nowadays.
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 and also... in the modern day of long low an slack most stand overs are very similar across sizes. Seat towers an length denotes sizes. modern geos get rid of the 'farm gate' look despite the wheel size
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 @vinay: what bike is that? Sounds like a good time
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 @BenPea: XL frames disagree, LOL.
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 @naptime: I know it was a joke, I just wanted to say it, even if nobody gives a shit. XL even worse.
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 @BenPea: yeah, thing is I think these modern super long, super slack super low bikes look just as fugly. Sick bikes for example.... look just as farm gate even with 29
  • 2 0
 @sjma: BTR Ranger size L for 26" wheels, but with the seat tube lowered to 400mm in order to get an even lower top tube. I wanted to top tube low enough so that with cranks level, my knees would be above the top tube so that I have all the room to move around over the bike. Good time indeed Smile !
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 I need a bike for being skills challenged.
  • 29 7
 Heaps of options out there now; They’re called e-bikes
  • 6 9
 @Readochris: e-bikes are harder to handle. Not sure who is upvoting this and why (I do know why). Skills =/= legs.
  • 1 0
 @BenPea: No, I find that 29ers are harder to handle than 27.5 ebikes.
  • 3 1
 @louiefriesen: I just rode a Megatower (M) and a Turbo Levo (S) back to back over several days and the Santa Cruz felt like a dirt jumper in comparison.
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 @BenPea: I guess it varies bike to bike and geometry but my DeVinci AC is just as agile as a buddy’s Remedy, and another buddy’s 27.5 Trance (I think).
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 You won't be allowed on the lift unaccompanied anyway if you need one of these
  • 12 0
 Geo chart would have been a nice thing to include here.
  • 2 0
 @wobblegoblin: to short for 29, to tall for this bike. Feels bad
  • 11 0
 I'm 6'1" and scared of jumping, is it a good fit for me?
  • 6 0
 YES... and please don't forget to upload some videos!
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 I used to ride medium frames in the early 2000's because I wanted the standover. The dimensions must have been similar. Sorry there are no videos!

(My original comment was funnier before "vertically challenged" got removed from the headline)
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 That corner exit pic is badass!
  • 13 5
 hopefully it won't crack like the regular supremes
  • 2 0
 "specific series of tubes" TBD!
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 Just 10 years ago this bike with 27.5 wheels and a 405 reach would of been a pretty modern medium maybe almost a large, a medium V10 or Session of the day had sub 400 reach and 26" wheels, shows just how big bikes have got.
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 Thing is 10 years ago 27.5 wasn't even out yet, anyway, you're right. I have a Turner DHR in XL and the reach is 426, y also have a M front triangle and it's 390 reach.
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 It's a 26er by the way
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 My wife is going to be so stoked. Hard to find a bike for 4'11" shredders.
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 if you're tall does it work as a downhill slope bike? can i put 26 on it? asking for a friend.
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 pinkibke your like 6 monthss late to this
  • 2 0
 ohhhhh dang I read too fast and thought they updated the supreme sx
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 The soundtrack seems a little odd for a bike video, but I kind of like it. Anyone know who it is?
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 Looks like bike, but smaller.
  • 1 0
 Reach is still a little too long for my GF. Maybe an XXS? 390ish would be nice.
  • 1 0
 It's "Atall" I'll have you know.
  • 2 0
 Sacha rips on the bike !
  • 1 0
 pls build xxl meta..big rider's
  • 2 1
 I'm glad they're not offering this for tall riders.......
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 The Commencal Supreme DH XST (extra small tall) - but if you buy that bike and are tall but extra small then people may assume things about your other assets and gossip in the lift line.
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