Video: A Life of Riding with Anne-Caroline Chausson in 'We Always Keep Riding'

Feb 18, 2020 at 2:30
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Bikes have always had a story of passion, of heart. Having Anne-Caroline Chausson by our side is more than that, it is sharing everything. Whatever happens, riding is a link with life, one made of joy and discovery.

During the shooting for this edit, ACC summed up her motivation and state of mind, "I have ridden my whole life, to win to have fun, and nothing can take it away from me!"


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 Legend. An actual one.
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37 UCI World Cup DH wins. Plus of all her 49 World Cup DH races on rootsandrain, she only failed to podium 4 times. Those other 8? Second place.

5 UCI World Cup DH overall wins, from 1998 to 2002. That's 5 years in a row.

9 UCI World Championship DH wins. Plus 3 more as a junior. Putting her senior and junior World Champs together she had rainbow stripes for 11 years straight from 1993 to 2003. Her only miss was in 2004, but she was back on top one more time in 2005.

She also won multiple world championships in both dual slalom and 4x, won the overall once in each discipline as well, and the BMX gold medal in 2008.
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 @tbmaddux: Hands down the GOAT.
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 most of her career was before i really got involved in MTB but you still heard of how freaking awesome she was on a bike! Would be good to see her come back and do some races
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 I can remember, here in France, when she was competing for the top 10 scratch with mens, or break her brake on the start line and even win the race
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 lookit that freaking pile of medals! She is the GOAT.
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 Whew!... thought that was a pile of skulls above the medals..... Shes a little more intense than i thought
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 @philippec555: you are spot on

there hasnt been a female rider since ACC that has come close to hanging with the men. The ladies now rarely break the top 50 overall times but ACC was much higher.

i love ACC so much one of my daughters middle name is Caroline
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flag barbarosza (Feb 19, 2020 at 6:46) (Below Threshold)
 @shredddr: she s a woman for f*ck sakes she aint no goat but she s the best
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 @meathooker: and besides the family there wont be anyone else that would rememeber or know that ever
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 @meathooker: I beg to differ..... Rachel Atherton= GLOAT
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 @scary1 wrote: " Whew!... thought that was a pile of skulls above the medals..... Shes a little more intense than i thought"

If you want to win, you have to make sacrifices!
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 Big respects to Anne-Caro, for her unmatachable performances, her friendliness and simplicity and for her more recents combats. Keep Riding Anne-Caro !
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 Although she is already in the mtb hall of fame, somehow I don't think this enough. What a phenomenal athlete!
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 no sh°t music, no slowmo, no googles, no over showing..just pure semplicity, passion and love for the life and riding! all these are only the cherry on the cake if we consider her unique career and all the battle that she fight!! Respect!
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 ACC Number 1 forever !

She's pretty funny too.

If you haven't seen this gem featuring her and some other famous athletes, I suggest you take a look at this video.
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 It don t know why but i don't feel confortable with this video.... It looks like Anne Acro needs our support
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 I see it differently. I see it as Commencal basically saying "we support riders. not racers or winner or legends, but riders" - that is, they support anyone who is passionate about the bike. When you see their roster you get the feeling that it's the truth. From World Cup Champs past and present, Enduro pros, Rampage Winners, to personable and friendly non-racers, average riders and groms just starting out, they have a huge community. They really aim to keep their bikes affordable, too. They support riders, plain and simple.
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 If you don't know why, then find something you have a reason to believe.
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 @BenPea: I just figure it out about her cancer... And now I feel dumb.
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 Someone to admire for sure!
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 Anne has such a great career well deserved of a good documentary to show a kind of passion for the sport that very few people will experience in life. great respect for the girl.
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 j'ai roulé quelques heures derriere elle lors d'un test IBIS aux Pass'portes en 2014 . Souvenir inoubliable. C'est quelqu'un d'accessible, humble et quelle championne helas pas reconnuE à sa juste valeur (tous sports confondus).
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 Avec Supreme NTM en background. J'aime.
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 No offense mate but it's Chopin's Prelude No.4 in E Minor, the rest is a questionable use of Pro Tools …
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 @Euskafreez: Maybe but this one 's cool too :
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 @Euskafreez: Then it's the beat of one of the most classical french rap song.
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 @Cocorico: thanks for sharing

@kerosen1: you're missing the point here mate, if you don't say where it really comes from it is called plagiarism Wink .
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 I wish it was narrated by ACC. She has a sweet voice and once reluctantly (as in....why would you want an autograph from ME?) signed a race flyer 20 years ago. A living legend.

à votre santé, ACC!!
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 Amazing human, amazing rider. Cheers to you ACC, hope we’ll see still riding pieces for years and years to come!
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 Last update I saw was Jan 2019 and she was starting chemo again. No information but I hope this is a post-chemo round 2 video and we get to see the third "comeback".

It must be so sweet to ride again
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 By far my favorite female rider of all time. Perhaps my favorite rider of all time full stop. Back from “retirement” to win an Olympic gold medal. Incredible.
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 What a boss. She looked cool as fuck on that motor bike!
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 For me she will always be the GOAT. I know that Rachel may be getting close to the all time UCI wins in DH, but I don't expect her to go and win an Olympic Gold Medal any time soon or an EWS. (There is still time though).
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 ACC is amazing. This video leaves me confused though. Is this an ad for Commencal?
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 Nice XS650
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 Suprême NTM - That's My People
Cool, I get it
Respect ACC
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 Ah, ACC and Cédric Gracia, what a time to be a fan of the sport. True heros. Would love to see Anne, Rachel in a race head-to-head.
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 So inspiring. I'm 5 months post op patellar tendon rupture repair. Not making light of what ACC has been through. But I look for inspiration every day.
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 Such a great rider and so sad at the same time. Video nearly makes me crying. Hope she is well and with us for a long time. I doubt it listening to the vid...Frown
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 you rock girl....
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 Ride on ride on ,sauté
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 Woop woop!
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 Such a tough champ. Can't think of a greater legend.
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 Legend. Thanks ACC. Great to see you still riding bikes!
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 Races against her once, it was awesome.
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 Continue de nous inspirer championne!
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 Keep riding ACC
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 Best of the best
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 Great video! Yes ACC!
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 major respect to a standout rider/racer and bone-fide living legend!!
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 Watched her in the day....incredible athlete...LEGEND!
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 Defintely. We always keep riding.
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 Shes a Legend, and will always be!
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 boss. no question

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