Video: Kilian Bron Rides the World's Longest Urban Downhill Track

May 18, 2022 at 3:57
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Follow Kilian Bron and Yannick Wende on the world’s longest urban downhill track! A crazy ride down the stairs and through the narrow streets of La Paz - Bolivia.

Riders : Kilian Bron, Yannick Wende


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 That looks like an awesome ride, it also looks like it might be possible to ride it without acting like a douche and pissing off every person you pass, but to each their own.
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 Perhaps I'll cop a lot of hate for this, but my two thoughts were 1) a large percentage of this "longest urban DH" is just a road ride through a city and 2) if a pov video of the stuff in the town were posted but it was someone on a road bike, they would get universal hate (and rightly so), but because it's a mountain bike it's cool? Nope.
I like urban DH, but when it's not a closed course and you're riding straight at pedestrians, at traffic and through red lights, you're just being a knob.
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 Yeah this is dumb. Piss off enough locals and they'll petition to no longer have these races because of crap like this. I'm certain they can find something else to film for youtube without bothering so many people trying to get around their town.
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 Just a pretentious ride...
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 Same thing I thought. If you brake your neck in the woods because you did something wrong, it’s all about you; but if you brake someone else’s, well shame on you. This is a terrible way to ride a bike.
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 @codfather1234: in other words, a normal day at windrock lol
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 The Bolivians truly are the masters of concrete stairs I almost thought I had entered some escherian altered reality
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 Wasn’t sure about the soundtrack was it from a brazzers film
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 Road crossing at 9:10 when children and elderly people crossing highly irresponsible. Surprised Commencal put their name to this.
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 this is the same Commencal who let Myriam race after her concussion, and let Thibaut after his massive crash biting through his tongue...

i get the people who let this video happen and let those riders race are different people, and that theres more than one party to blame in these situations (UCI and their lack of concussion measures, for example). but unless we lean on someone to make change no change will be made.

I prefer my pedestrians and elderly safe and with their bike hate unjustified thanks, and I like the decision on whether the pros are allowed to race post crash to work on the side of caution, and not to be made by the rider or anyone involved with the team. and ideally i want the sponsors to support and even celebrate that decision.
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 If you are going to ride in an urban environment (hell, even on trails where hikers and dogs will be present) have a bell or something and give a little courtesy heads up. Goal should be to grow the sport, not to piss people off
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 Commencal meta TR and Clash 24 owner here. Highly disappointed
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 The most incredible technical city riding with unbelievable topography (though it's not a 'DH Track' as advertised), but it's the kind of riding that I did when I was a teenager and had no thought for my own safety or anyone elses as evident from the multiple high speed near misses with pedestrians, cars, buses, car doors and surprised angry dogs. Not to mention all the risks of people potentially stepping out from unseen locations and getting obliterated. I know that people will say, what the heck nothing happened and they're skillful riders! But the damage that could have been done to someone.... You only have to watch one of those spectator crash videos from the Tour right? This could have turned deadly in the blink of an eye, which is of course part of why we can't stop watching, but that doesn't make it right and I'm surprised at Commencal for fronting this.
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 yep, unbelievable. plenty of actual urban DH races recently this guy could have attended for footage and positive coverage instead....
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 I love all of Kilian's videos, he has been making some of the best and most creative edits in recent years but I really don't like the amount of near misses with cars & pedestrians in here. It was captivating to watch but I don't think we should idolise this sort of riding, I'm all for people risking their own safety in the name of entertainment but not that of the general public. And we don't need that sort of image as a sport, there is enough hate for road cyclists as it is.
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 Exactly my thought. Not the wisest move for Kilian to post it.
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 Beautiful City. Rude, dumb riding.

If you are going to be rude because you think youre the sh*t on camera, should you really be recording yourself on camera? They have accurately captured everything most people hate about mountain bikers.
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 Annoying running into these types of douche riders out in the wild too. Vibe killers
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 This is easy fixed @pinkbike .... instead of getting your knickers in a twist about other politically correct issues that divide our community, here we have an issue that so far 100% of the community are not in favour of supporting... simples... remove it and don't post such pish again
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 I guarantee one of the usual Trump/ Brexit/ antivax/ antitrans culture war contraversialists shills will pop up to prove you wrong but other than that I agree
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 Goals for this ride:
Piss off every dog in La Paz
Almost get run over 3 times
Annoy all the locals
Terrorize the children
Destroy public property
Cause at least 5 car accidents
Ignore all traffic signs
Disrupt public transport
Stop on the side of the highway

Also, was anyone else mumbling "Left, left, left, left" while they were on the chain bridge?
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 This will sound too cocky, but I think this type of behavior is a remnant of colonialism. The way these riders act is like people in Bolivia are less important. I don't think they would ride the same way in a "western" town. In my view, they owe an apology to the community for putting people in danger and for making mountain biking seem out of touch.
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 You're saying something, but the cars and dogs are everywhere, I see less respectful people in traffic daily
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 La Pez is roughly same size as San Francisco, can't imagine a sponsor would put their name on a similar video if done there
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 Yeh except that's where Yannick is from...
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 I Disagree strongly those dogs put more people in danger than the bikers did.
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 Cheeky little flick at 6:00. Not sure how that helps with how much hate cyclists get around the world, but sick riding nonetheless.
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 Well your in for a treat at 9:00 of you think that noob move pushed the boundaries
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 bloody cyclists
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 One of those dogs should have bit him in the balls. PB’s newest content series Be a Douche Thursday
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 Makes me realize how much more I enjoy saying hello to few people along the trail than this.
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 This is stupid. Not what the mountain biking community should endorse.
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 Trail equivalent would be bombing by hikers, horses and uphill riders with no pause or warning whatsoever. That would not go over well anywhere, but at least there would be a chance that you'd get a deserved ass beating in the parking lot.
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 Dude flicks his rear wheel right at/in front of a couple minding their own business on the sidewalk. What a douche. Then they ride around both sides of some guy trying to get out of the way. Completely agree with all the above comments on this ride: irresponsible, unsafe, and disrespectful. Pinkbike should take the video down.
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 Sick riding, but in respect of the others, riding like a dick
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 Will get villified for this but I personally found only the part through the public park / square (9:30-9:45) pretty rude. The rest, meh.
They picked a very quiet time on the stairs, which was smart and hopefully deliberate. There was hardly any one there. The ped crossing at 9:00 looked bad but the pedestrians crossed through red after the last car as much as Bron went through yellow-to-red. The riding between cars looked annoying maybe but I guess no-one here has ever been to Amsterdam. Par for the course over there.
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 my guy.
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 Not really ok to treat pedestrians like trees to dodge…surprised these 2 top class riders and a top class brand think that’s cool.
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 Yeah wow, was ok at the start but got a bit boring, then got really interesting to towards the end for the sheer disregard of anyone around them. This post didn't make anyone look good here.
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 I couldn’t stop stairing…
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 Nice well done kick some dogs with the back tire next time and ill realy love it!!
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 Ahahah those dogs act like PNG in the videogames !
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 You like stairs bruh? Love stairs, well then I've got a track for you!
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 Rehearsed cross arm double fist bump!!!! So RAD!!
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 Cool place. But I reckon they need some more steps
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 Anyone count the steps?
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 1000 yard stair
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 Yes,they were dicks,but cool vid nonetheless
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 this is fantastic roasting around town with a beer buzz is unbeatable. only 4 minutes in and this is the best vid i've seen all decade.
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